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  1. I already stopped playing. I'm okay with classic being hardcore but this classic has a point where it stops being fun. When after 1 day of playing the game you just get stuck on lvl 21, a single day of playing, it's not fun and if it's not fun, why bother? There is no way to gain adena or simple drops to mantain the motivation of playing, is not worth the time invested, just play anything else. I really really love this game and i had my hopes up for classic but it's simply not fun and if i need to spend 50 dollars/euros in order to get a decent game i prefer spend them
  2. Seems like it's easy to level up right now. There a way to find easy gear at early levels? Hows the economy? The nostalgia brings me back here anyways, i don't mind spending money on a fun game but hate when it necessary in order to progress decently
  3. Hi, i'm a veteran player that no matter what i always come back to the game. I got a nice ISS 86 that was supposed to be my main when GOD just launched but seems that back in the time they were just boxes and let it be to make a yul. Actually i got a yul 97 with R95 weapon, i'm a casual player and was wondering if the game is still fun for people like me. Joining a friendly clan and not aiming to the top or spend infinite $€$€$ to get the easy way to overpower your character fast. I'm from Eu, playing Naia. Thanks for your answers :3
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