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  1. PK scroll's are not usable after this new update there is a bug and it must be fixed.
  2. PK scrolls don't work. fix I paid real life money for this.
  3. Simple fix increase cast time on summon, its too fast.
  4. I'm curious why it's a game function to allow the castle owners to implement high taxes when having "light castle status" isn't the whole point of the dark castle to have high taxes that way you can PK the enemy to deter them from benefiting from this? So what they xp free range and destroy the server with 30% taxes and we can't at least PK them without going red?
  5. With the new stat abilities system being in place it does not make sense what so ever to have the +5 LIMIT for this version of classic anymore. All other versions like korean classic does not have this limit. This +5 LIMIT system make's the abilities impossible to reach even with brooch + agaithon event's that you plan on releasing in the future. P.S- When are you going to implement more way's to obtain rare/legendary/mythic transformation's so we can start collecting and making our book's.
  6. basic maths HAHAHAHA WOW WHAT A DEAL. This is greed at it's finest.
  7. You're seriously going to run the Halloween event one day before Halloween? Also running pay to win event's back to back to back is disgusting you should be ashamed to even call yourself a "gamer" or a developer.
  8. Nice first ruin seige's, now ruin Olympiad. I find it insulting, they are making all these updates but not actually fixing bugs like ss bug ect. I mean the bsps animation has been glitched for months now. Also you see how messed up the siege's are.
  9. I agree two weeks was nothing, I would have put money on an extension but wow bold move on their part, prob nothing for a week then pay to win event next week.
  10. truth, eventually they'll become obsolete and everyone that rerolled to them will just go onto the next OP toon because that's just the type of people they are.
  11. The mage classes like sorc and sps should have a counter against summoners (like a dispel summon skill) considering they removed the surrender skill and let the necromancer keep his gloom skill. Considering that the cancel skill and the ability to not regain hp or have a summon for xfer pain. Sps and archmage deserve a bit of a boost imo. they do have their perks but in the long run i feel they deserve more
  12. changing the amount you receive in rep per kill during war's with opposing clans would have more incentive if you increased the amount of rep gained from pvp. just saying 1 clan rep is really nothing and im curious if anyone else on here agrees with me. Change rep recieved through pvp to 50 or more would be much better.
  13. Yeah I think it's safe to say the old system was way better, why change or make adjustments 15 years later? the seige was an absoulute joke and the new 1 week hero system holds no gratification for winning because its such a short period of time. youre literally taking the best part of the game out. It's like having a girlfriend for 15 years that youre completely content with then dropping a log on her head and now shes a paraplegic and you just now have to deal with it.
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