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  1. So let me know, you removed pendants from store so donors cant buu them anymore => free players cant buy pendants in game via Adena, good job, good job! In half year this game will die for sure, good luck with a fail pay to win project!
  2. I bet NcWest will fail soon, and only bots will play here! If u want a fair game and all of u cry on forum, why dont u stop playing 1 week? If we all stop playing one week maybe fail developers / administrators will hear us...because here on forum they wont reply. Hope game will die in few months and no one will play anymore.
  3. Raid Leader will take all EAD EWD, top D trade weap and u'll get crappy armors =)) they share loot.....
  4. Lvl 28 destro - 25 wc i have 50k adena how can i buy weapon for progress? .....
  5. Why dont u leave and play skelth? If all come there we can leveling togheter. I starded yesterday and in 5 hours i made my orc raider lvl 32 and my wc 31, D grade weapon drop, made 500.000 adena on raider and 200.000 on wc, in 6 hours! Good luck when new pay to win item will be added at NA store!
  6. Is not a good ideea what they did, but atleast is not 100% pay to win because they let donors to sell pendants to players for adena, 100% pay to win if they put an item in shop and make ot untradable! But to buy a pendant from donors u have to farm 1 year :))
  7. Thanks, 24 Destro almost 25 and soon moon armor and same lvl Orc Shaman soon Wc :)) i think better things are coming with Saviour update and 1 Month D grade weap.
  8. Tell me a way to make adena for my D grade weap, only with spoil i can or that 1k quest? Or i have to farm 1 milion days? :)) I have a dual Destro - Wc but with gear no grade and players who start party for rb and steal all loot....there is a pain in the back.
  9. They discriminate new player who created account at begining of february
  10. That pack is available only for new accounts? Or u can use it on all, if u alrdy created an account, u get that pack? With D grade, mount, ring and hair accesory?
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