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  1. Hello, would like to ask how good can archers make money? Im gonna make PR and friends will probably go also for archers so I want to know if money will be problem for archer party. Also can make PR some money solo? (with or wo shots?) Thanks
  2. BD will increase your dmg potential more then SWS so its better choise for PvE and in PvP you need both anyway.
  3. Well if u reduce ad for adena sellers u can reduce it. Maybe its not easy for NCsoft create protection for 3rd party software bcs the game itself is old and have old coding and maybe thats the main problem (Im just guessing, Im not programmer). Thats just another "dumb" theory, you cant really say that this is for purpouse because we dont have any proof for that. t have its price and the price is high.. thats all what you can say. I still hope that NCsoft at least try something against bots and try to keep their community.
  4. That wouldn't be so bad if will be here server merge or server transfer servise. Also there is still possibility they create new servers and ppl will again come. Anyways I dont care about botters, more like Im afraid of community will leave thanks to them. But I read that botters are mostly on low levels, so maybe NCsoft is trying to get rid of them (they just dont have effective way) ? Isn't that foolish to think that? Well it worth try to ask , maybe we will get some info.
  5. Well, you really cant ban everyone who buy adena from adena sellers. They need to have some kind of protection which will give at least ban chat to adena sellers (spammers) everytime two time longer then the last one. This is how they can start with dealing with problem imo, also they should start banning more frequently. I just hope that u are right with that they are banning bots
  6. Thats a pitty so not even aoe spoiling wont worth? Because that was my plan
  7. Hello, I'm writing this because I would love to play Lineage which is worth playing for more then few months. I was hoping I could find it here but I just start being afraid of player base will decrease. I would like to see some healthy opinion on situation, because what I see mostly is players that are just whining (like always). So please could someone tell me unbaised opinion ? Also @Hime please, could you give some response about it? How are you trying fight against bots? It may give us some rest if we will see that you are really trying to do something against it. It
  8. Well I dont get why is everyone complaining about new end game content if updates should bring new end game content... However NCsoft should focus on fix actual problems with bots and money drop, I didnt experience it yet cuz Im playing here for 1st week but I read many topics about it and Im afraid of player base.
  9. So whats good way to make adena from begining?
  10. And what about level 40 +-? Is spoiler able to make adena for D-grade?
  11. Hello, I'm starting on classic (NA, server Giran) and before Ill create my main I want to create characters who help my main progress much easier. So I'm thinking about creating spoiler, I would play it for couple of weeks like a main and then I would like to start safe money for main. How ever I read that spoil doesn't worth play him only for making money, is that true? And if so, can craft make also some money? Thank you for answers.
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