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  1. Insane Lag

    Today we have a lot of lag, since 5 hours ago it is impossible to play and many random disconnections This has affected numerous members of the community.
  2. Is it possible to put back the actions token ? the truth when I started playing lineage 2 on the NA servers (server Shillen), when Goddes of Destruction started (2011) you (NC Staff) put the token (star, heart, cross and moon) I always found that it was very successful, but with the latest update they were removed after more than 8 years and the truth is I miss them a lot. Hopefully it will be possible to put them back

    I need the tokens ... I miss the star, heart, cross and the moon token, plz restore back them
  4. Lots of players leaving

    Dont Worry when a antibot system work fine more "people" will leave . I see that before and I will see it again in the future