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  1. Got to love trolls like this that talk sh.t but completely MISSED THE WHOLE POINT! Just showing pure ignorance like most trolls who just want to feel superior by being the first to throw out the childish remarks like QQ etc. But enjoy playing your lvl 78 that you have no idea how to play, no idea how to real world pvp etc. Just go get full buffed and gank some people to get your rocks off.. if there are any people to even gank. Might find a few people in Oly, but mostly just someones alt to farm Oly points... which is another flaw with the game. Some of the best pvp in the game was in C/
  2. Yes please roll this back but keep the 20 min buffs. We just wanted the new catas and new areas. This update overall sucks! We love classic and this is not it!
  3. All warrior classes get 129.3 Patk on their lvl 74 weapon mastery. So please tell me why the sws is left out to dry? Since we dont get ANY other defensive masteries! https://l2wiki.com/classic/Warsmith#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bounty_Hunter#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Destroyer#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Tyrant#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Warlord#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Gladiator#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bladedancer#74 129.3 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Swordsinger#74 76.4 wtf...
  4. Anytime! Would enjoy this!
  5. Another useless and pointless troll. You are not worth my time. You have issues. Seek help You clearly dont play a sws and have no respect for the class. They play support and then you tell them to shut it and sing. Wow real tough guy. Would love to meet someone like you in person. Since BDs are support they should shut up also and get the same patk on their weapon masteries also cause they are just a support class right?
  6. Lmao people like you are the problem yet you dont see the issue at hand. So much bs you brought into the conversation as usual that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Talking about all kinds of dumb crap cause you have no rebuttal and cant accept that someone is calling out the clear nerf. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Gladiator#74 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bladedancer#74 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Swordsinger#74 You tell me you dont see the problem??
  7. holy batman... It doesnt matter if its dual weapon mastery or sword mastery or 2h mastery. The fact is that their masteries give way more patk than their counterpart! No reason for it at all! This is why the sws is nerfed compared to anyone else. Sws literally get Tank patk weapon masteries while no other increases to our Defense masteries while the BD gets a boosted patk mastery like other dps. Go look at Gladiator weapon masteries at 74, BD and SWS! https://l2wiki.com/classic/Gladiator#74 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bladedancer#74 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Swordsinger#74
  8. exactly, you cant tell me cause you have no clue, just like you have no clue what you have been talking about in my thread. Go find a thread that you can be productive in and know what you are talking about cause this topic is not for you.
  9. lmao what are they going to do to me? Please tell me what rules ive broken? Get real.
  10. God that is a dumb argument, Ill take more the patk we deserve to have like the BDs and be bound to duals or 2H weapon all Day! That still has nothing to do with the nerf of our dps for crying out loud. Come on do better. Also you do know that we need to be singing at the same speed that BDs do right? So if they have duals which is normal speed we should either also be bound to duals or 2H weapon with the same speed. smh do you even play sws? or just here to talk bs about things you dont have a clue about?
