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  1. Hence, my complain. And no, didn't buy my char. Cya.
  2. Hey Zace I didn't create 10 tickets saying the same thing. Each time you reply to support, another GM can take your case and answer back. I just didn't show my part of the conversation because it would create a giant wall of text here. About the tablets: Let's say that tablets exists in current database and are dropable. Over 50 hours of farm and no tablets, reminding you that one requires 31 tablets to get a book. How many hours of farm would be necessary for a spellbook? In the scenario where 100 hours of farm = 1 magical tablet, so 3100 hours of farm for a book. Does tha
  3. Annoy the staff? They cleary bleeped up the server configs and are lying about magical tablets. But yea, players are so wrong to complain about this crazy good company.
  4. Hey guys. Magnus dont require tablets. You can cry on the corner now and leave the topic for people who can actually kill in TOI. Cya.
  5. Well, over 50 hours combined (between partys) of farming in TOI and no magical tablets drops. I know that many parties already farmed on Giran server and no one got a magical tablet. Started a support ticked asking for clarification and confirmation that we actually have this item in our game. Here are multiple GMs saying we have it:
  6. Did I ask for 31 drops of magical tablets in 3 hours? Read my post carefully.
  7. Hello. My CP farmed in TOI 11 killing Seal Archangels and Platinum Tribe Guardian Prefect for over 3 hours and we got zero magical tablets from mobs. Another CP in my clan farmed for over 10 hours in TOI 9 and also failed to get any magical tablets. Did you guys removed this item from database or its just a bug? @Hime@Juji
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