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  1. Status -Discord L2 servers

    need discord link too
  2. From Golden to Black LION

    @JujiStill the same
  3. From Golden to Black LION

    Remove , and make filerepair ?
  4. From Golden to Black LION

    I did 2 times Filerepair and still got this https://imgur.com/YI5mrSk , should try uninstall the game and install it again ?
  5. From Golden to Black LION

    @Juji i was taling about this , seems only we see it the people with it https://imgur.com/xN6rK6m
  6. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Just logged in to say : LoL so massive update , good job guys
  7. Help - Bugged or Not

    @Juji @Hime ??
  8. Help - Bugged or Not

    Hello so i want to ask something : I got that aggument ot my Staff https://imgur.com/KGtVb6J after some testing of my own , i concluded that it only activates on Physical Criticals , not Magical A bit of resurch of me on agguments with Chance effects , that there are : physical attack /magical attack/ a critical attack. For example lets look at this aggument effect : 1 - Chance: Momentarily blocks all of the target's physical and magic skills during a physical attack. 2 - Chance: Momentarily blocks all of the target's physical and magic skills during a magical attack. 3 - Chance: Momentarily blocks all of the target's physical and magic skills during a critical attack. There are a lot more examples , so from what i asume my aggument must work with magical critical attacks not only from physicals ones . cuz there is not such a thing as physical critical attacks only or magical one in the aggument list. From what i found, there are Agguments with Chances for: Physical attacks - Fighter type / Magical attacks - Mage type / and Critical attacks - for both types Can i get more info about this from @Juji @Hime cuz i think this is kind of bug for me it must be working with Magical Criticals also . Ty for help in advance
  9. Till when the Community managers gonna be SILENT

    1 week passed and still not a single answer from @Hime or @Juji whats happening lol
  10. Hello , am loging everyday on forums just to see if there is any answer from our Community managers , about current situation. I had played live before 2 years and then i stopped cuz i coundnt sustain their pay2win model. Anyway i invested too much time in this server and prob and for now i will not leave !!! . But I REALLY wanna see an answer or any comment from our GMs . Never saw that kind of and ignore and silince on forums. ( I know that we cant blame NCwest for all of the problems cuz NC Korea sent them all and tell them what to publish and what not to ). BUT STILL AND ATLEAS SOME OF US WILL APPRECIATE ONE "SORRY" FROM OUR COMMUNITY MANEGERS for all the broken dreams and promices about classic servers
  11. Yep , i really wanna know whats gonna be the case ?? , Cuz in Giran server we are mostly EU players !!!!