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  1. @Jinkariya

    Who attacked whos castle first last siege? Because I remember relaxing at Giran and then having FistingTime/Aratus (2 DW) party come and kill us. May I add that we had no intention of going to attack any castle that siege, as we did not even put consumables on until after we decided to return the favor.

    See ya next siege!

    P.S. It was funny seeing full parties of MS lined up off siege zone because we wiped them when they entered :D 

  2. Our CP has offered to do a 7v7 against any Nova party, as well as we even offered to do our CP vs x2 Nova pts.... heck, we even offered to do our CP vs all of Nova and yet you guys still decline. So don't come on the forums stating that you guys want to do a 7v7 when we have offered to do them since we left you guys...

  3. 2 hours ago, LadySerson said:

    The only way to get rid of the ms zerg? Simple. Stop engaging them, stop pvping them, stop sieging, ignore them. They will get bored of having all this gear and nothing to do and will try to form up another side, or simply will quit. It is already happening, if you guys could see the PMS from MS members you'd laugh (No I don't share PMS because I am not a 13 year old girl like choco).

    I shared a few PMs of Mutch telling me Novas plan of getting every clan on Chronos to not come to siege and to not PvP MS. Get over it Pope and stop being a crybaby. He openly shared that information anyways so why does it matter? I just think someones a little salty that they aren't allowed to PvP with their 2T Dragon Wep :D

  4. 2 hours ago, Draecke said:

    going off topic here but you or anyone from your cp shouldn't talk big when you have never actually moved multiple times servers just to participate in PVP, I'm on my way back to Naia to join DH and fight MAX once the server transfers are back - stuff I have done many times during the time I play this game, go talk with Aizen for some pointers on how that works ;)

    You didn't even like to come to siege in Nova to PvP, as well as you never wanted to participate in PvP. Anywho, have fun dying to happy on naia :D

  5. @Draecke

    Just because you play in your own solo alt clan, (which is fine), and won't see 110 within the next 10 years, doesn't mean you have to cry like a baby to change the macro system that is currently implemented.

    Secondly, it's not our fault you are stupid when you PK people and end up losing items. But that doesn't mean we should lose an absurd amount of exp because we are a higher level because I highly doubt you would ever PK someone if you lost 10% at 110... if you will ever be 110, who knows.

    Lastly, just because other servers are getting all these changes/fixes/etc... doesn't mean we are going to. It's quite obvious that NCWest does absolutely everything different than the other L2 providers. If you want what the other servers provide, then simply go play on those servers and stop complaining here... pretty simple right?


    Also, i've never... NEVER seen you PK anyone... you just move spots or stop, sorta like the current Nova :D

  6. @Hime @Juji @Conguero


    As summer time approaches I would like you guys to consider the following changes with respect to the siege time on the Chronos server. (After the time change).

    Current Server Settings:

    Winter Siege Time: 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM (GMT +1)

    Summer Siege Time: 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM (GMT +1)

    What The Players Suggest / Would Like:

    Winter Siege Time: 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM (GMT +1)

    Summer Siege Time: 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM (GMT +1)

    With the current player base decreasing daily, (for many reasons, however not to be brought up in this thread please), we think that if the siege time stays the same as the time goes ahead an hour, it would help with some of the activity problems the game has during the summer time, and at siege time specifically. The change will help players maintain their current Lineage 2 schedule, and therefore they will be able to continue to participate. (Which, may I add is the one time we see the login servers change from "Light" to "Normal"). 

    Thank you.

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  7. @Juji @Hime @Conguero

    This thread has been up for approximately 2 weeks now and I have yet to see a response from you guys. A "we are currently evaluating how providing this service will affect our ...." or a "yes/no", or whatever would be great. Just something so that the player base on your "Live" servers know that you haven't given up on them yet.

    As I've said with almost every post I make, (i.e. launching a classic server before you guys announced it), by listening to your players and providing the services that we want, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. We are even asking you guys to provide a "Flash Sale" with cakes//boosts/etc... because we are willing and obviously able to put money into the game right now... so why not take it? I also see no point as to why they are not yet implemented, as per there is no real harm that can be done.



  8. @Hime are you guys receiving so many it takes more than 24h of a ticket to be open to solve it atm? I want to buy more ncoins and be able to continue leveling and progressing, but you guys are making it very difficult. The pre-purchased packs look so tempting, i was going to buy one, but i can't even log into the website with the acct i can log into the game with lol.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Aurinya said:


    Please allow our Support some time to get back to you. They are receiving a high number of tickets at the moment but they will get back to you. Please also avoid bumping your tickets further as this will send them back to the end of the queue and result in longer respond times.

    Thank you!

    Sounds good, as per bumping the thread. It wasn't 'bumped' I just want to include that it has been a long time with no response and therefore if nothing is going to change, I would like a refund on what I have spent. It's also very fun to see others progress and get far ahead of me now while my accounts are all locked........ @Hime@Juji@Neutron@whippleshuffle will there be any compensation for random locked accounts (for NOTHING), or it is a screw you, have fun being behind everyone now?

  10. I went afk with my family for around an hour and 7/9 of our accounts got this message:

    "Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact Support at appeal@ncsoft.com."

    Can you please check the ticket I put in last night @Juji @Neutron. If not, I want a refund on the money I have spent on one of the accounts that has not been locked...

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Stormie said:

    Please clarify US time zones here...

    US Time zones are  PST is -8 gmt CST is -6 GMT and est is -5 GMT 

    Are sieges going to be at 8pm server times? 

    If this is the case this is not a NA server these are not NA time zones, when you say NA it stands for North America....


    Please clarify siege time within each of these servers. Classic L2 has alot of "Timed" server events time zones for servers are very important and need to be NA.


    Just now, Swae said:

    Please say this is a joke.. 4pm castle sieges?

    The time zones for the classic servers are the exact same timezone that are for the current servers.

    Current Servers:

    Chronos: GMT -2

    Naia: GMT +1

    Classis Servers:

    Talking Island: GMT -2

    Giran: GMT +1

  12. 9 minutes ago, Juji said:

    The progression speed will not be 100% the same as it was 14 years ago. How we launch content updates for Classic will be different from how we normally roll them out on the live service.

    Yes and I get that. But with regard to all of the different boosts we know of and I assume there will be more. Lvl 70 will be a breeze all in all, and then having us fight in B-Grade gear at lvl 70 with all the skills, etc, seems stupid. (sorry for the language, but it's true). Content updates don't have to be discussed, i'm just saying that making max level 55 or 60 could and will most likely provide the players with a better experience, as well as provide future content updates. (That don't have to be discussed).

    All i'm asking is for the level cap be revised because I think others, myself included, see it being lvl 70 with b-grade gear, just ..........

    Example: Hey, we are all level 110 now. Lets fight in R-Grade(85+) gear because that's what's released...