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  1. maybe 1 month of exp evnt with gm buffs dandy balls cause we lose alot from ncfailiers
  2. we need compensation back exp boost gm buffs and more free events cant pay for this mess
  3. we need compensation we lose ncsoft=ncfailier no progress
  4. We lost alot of ep in the event what we getting back for all of this ?
  5. thanks for fixing server gm juji doo we get buffs for exp that we lost ?
  6. yes both servers lag a lot can we get gm buffs we lose a lot of adena from exp pots and exp
  7. yes if we get gm buffs after update would be really nice juji
  8. juji we missing gm buffs can we get them after update ?
  9. atlas earing and stuff is for mentees only not the mentor
  10. when is cloak event coming and orianas costume events ?
  11. when are cloak event coming back ?
  12. juji you droping cloak event soon for us lf gm buffs
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