  11. Also looking at a tanks weapon mastery we do get the same Patk mastery as them for sword/blunt at 76.4 patk. So we get the same as a tank lol yet no pet, no extra pdef as them and no shield masteries. Which is why BDs our counterpart get dual weapon mastery with more patk. So sws should also get that increased patk mastery as its been pointed out. NC needs to give sws the same weapon mastery patk of 129.3. How anyone else can say this is ok is beyond me. Or give us a shield strike, shield stun etc like the tanks get. Something to offset the weak patk masteries the sws get. Come on NCwest where
  12. Its not a troll, its bringing attention to an issue. Grow up
  13. Since someone locked the other thread... The last reply was someone saying since the sws has always been that way they should always be nerfed lol Wow Amazing logic! Then want to try and talk about how Duals work but have no idea how they work. Duals dont say minus accuracy like a dagger does! For crying out loud learn to read the description and research before posting bs. Anyway back on topic! Sws gets lvl 15 weapon mastery patk +8.5%, additionally +4 lvl 74 sword/blunt mastery lvl 45 patk +76.4 and armor mastery +172.6 pdef -35% crit dmg Totals: Patk +80.4 an
  14. See? Another person that dont have a freaking clue what they are talking about! You dont increase a tanks PATK BECAUSE THEY GET MORE PDEF AND SHIELD DEFENSES ETC! Holy batman! I pointed out in the very FIRST POST that we get the SAME Pdef and shield masteries as our counterpart BD! We become an Enchanter at 40 which is why we no longer get Defensive masteries! Which is why like the BD we should be getting more patk masteries like the BD! Why is this so hard to comprehend? Omg your assumption of dual swords and understanding shows your lack of understanding. Lmao higher chance to miss wit
  15. Yes, because you all keep bringing up crap that has no bearing on the nerf that is being referred too. All i see are people trying to defend the nerf for some reason or another that makes NO SENSE! Most of you keep bringing up RACE abilities which HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. Keep bringing up being a tank etc etc but I have LAID OUT THE NUMBERS and you all keep ignoring it.... which is just baffling as f.... Either look at the actual numbers and the two classes that matter here or dont reply. Glad you are done as you like the others keep going off into left field for some reason. Which is not
  16. Holy sh... you people just want to argue about the dumbest bs ever. I do run without a shield clown. I use a berserker blade. Both classes get the same shield mastery so for you to run with a shield you are the one nerfing yourself even more for dmg. We stop getting shield mastery at around 36 and dont get anymore shield masteries because WE ARE NOT TANKS! So keep running around with a shield and unable to kill anything is your choice. But that doesnt mean the rest of us want to be nerfed while playing the sws to support our parties and friends. We dont get the same pdef or shield masteries li
  17. No one wants them to be the same... did you even read what im asking to fix? Not asking to fix the differences in classes like the songs and racial abilities or even the race stats. IM only asking to FIX THE WEAPON MASTERIES NERF! I would never want all races to be the same, its part of what i love about lineage also.
  18. Yes i have thought of that and thats why when my buddy who is a BD leveling together with me compared our patk i made sure to have the same str with adding tattooes and BW set. I made sure to check everything out and make a fair comparison. Its crystal clear the sws is nerfed and I cant understand for the life of me why people want the sws to be nerfed.
  19. Another worthless reply. All you do is try to be the internet tough guy with the QQ crap. God people like you ruin the gaming experience with your bs. Would love to see you talk in person. You have no rebuttal cause there is no explanation for the sws being nerfed compared to bd. Here, again ill post the numbers to try and keep the thread on the actual issue at hand. Since you have filled the thread with your bs.. All Everyone is going to read is your 20 replies of lame excuses for your counter class to be underpowered while you enjoy your class being on par with how the two classes shou
  20. Why are you even agreeing with him about sws gets easier to solo with runes?? ALL Classes and everyone for that matter it got easier to solo with Runes. The hunter song does not stack with the Rune or increase the amount the rune gives to crit... If the rune gave you 100 p crit and the hunter song doubled it to 200 it would be something to talk about but it doesn't and he just assumed it does cause he hasnt done any testing like I have. But clearly as usual he doesnt even know this and brings up another pointless and baseless rebuttal. Good grief. His Arguments never make sense and everything
  21. I called it before i even read your next bs post. You are a BD and dont want your counter to be as good as you. Only a loser wants to keep another man nerfed so they can be the cool kid. You are scared to have your counter class be as good as you haha. Now it all makes sense! Again you go into your bs about a sws can heal. The heal is a RACE ability ffs! Stop bringing up Racial abilities for the last time! Are you truly that dense that this is NOT about Race abilities??? DEs can poison, LEs can cure poison, DE can do more dmg at night, LE can do a long casting heal etc etc etc Again for
  22. Again you have no argument and just want to keep repeating yourself about someone crying. Thats what people do when they have no argument and nothing to support their lack of an argument. You cant defend the undefendable bro. Sws is nerfed and you just want to take it up the rear cause "thats how it has always been" lmao stfu So they have never done class changes before???? They never did any fixes back then? Yes, they did cause i was there 15 years ago also. Good feedback with numbers like I have provided helps them make those changes. It brings attention to the problem. But please continue t
  23. BW is defiently best but on our server its not obtainable for the normal player. People want 20kk just for 60% tunic recipe.....
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