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  1. So let me know, you removed pendants from store so donors cant buu them anymore => free players cant buy pendants in game via Adena, good job, good job! In half year this game will die for sure, good luck with a fail pay to win project!
  2. Solution about Bots

    I bet NcWest will fail soon, and only bots will play here! If u want a fair game and all of u cry on forum, why dont u stop playing 1 week? If we all stop playing one week maybe fail developers / administrators will hear us...because here on forum they wont reply. Hope game will die in few months and no one will play anymore.
  3. RAIDS 30+

    Raid Leader will take all EAD EWD, top D trade weap and u'll get crappy armors =)) they share loot.....
  4. Lvl 28 destro - 25 wc i have 50k adena how can i buy weapon for progress? .....
  5. Fix adena!!!

    Why dont u leave and play skelth? If all come there we can leveling togheter. I starded yesterday and in 5 hours i made my orc raider lvl 32 and my wc 31, D grade weapon drop, made 500.000 adena on raider and 200.000 on wc, in 6 hours! Good luck when new pay to win item will be added at NA store!
  6. I made my free pendants +6 :)) so i'm lucky?
  7. Is not a good ideea what they did, but atleast is not 100% pay to win because they let donors to sell pendants to players for adena, 100% pay to win if they put an item in shop and make ot untradable! But to buy a pendant from donors u have to farm 1 year :))
  8. Newbie question!

    Thanks, 24 Destro almost 25 and soon moon armor and same lvl Orc Shaman soon Wc :)) i think better things are coming with Saviour update and 1 Month D grade weap.
  9. Newbie question!

    Tell me a way to make adena for my D grade weap, only with spoil i can or that 1k quest? Or i have to farm 1 milion days? :)) I have a dual Destro - Wc but with gear no grade and players who start party for rb and steal all loot....there is a pain in the back.
  10. They discriminate new player who created account at begining of february
  11. That pack is available only for new accounts? Or u can use it on all, if u alrdy created an account, u get that pack? With D grade, mount, ring and hair accesory?