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  1. What server are you all playing on? Im on ADEN, and its got players, but not too many. I notice there is more players in hunting zones when you get to lvl 25 +, its pretty few and far between up to there. As for bots, I start seeing more of them frequently in the lvl 30+ hunting areas. Still not enough to effect my game...at this point. If your good enough, you can get a bunch of ARGO mobs too follow you....then run next to bot and restart...Normally the mobs will kill them. I had one get all mad and bring in his lvl 60+ character to kill me / protect himself(then they go red, and you can kill/loot them). But normally you leave them alone, they leave you alone. I got video of one player yesterday floating in the air, kicking monsters with his feet, you think NCsoft will do anything about that? Yeeeah right. I've been playing this game since it launched in 2001, and it has always had bots since 2001 ! Those Asain groups make $1000's (usd)/ daily from all the MMorpg's they bot on the internet, because its technically not illegal too do where they are..or anywhere far as I am concerned. As for being a dead game, I only started playing in February (am lvl 37 now) and have not really noticed an increase, or decrease in gamers. Still see lots in the starting areas, tons in the high lvl areas, and lots between, some spots are even annoyingly too crowded, whether its bots or players, they get crowded. I seen about 50-70 players take out Raid boss outside FT 2 days ago, lvl 55+.... SO real players are around... JUst saying bots not enough yet to effect most gameplay, and with more real player, we could drive them out easier. People seem to not realize Lineage, is (or was) a TRUE grinding MMorpg, the real grind doesn't start until lvl 40, lvl 50+ is even crazier, and most people barely make it too 40. Now with these new Daily AI mission, and super XP scrolls, people are playing to lvl up quick, but when they lvl there is lack of SP, and money for GEAR. And the bots definitely make it tougher to lvl, being hard enough as it is. I agree they should be removed, but it will never happen, in any popular MMorpg. Final thought regarding personal Experience: Maybe NCsoft, is dealing with 10,000's of submissions, and can only handle 50-100 a day or so? Maybe they're doing nothing?? Maybe we should learn to deal with the shittyness?, Or maybe just try botting our selves for fun,to see why its so popular? Maybe someone create a Character with a Marvel/DCcomics/etc... reference, that could potentially harm NCsoft in a lawful kind of matter, to see if they actually have any NPCs monitoring shit in this game? SO plenty of maybes/questions. How serious is NCsoft revolving around this; they're own thread?
  2. Lineage + Lineage 2 (Which is suppose to take place something like 150 years before the Lineage world) originally had a pet system. It was great fun trying to tame a wolf, and start it from lvl 1... Like raising a puppy! And any class could do it.
  3. So NCsoft, I have NOT been able to open any classic server for 3 days now!!!!!!!!!!!! what is going on !!!!!!!????? NOT REALLY FAIR TO HAVE THIS 30 DAY CALANDER EVENT WHEN WE CANT EVEN LOG IN. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! THANKS.