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  1. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    AWESOME UPDATE!! oly is on/ clan arena/ craft critical/ new sieges /no class transfer quest/ dungeons/ bosses/ new areas/tons of new stats per player...
  2. log in problem???

    "up" now .go meet the real players fast and take ur 1 hour free of bots gameplay
  3. log in problem???

    nope "down "
  4. log in problem???

    giran i thing is "up" run u have 1hour without bots
  5. log in problem???

    same here. server status on giran says "down"
  6. Leveling from 20 and so on

    if u can t afford 1.5kk or 3euros ok!! go with ng and take what u can.
  7. 9 hours for count the pedants money they collect and discuss the next (free ) event. p.s i llose my elk and feel lonely..
  8. Leveling from 20 and so on

    21lvl join clan take free xp. farm on abandon camp ther s always ppl there lfp. afk times do fishing and take the xp reward stew. try to take cm dagger and join rb or without cm go for rb. dont think about d armor is waste of adena( moon armor from 25-40). make friends around your lvl for daily parties. enjoy game !!
  9. i dont get it the problem with bots. i have 3 chars giran server (30/50/55lvl) and never bots bother me. i kill some, i steal from some some drops, i help mobs to kill them etc. and bots are doing great job for me.. if they clear them all market will go to sky, population to bottom, drops will be rare in shops.. so i need them.. I AM HERE TO DEFEND ALL BOTS AND SITES BEHIND THEM.. (more funny posts will come later)
  10. so u are a client not a player... (wow smoke is good)