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  1. Please Welcome Our Moderation Team!

    @Hime @whippleshuffle please read my forum post below or the ticket I put in last night about having 7/9 families accounts being locked...If you don't feel like unlocking them, can you refund the account I put on the ticket as well then please. Thanks
  2. Locked Accounts For NOTHING

    you're only allowed 3 accounts per computer, not IP...
  3. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    The time zones for the classic servers are the exact same timezone that are for the current servers. Current Servers: Chronos: GMT -2 Naia: GMT +1 Classis Servers: Talking Island: GMT -2 Giran: GMT +1
  4. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    I'd keep what's currently out, GMT-2 and GMT+1. People are familiar with this system. Just my opinion though.
  5. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    Yes and I get that. But with regard to all of the different boosts we know of and I assume there will be more. Lvl 70 will be a breeze all in all, and then having us fight in B-Grade gear at lvl 70 with all the skills, etc, seems stupid. (sorry for the language, but it's true). Content updates don't have to be discussed, i'm just saying that making max level 55 or 60 could and will most likely provide the players with a better experience, as well as provide future content updates. (That don't have to be discussed). All i'm asking is for the level cap be revised because I think others, myself included, see it being lvl 70 with b-grade gear, just .......... Example: Hey, we are all level 110 now. Lets fight in R-Grade(85+) gear because that's what's released...
  6. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    All in all, this is how it should be done.
  7. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    This is the type of support we have been needing @Juji, thank you With regard to the best gear being B-grade, why is the max level 70 then? Wouldn't it make for better pvp, as well as future content, to make it, lets say, 55 or 60?
  8. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    A few other points to bring up: You state that there will be 2 classic servers; Talking Island and Giran. I assume one would be GMT -2 and the other GMT +1, or something around those lines/what's currently on Chronos/Naia. Could you please clarify the GMT for each server. With respect to the new anti-bot system that was implemented. (XIGNCODE3). I would like to know what information is being retrieved from my computer now...i.e. banking info, university info, etc... Since the implementation, I've only used this computer for gaming and used my mac for work and other. But people i know and play with have yet to log on and/or update the game due to this feature. I'm sure there are more as well, and therefore am bringing this up because the people who only have access to one comp, probably want to play on your new classic servers, and therefore you are losing more possible revenue. If you could please respond as to what information is being taken with the new XIGNCODE3 program that would be greatly appreciated. Overall, since you have posted information about the classic server, you guys have yet to respond to any player feedback and/or their opinions, and therefore does not play to your advantage. Lets hope this changes
  9. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    I'm hoping for a Play2Win, not a Pay2Win.....like the current version
  10. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    This is the information we need........thanks and looking for more from GMs
  11. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    @Juji@Hime@Neutron Isn't the point of a classic server is to not have all these boosts, etc...? Hence the word classic. I do not recall all of these in the game back then. However, yes you are a company that does need to profit, but the Launch packs seem a bit over the top. (Journey & Chronicle). Also the Journey pack is pointless, if you're going to pay for one of them, might as well get the Chronicle pack as it is 30-day boost and not a 5-hour boost... The VIP rewards don't seem too bad, but maybe a bit over the top on the overall boost it does give. I also would like a comment as to this: "There are four tiers within the Classic VIP Program, obtainable by spending NCoin on items in the Lineage II Classic in-game store. Your purchases will go towards VIP Points that are automatically applied and rank up your VIP tiers. The wide range of benefits you can enjoy by tier include:" I want to focus in on the L2 CLassic in-game store. If we were to get the full VIP Tier 4, that would equal 4k ncoins. What are we going to be able to spend 4k ncoins on? More boosts? Would like some more info about what will be in the l2 store for classic. Yes, i'm very excited for an official classic NA l2 server to be coming, but I want the actual 'classic' feeling, which means I don't really want to buy all the boosts items, etc... but I also don't want to fall 'behind'. Any comment? Last but not least, will we get any information as to what chronicle it will be at and if it is going to be 'progressing' the same way as it did back then? Is there going to be a level cap? A 'gear' cap? (D/C/B/A/S grade), etc... -As per the sentence above. Lv70 seems like a huge lvl cap at the start. 40-50-60-70-etc... or maybe by grade (c-b-a-s). Would seem more reasonable. Thanks and looking forward to a response.
  12. Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos

