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  1. Agree!, this is a big problems and disadvantage in cursed swords for ppls who plays honestly, pleasse @Juji if can check and try resolve this problems for next server manteneance. ty!!!
  2. Hi again @Juji @Hime, any progress whit Sel Mahun, is posible will be fixed por next maintenance plz?
  3. Hi @Juji @Hime Sel Mahun Still dont droping 16year aniversary chest, plz check the bug for be fixed<<<<<<<
  4. Totally agree, @Juji plz start to work again about dual separation or swap
  5. Agree!!, pleasse @Juji inform us about this, any progress??????
  6. And dont forgot the Forgotten Skill to, very expensives.
  7. Forget that, no one want make pt whit supports classes, they are obsoletes now. Is for that reason there are many ppls making presure for a main/dual swap or dual separation whit the options of untradable itens, forgottens skills etc. We hope for good news from Dev team about this
  8. Agree!!! Is a great idea!!, and forgotten skills to!!! #Juji
  9. Yes agree!!!! Is a good option to!! But not only itens!!!, Forgotten Skills to!!!!!
  10. Totally agree!!!! Sell the stone of destiny o sell the service!! Is it not a science, we will pay that service whit happiness and you will make money!!. But please dont say us "more cheap boots and exp" dont insult our inteligence, give ud solutions!! We are COSTUMERS!!!
  11. Juji what about Main/Dual swap service?? Have any notice about that please????
  12. Yes i agree, we are manies players supports we are injured totally for this. So Ncsoft lets us switch our main for dual whit the option of forgotten skills for dont lose it cuz are expensive and no problem if we have to pay for that service. Other thing is a good option is make a Red Libra whit the option of change itens like cloaks, circlets, armor sets and not only weapons. So Juji plz inform us hows you going whit the pushing whit Dev team about this service pleasse. Thanks
  13. imposible better explain it!!, my situation is exactly the same the tank is totally useless now.
  14. Totally agree whit this post... Juji this Fafurion update practically KILL the supports class (tank, iss, healer) NO more parties for farm, now the game is 100% for DDs, so u are very lucky if u have a cp or clan whos make u the favor of level up ur support class. So Juji give us the service for change main for dual or change like dual in red libra.
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