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  1. Just follow the comments. It's obvious who this benefits, and it isn't North American Players. Not everyone plays for swords. Some people play to be with the friends they have had for many many years. There are way more of us than there are of the few who fight over meager resources in this game and the power games that are played. A handful of heroes, a handful of whales, and a whole bunch of normal folks just looking for a diversion away from their daily chores and lives. Raoul Kim was right, and the new world order is wrong. All that has really occurred is that players in North Amer
  2. HaHa! The player base in Korea dwarfs all other time zones combined. NCsoft is probably doing us a favor letting us play their game.
  3. As a West Coast player, I have been marginalized by a server that leans towards the eastern time zone. By the time I get off of work, most are already in bed or going to bed. So why in the world would I be sympathetic to a small group of individuals who don't want to play on their own time zone's server, yet choose to petition for changes on a server that is not in their time zone? Furthermore, what's the point of ridiculing those players in another time zone if they don't agree with the proposal? As I stated before, players from another time zone should have no say in what happens on serv
  4. NCWest is based in North America. Chronos serves three time zones in North America. It also serves the two time zones in Brazil, though BR players should have their own server imho. But the fact remains that every time a player logs into Chronos server they know that its a North American server. Euro time zones already have a server. In fact, they have servers for Live, Classic and Aden. Like it or not, Euro players have no voice in changing North American event time slots. To think otherwise is simply selfish on their part, the same as if NA players wanted to change Euro event tim
  5. I'd rather they changed the interface so all I have to do is click one box.
  6. Thx Degus. I don't mind entertainment. I play L2 lol. However, some of the chat simply goes off the rails.
  7. Tell that to my chat box. I've tried every channel and every option. I see hero chat in every chat tab and no option to disable it. If it's there, then color me blind.
  8. @Juji Please give us the ability to disable Hero Chat! I understand that it is supposed to be a privilege. I also understand that most heroes don't abuse it. But the incessant diarrhea of the brain and mouth of those who do IS impacting a welcoming environment for all players. Period. Full stop.
  9. Many good comments on this thread, and some not so good. As has been said, this is a G A M E = entertainment! I've been playing this game as long as anyone on the server, and longer than most who play today. I can say without reservation that I play L2 for the simple reason that I can play the game I want to play. This was the vision that Raoul Kim had when he created the game. Want to PVP, then do so. Want to PVE, then do so. Or do both. It is a game for everyone, no matter those who would call others "randoms" like they would speak of a mutt dog. The issue for me is that over th
  10. Enough already! You said it yourself, in your own words ... "while clans who have wars can fight allong the way this players in the 14 players clans unless flagged people have to pk them, and as the pk system it is now it is difficult do that." You are saying exactly what I said you were saying. You don't like the fact that you can't engage another players/clans without having to PK them. How is that different from every other day in this game? If I don't want to engage you, you have to kill me and take the consequences. That's why the rules exist. Nobody "has to" engage you. That is t
  11. I haven't been in a castle-owning clan for a number of years. Haven't really cared to participate tbh. However, I have participated in sieges, and at times we were able to take a castle. This conversation is just typical activist thinking here. First, sieges are not, I repeat for the hard of hearing, not a clan war. Any clan that meets the requirement should be able to register for a siege. Period. The idea that an un-registered clan comes on the field and changes the tide for the eventual winner is not new. It has been going on since the sieges began. Clans have paid other clans to b
  12. If I interpret what you are trying to say, you're upset because you can't force a war to keep from paying a penalty for PKing other players? Let's set aside who they are for the moment and go through this step by step. I know of no rule, other than level caps, that stops one player from killing another player whenever they want. That's called PKing. If the other player can't or doesn't respond, the attacker can go red. If the attacked chooses to engage, they can go pink and are fair game. So far so good? Now, a clan can declare war on another clan at any time. If not accepted, the cos
  13. 'penalty for rejoining a clan' @ YourMaster ... I highly doubt that NCsoft would be able to configure the game to allow/require players to define why they are leaving a clan. Which means that all players would be penalized for the price you want a few to pay.
  14. Okay, so help me understand. You're saying you can't PVP unless you have a war going? Alternatively, do they, in their configuration, have the ability to force you to do something you don't want to? Other than body count, what is it "specifically" about a war that determines the out come of a PVP engagement? As a 'nonfactor' as some have had occasion to call me, I have engaged in PVP and seiges, regardless of whether a war was ongoing or not. So what is different about this?
  15. "More pvp for hunting spots, more fun, without need to affect a whole clan." Okay, who exactly is having fun? Those that are questing and trying to level up? Or those that have most everything in the game, are bored, and harass people just for 'fun'? The problem has always been the 'abuse' element. There are those high level players that like to dominate weaker players and clans, and that want to keep the lower levels in a box so that can't challenge them in the future by leveling up. Again, the aggressive pvp players have always dominated this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role P
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