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  1. In Giran server 1 player won 3 box with 2 friends helping, no one crying there @Ankdo you have a chance to up floor 14 before RB die?
  2. Last Year event(Normal Map Raids) Low level Folks don't have a chance to know respown time, because @Hammerforgegreedy 'em all ;(
  3. Things that don't make sense, 1- 500,000 Adena Fee to Join in Event, what about change it to 5,000,000... And Lag problem will be 0 2- Back to number 1- 3- Decreass Baium Zone, so players can AOE PK Faster and make more players spend NCoins with Boost EXP
  4. Hime said: Other Notes Compensation will be determined and shared later. Posted April 7 Still No Compensation? @Hime @Juji
  5. Server still with few lag problems.
  6. Rewards On top of Clan XP earned for completing the Siege Participation, you’ll also collect (3) Siege Action Chests. Opening a Siege Action Chest will randomly reward one of the following items: Siege Action Chest Contents Blessing Scroll Weapon Supply Box (A-grade) Cloth Piece Dragon's Special Elixir Lv. 2 (x3) L2 Coin Pouch Soulshot Tickets (x200) I still wonder if the people who make the events still think that
  7. And about possible new sets: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/611260075545460757/806179840000000040/image0.jpg?width=339&height=602 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/611260075545460757/806180023471570954/image0.jpg?width=339&height=602 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/611260075545460757/806180419061022730/image0.jpg?width=339&height=602
  8. Hello! ladies and gentleman! Since we are waiting so long for the official news of the new update, I will post here some possible events. let's discuss about! as our staff once announced that the devs are korean, probably a lot would come from there to our server, but as the korean server is very far from NA, the news would take time to arrive, but due to the speed of updates in NA / JP / RU seems that they want to leave all the servers with the same update of the Korean as soon as possible, I will release here some topics of the possible new update. https://i.imgur.com/gfN
  9. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20554-holiday-server-boost-and-attendance-event/?tab=comments#comment-138646 Check it @Himeone more week please!
  10. Hi, any chance to extend the events for another week??? many players had to travel this month, and because of the bonfire bug(Classic servers) and the NPC one.
  11. @Ankwhat cheap PK Scrolls bro? I will never buy that item, 100K is the goal, Like Rustler did in old days, buying 500 PK scroll week to kill our ally, no one cry about that beucase it's LINEAGE 2 WAR, So stop begin a carebear and move out of here.
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