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  1. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    You clearly dont get it at all and just trolling like the usual idiots. Because they can use any weapon that means they should have crap dps?? Thats the most stupid thing i have ever heard. Also they only get sword blunt masteries so its pointless to use anything else except for dagger pretty much. Sws gets more self buffs... lmao stupid argument. Selfbuffs dont matter at all as everyone runs around with pp or wc buffs and the heal is useless with the long casting speed. Its also just a light elf thing. Just like Dark elfs have their things like more damage at night. Has nothing to do with sws vs bd weapon masteries not being equal. That argument makes no sense for the lack of weapon masteries vs BD. If BD are all dd oriented than why does the sws get hunter and if sws is not dd oriented than why dont we get more Pdef in our masteries? If you want to make an argument, make a logical one or shut up. Sws and BD should be on pair dps wise when it comes to masteries since they made us useless as tanks. BD and sws even get the same shield masteries ffs. Why dont we get more shield masteries if we arent DD oriented? Anyone want to actually not be a troll and talk logic?
  2. Sws gets lvl 15 weapon mastery patk +8.5%, additionally +4 lvl 74 sword/blunt mastery lvl 45 patk +76.4 and armor mastery +172.6 pdef -35% crit dmg Totals: Patk +80.4 and Pdef +172.6 -35% crit dmg BD Gets... lvl 15 weapon mastery patk +8.5%, additionally +4 lvl 36 sword/blunt mastery lvl 8 patk +11.1 lvl 74 dual weapon mastery +129.3 patk! and armor mastery +172.6 pdef -35% crit dmg Totals: Patk +144.4!!! and yet get same Pdef +172.6 -35% crit dmg So why does the BD get the same defenses while also getting WAY more Damage! Songs and Dances counter out each other but the Weapon masteries and defense masteries DO NOT. Sws should get more patk added to their sword/blunt mastery or give 2H or Dual masteries.
  3. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    I would gladly be restricted to duals if they gave me all the extra Patk that BDs get that SWS does not.
  4. l2.bin not responding

    same here, cant log in