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  1. Nova v. MS

    So you're telling me that Divekio gets PoM every 1-2 mins, Fairchild gets PoM every 15-20 seconds, and you get PoM on Raven every 3 mins-ish? Oh, and thanks for confirming you are sharing accounts with TheRedRaven, you know it's against the rules right? Damn, from the sounds of it, you guys stand so much in that fight too...is MS willing to show us how to win PvP by having the most the deaths and by losing a ton of exp by going to town instead of waiting and getting res'd?
  2. Nova v. MS

    If you call going -50 in war stats and having to run back from town because you can't/fail to get res'd, then you guys are damn great at this game and won whatever the heck that's called. But in the eyes of any sane person that knows the game, you guys got your asses kicked...bad. Oh, and how much did exp did you guys lose for going back to town so often throughout the entire 20 mins? Just curious
  3. Nova v. MS

    I mean, we could also tap to town and run back out as you guys did because it's pretty obvious you guys didn't res each other in the video. So idk how you call that losing, especially when we basically farmed you guys for 20 mins straight... you gotta learn how to play other peoples characters better Truffle, Raven would be disappointed from that crappy performance. With respect to it being a 6v7, it's not our fault you guys are bad at making pvp parties, as you had plenty of time to while we set our party up. (Note: I didn't bring up the fact that you have been recruiting the entire server and people from other servers to fight us, so making a full party shouldn't be too difficult for you guys, but hey, might as well mention it. Oh, and btw, maybe recruit better people next time because the players from LB are actually terrible at PvP...cmon now, i'm confident you can do better). Did you notice how OP my new character is at 101? Like damn, my brooch jewels level 3 are smacking you guys around...not to mention my +5 skills. Anything else you would like to bring up Truffle? I'd be happy to discuss Was a lot of fun beating the bleep out of you on Raven as well as the crappy players you recruit, let me know when you want to go again.