    I haven't logged on for a long time due to whoever has the bigger wallet will win rather than whoever is 'better' at the game and their class... 'skill', therefore I didn't know that they moved the dragon dagger to another server. With respect to the resource comment, I keep seeing posts from MS that they own every resource / farm in the server, therefore it shouldn't really be a problem. 2 Casters, 1 Buster *, and 1 thrower Why do you think I changed to feoh? MP Regen in Aden Castle is OP AF and a ton of fun to have on your side... And who are you again? Last time I watched inhuman in olympiad, he did 30 matches and signed non-stop pulling the top players in the server and went 30 wins and 0 losses... but hey, who really knows... right? If the fists do 0 damage, then why is Truffle such a big problem when he PvPs? HE DOES DAMAGE!!! OMG, if Truffle can destroy people with stage 2 fists, why not make a second pair and have 2 Truffles instead of 1 who just does more...single target damage. I'm sure 2 stage 2 Truffles would be a lot better than 1 stage 3 Truffle in mass PvP. And who are you again? As you can see, my post wasn't posted to 'help' Nova... and it seems you are in favour of MS, so why post things Nova could do? But hey, if you really wanted to know, all the people in Nova who have access to the dragon weapons (cutter), tested the comparison between using it on a feoh rather than their +16 stacked casters, and I guess the caster won... and they also aren't big on sharing gear and/or helping others in clan. So, now you may post something more 'INTELLIGENT'... learn how to spell before calling people out.
  13. Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos

    I keep seeing these posts from MS supports or players... (idk why you hide forums names... grow a pair already with how much you post). About how Nova has 4 dragon weapons while MS has only 1... I'm not sure if it's Novas' fault if they use what they have while MS keeps in CWH. Nova Dragon Weapons: Stage 1 - Valakas Caster Stage 1 - Lindivior Cutter (Tank, does no dmg in PvP) Stage 1 - Lindivior Cutter (Graven / Netflix) (Tank, does no dmg in PvP) Stage 1 - Antharas Buster (MAX) Stage 2 - Antharas Thrower (Bow) (MAX) Stage 3 - Valakas Caster MS Dragon Weapons: Stage 0 - Antharas Dual Swords Stage 0 or 1 - Antharas Fists Stage 2 - Valakas Shaper (Dagger) Stage 3 - Antharas Fists As you can see, each side has four (4) PvP dragon weapons, yet MS people are complaining that Nova has 4 compared to MS having 1 is complete BS. Sorry, each side has the POTENTIAL OF USING FOUR (4) PvP DRAGON WEAPONS... It's quite obvious that MS wants to rule the entire server and that's fine, but I keep seeing complaints about weapons and comments that Truffle is basically MS. If MS gets every dragon and resource in the server, why haven't you guys upgraded the second pair of Antharas Fists to make a second Truffle already? Yes, Truffle can play his character very well, but I hear every player in MS is extremely 'skilled', so ...? I also feel bad for whoever is using the Valakas Shaper these days because it seems you are completely non-existent in everything... maybe get someone who knows how to play the class better in MS to use it instead? Last but not least, MS has these Antharas Dual Swords they aren't using, yet when I was pvping with Gicobbe against a pretty decently stacked MS party, it took them around 10 minutes to kill him. (He was running around and having fun with them...but still). Imagine if he had those dual swords instead of his +16 Dark R99 Dual Swords... Also, why does Truffle have over 500b adena in his inventory in some of his videos? Maybe help some of your clan members and get them out of +8 sets and into some +10 dark sets. I hear HTH, TEVAS, and Truffle are also very good at enchanting, if you guys don't want to help with armor for your clan, maybe upgrade their weapons to +16... heck even +14/+15 would work too. The point is to use it to help others because the one man clan of Truffle hasn't gotten you Aden Castle yet (We all know that's MS life goal in L2). Maybe want to take some of what I said if you guys want to do better than whatever is currently happening in game, because when I played, the majority of MS just PvEs and becomes forums warriors... Now don't come commenting back saying that MS doesn't want Nova to quit the game or the competition would be gone because we all know that 99% of MS doesn't give a rats ass and just wants power...so start using your heads instead of complaining on forums.
  14. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    I see you post a lot on the forums, but have yet to see you 'in-game'... therefore i'm guessing you're a 'forum warrior' that's terrible at the game so doesn't bother to log in anymore?
  15. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Are any GMs going to respond to anything about what is happening in the game/what people are saying in this thread. I mean, they created it, why not answer some people right? @Neutron @Conguero @Juji (All the GMs I 'know') You guys keep saying you want to help improve the game and such, so why not give it a go? -i.e. Feedback is one of/if not the best way to improve the current condition of the game btw, and you guys are getting a ton of it.
  16. A breath of fresh air!

