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    For the love of god could you please automate the blocking process for Adena sellers spamming me with advertisement for their illegal real money trading. ALL day I block the same sellers, in Local,Region,Shout chat, in whispers, in Party Matching. If 500 people flag you as an Adena seller within seconds don't you think this person should be automatically banned? or at the very least instantly chat banned for 1h, 10h, 24h. Also please give me the option to block whispers from lvl 10 characters. THEY ARE ALL BOTS OK? i don't need to be advertised to in a game I am paying for. Please apply a fix for this, I get it you're not willing to fix the botting problems, or the RMT, or the Character trading or any of it really, but please give me the ability to ignore these issues without having them broadcasted to me on a constant basis. I AM TIRED OF BLOCKING THE SAME SELLERS CONSTANTLY. FIX OR I QUIT. P.S. I am not responsible for fixing your game for you. [moderated to remove link information]