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  1. Attribute Damage is not allpied

    I am playing as a main character a Dominator, since the addition of the attribute system i have noticed that my attribute damage did not apply, i originally thought that the attribute damage is not applying on magic skills but never confirmed it till now. I was side leveling a Spellhawler and today i've reached 3rd class and got my attributes (Side leveling as i said, i took my time), and i was shocked that attribute damage is applying to his spells. Is it a bug with the orc class or is it something different? Thank you in advance
  2. its a 50% increase = 150% of the normal when you say 150% increase = 250% of the normal. Simple math
  3. I could care if it worked correctly and in normal hours
  4. Again announsment message does sae XP/SP +150% Boost Setting
  5. When you login you get the info "+150% XP/SP" that means 1000 XP 100 SP Becomes 2500 XP 250 SP then the "characters" boosts apply, runes, pendant, talisman, scrolls, fruits etc
  6. I am dominator, solo kills in 78 lvl mobs in wind plateau, thats every kill for me Aslo the Bonus is added with VIP 4 and 15% from the new talisman
  7. Giran server is up, i killed several mobs, in my inventory there is a 50% rune You have earned 113,256 XP (Bonus: 56,628) And 3,225 SP (Bonus: 1527) https://imgur.com/a/QpKHrMQ Where is the 150% Boost???