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  1. Spirit sharing is a must-have book for summoners, in its final level it gives % boost to P.Attk, M.Attk, Attk Speed and Casting Speed, ant the Enchanted skill transfer is transferring your stats to the pet. And it stacks wtith Later servitor Share that transfer the overenchant properties of your gear to the pet (Increased HP/MP/PDef from armor, Dmg and ss dmg from Weapon, MDef and Abilities from jewels and epic boss jewels, also stats from special gear)
  2. @Juji @Hime @AnyOtherGMArround FIX THE SERVER We want a game : to come and relax, to have fun, to be able to communicate, socialize, make friends, love, discover new things, enjoy our progress. We DO NOT want a game : to afk Grind all day, to drain our money week by week and month by month, have to maintain our VIP status, feel useless when we cannot participate to the next P2W event, we compare ourselves to the whales and see how poor we are FIX THE SERVER
  3. 13. Skill development halts at 84 level with exception of Passives (Weapon mastery and armor mastery only) that halts at 85 level 14. Gear development (Normal gear) stops at "old" revamped S grade made for 76 play-through and it only develops with low over enchanting rates 15. Game starts to get repetitive when you go closer and closer to maximum level (its impossible to actively exp after 81 - 83 level without autohunting and grinding for weeks), we need subclass to brake the dullness (with the certification skills to make it more interesting) Just a few bits to add here, as he
  4. Hi all, I also agree in opening of new "old" zones, Heine zone : Field of Silence And Field of whispers (Garden of Eva is already there) Rune zone : Beast farm, Windfall waterfall, Valley of Saints, Swamp of screams, Stakato nest, Monastery of Silence. Schuttguart Zone : Crypts of disgrace, Den of evil, Archaic Laboratory, Pavel Ruins, Frozen Labyrinth, (Maybe Freya Instance) For daily instances though, i strongly disagree, in my humble opinion its what made the Goddess of Destruction and above versions of the game not being LA2 any more, although Kamaloka was a
  5. In case you want to reroll though you most certainly do it in the same account, VIP benefits are shared withing the same account, and when you are able to sustain a good VIP level for your main, when you choose to reroll you will do it in this account. Leveling up is kinda fast anyway, especially when you will able to transfer the items mentioned above, most of these also have a decent exp/sp boost. Also if the items mentioned are free to trade anywhere (with the exception to imprint items) then the market will be insane for at least the 1st 6 months, imagine a player that has a Lv5
  6. If your supports can sustain some AoE damage and you can manage to avoid some obstacles in the location a good option is also the Forgotten Island (Party Farming Zone), its the same exp with Ketra/Varka with a slight weaker mobs and it has similar adena drop too. A good alternative is the Devil Island (Party Farming Zone) but with slightly less exp and adena there but some C and B drops that you can put in random crafting.
  7. Please support me on this topic https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20094-some-items-should-be-changed-to-be-account-shareable/ Those items mentioned should be changed a long time ago.
  8. Hi Players, @Juji@Hime I play on Classic since January 2019, my main character is a Dominator, my class has a bug on its main damaging skill since the attribute system implemented on the game,nevertheless i have invested on my character in time and in money, i have some items that by their description i am unable to trade, drop etc, therefor i cannot use them if i re-roll to another class, items such as Water Pendant Level 4 or 5 are essential for a character progress, also are items that are bought with real money due to a promotion in an event. This ticket is a request to the GM Te
  9. @Juji@Hime This problem still occurs, there is an option in compound to upgrade a lv 1 Brooch to Lv 2 but there is no further development, when you press compound the lv 2 does not show up. Please look at this problem, Thanks.
  10. Really important question, It is the 3rd or 4th game update since we got 3rd class, Orc classes of Doomcryer and Dominator was mentioned on the "Known Issues" Thread back then as they did not get any Elemental damage on their Steal Essence and Life grain skills. We got a promise 2 updates ago that it is going to get fixed. Guess what, we still have no elemental damage in our mail DPS skill. Do we know if and when is it going to be fixed? And if it is not going to be fixed will we get any compensation? (Like a transfer of our Character bound items so we can reroll to another class).
  11. We also need back the ability to sell our materials to the NPC if we choose so, it would be a nice source of income even with the adena rates as they are today. Or give us a system to change them for something useful. Since the change that made the mats worthless to the NPC's you can see shops in giran buying "expencive" materials at a low price, they know that in order for someone to make some kind of income they will sell.
  12. Its there since 3rd class was added with saviors. Back then was not so good because Steal essence had less power and was about 170 MP, but it got better with secrets of empire last May. You should be ok as i said with 1200-1500 dmg, but if you have Battlecry on you have to consider a bit more dmg (1500 -1750) or mp regen since it continually consumes MP
  13. Well i have to add that mp drain is activated once you get the weapon mastery of 76 level, and again it is applying to damage done. and its the same for doomcryer and dominator.
  14. It is 10% of damage, so if you hit for over 1250 ~ 1500 dmg you should constantly be at full mp, also m.crit and blessed spiritshots helps a lot if you are that low in dmg.
  15. Can you keep asking so we can have a clear answer about that matter? Also yes WC/OL Steal Essence is a strong skill due to its 80% drain and its combination with their Weapon mastery 10% mana drain of the damage dealt, but we have to know. All other classes have so many skills that when they are combined are quite strong too (e.g Storm screamers have Vortex and slug combo)
  16. @Juji Also one other thing about the baium festival event It is mentioned that once you get the stars you and your pt will be teleported to the next floor https://ibb.co/ZWzy4GQ It never happened though, is it an error too?
  17. Still no change to the Orc Mystic classes and our elemental damage, anything new about that?
  18. @Juji @Hime Anything new on bug fixes progress? I very interested in the progress of fixing the attribute damage for Orc mystics.
  19. Hello @Juji @Hime and res NcSoft Team As you already know m most of the world is under some type of Lockdown or movement restrictions like Stay Home Stay Safe due to nCoV19, most of us are playing the game almost all day, i think its time for you for a fun event that will even bring back the players that left some time ago, A fun event like the cake event you had some months ago could be optimal (if you can make it work this time), but we could manage with a Squash event of even with Letters. But since Easter is close (3,5 weeks from now) we could also have an extended ve
  20. I am playing as a main character a Dominator, since the addition of the attribute system i have noticed that my attribute damage did not apply, i originally thought that the attribute damage is not applying on magic skills but never confirmed it till now. I was side leveling a Spellhawler and today i've reached 3rd class and got my attributes (Side leveling as i said, i took my time), and i was shocked that attribute damage is applying to his spells. Is it a bug with the orc class or is it something different? Thank you in advance
  21. its a 50% increase = 150% of the normal when you say 150% increase = 250% of the normal. Simple math
  22. Again announsment message does sae XP/SP +150% Boost Setting
  23. When you login you get the info "+150% XP/SP" that means 1000 XP 100 SP Becomes 2500 XP 250 SP then the "characters" boosts apply, runes, pendant, talisman, scrolls, fruits etc
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