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  1. GOD! PLEASE! fix this [bleeping] [ bleepetty] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] xigncode stuff.... roll it back to before the update even... this is crappy! runes and playtime is being screwed up... honestly... day 2 i cant get in.
  2. @Prime12357 you finally got in? and by a "few different internet connections" do you mean some you had as verified locations? as in IP? I am pretty desperate i will take any help i can get.
  3. Updated today and now have trouble. so i try to log in, and everything looks normal i select server, enter pin and then it goes like it normally does to log in and gets stuck, the xigncode bar never moves, and the L2 client freezes on the art splash page, task manager says its stopped working and then it says L2bin error. i tried deleting L2bin and doing file repair, and that doesnt work. people in clan say my character shows up and then disconnects. got runes running and a CP waiting, cant play... need a fix for this, i noticed people in the Classic section also are havi
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