    @Conguero After reading the majority of other threads/posts and your replies, I think trying to get a straight up answer, other than the one I just got isn't too bad "in a mostly-not-very-nice kinda way", considering the success the other classic servers had (and still have)...Even random private servers that do barely any advertising are having more success (active player wise) than NCWest has had in an extremely long time. Heck, i'm sure those private servers probably make more money than you guys do every time they launch a new one. You guys keep putting these events back in the game as well as put out new ones so you can make more money as a company which is fine and expected. But i'm sure you have a brain up there and can see that you guys can make a massive amount of money from a subscription based classic server... but hey, it might require some effort which is hard to come by these days... Man, reading the comments in the new Server Maintenance Thread you made are hilarious. I like Infami's latest post myself... seems quite accurate... Draecke got some good ones too if you actually read them. I know i'm not being very positive, but literally, nothing is changing...I haven't seen anything you guys have done for a long time that the majority of players actually liked.
  17. A breath of fresh air!

    You're no fun... you only delete threads right after I post on them so no one can see my comments, and then keep ignoring actual feedback from players. It's fun knowing someone in the game has a weapon who has 1000+ more M.Atk then me now as well as all the other bonuses it gives. I've been debating playing on a classic server where you actually get better by playing and not spending money. Is there any chance of a subscription based NA Classic server coming? I know you see how well the EU and Russian Classic servers are doing. @Conguero Oh and btw, an actual yes or no response would be great. Not a BS one that says we are looking into it, like on the other threads/posts...
  18. A breath of fresh air!

    Lame... Keep the trash talk going please. Everyone is very entertaining on these forums. In a way it's like reddit, and it's fun to read during my spare time.
  19. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Not impressed
  20. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Aden Castle (Darkness) Clan: Renovatio Clan
  21. Nova v. MS

  22. Nova v. MS

    @Truffle You mad bro? It's a video game...relax
  23. Nova v. MS

    @Raven Firstly, you can't talk about someone not understanding a language when you unable to speak/type it yourself. i.e. Secondly, please look at the wording Truffle uses in this thread. I'll Bold/Underline it for you. With this being said, i'm guessing everyone has watched the video by now including yourself Raven, so why exactly is Truffle stating that we are going... when he is not even in the video...it's really obvious to notice those Stage 2 Dragon Fists btw. You might want to go back and actually read the User's Agreements...even if you have to put it in whatever language you generally speak/use on a day to day bases. Hopefully you will actually understand what's stated if you do. But hey, maybe Truffle will teach you English when you go on a camping trip...you can only hope though
  24. Nova v. MS

    So you're also saying that you left the PvP? If you are down a person (6v7), why not invite your iss and bring it to you in the PvP instead of running away from the PvP? Or hey, you got so many people in clan now, i'm sure an active iss with PoM wants to join you in the slaughter that happened...-50 war stats/farmed and you won the PvP...
  25. Nova v. MS

    Thanks for admitting the truth Truffle, I know it's hard for you. But hey, here's an article you should read, might want to stop sharing accounts with TheRedRaven, Truffle. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204361019-Account-Sharing Key Quote From Article: Account sharing is a violation of the Lineage II User Agreement and an account can be closed for it if it’s found to have been shared.