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  1. Started playing l2 again after so many years cause i really love this game And finally i saw l2 classic .....the good old days they said come will be fun they said 10000 of bot users.......NcSoft not here During the past 12 days the only thing i saw on my pc was Client will be closed Account in use I Died more then 100 times lost so many dungeon Ncsoft did nothing Said nothing No post about this issue The sad thing is so many players post about this Issue and guess what NcSoft again wasnt here to give any answers....TOTAL ABSENCE
  2. Good morning dear friends ........i am still sleaping??? Living a dream ..??? No bots ...... New era just began ??
  3. just pk the summons pets or ponys ......no pk count just karma .....70 karma per pet or pony ....(no pk count)
  4. i am expecting bot reply now instead of Ncsoft
  5. cause i missed that old days i join again ........come they said is classic like the old days will be fun they said forgot to mention thou that from the 3000 ppl the 2000 are bots .................i was so exited when i join ....and now with all that bot situation feeling sad and mad
  6. feel you recondite exactly my point thought this will be decent server also feelsbadman i want this old good days back c1 but is just a dream i suppose and for the love of god Ncsoft will ever see those topic to get a real answer ???? you can say " if you dont like it leave " just say something
  7. geba89 so either you using bot or you just ignorant man forgoten temple more then 40 bot every day farming .....cruma all towwers more then 100 bots are farming there so many aeras full of bot the bots camping the best aeras with mats/exp/adena not the common ones we are frustrated because other ppl using bots .....not cause they are better its ok if some1 is better or worst then you thats the game my dear friend..........................is not OK when those "better " people you using bots to get better you understand the different geba?
  8. I dont know what ncsoft does for that bot issues ........but as far as can see he doesnt give a fly f,,, Bots are everywhere active real players cant farm anywhere This button on your skills (bot reporting) is just out of order So thats leads me in on conclusion ncsoft doesnt ban the bots cause prolly gain some profit out of this there are no other explenation about all this mess with the bots I dont understand thou ,,,Ncsoft wants lineage being managed by bots???? Next server call em BOT Is so amazing game and you guys just ruining it Do something you
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