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  1. OH Jager detag to xp!!! OMG you wont accept the challenge?
  2. OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you do not even know how to write Fooz !!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA maybe in your dreams zureil lost some item HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA omg I can not stop laughing !!!!! you need to learn to edit better in photoshop HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the source is not the same LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BREATH..... fooz you are amazing guy!!! enjoy your hero.. i heard truffle is lvl up GS to hunt you
  3. I do not know Naia, and not even DH people. But if what you say is true, do not think that MAX is different. They even used a lindvior jewelry arguing that it would be for the TS payment. with TS being FREE !! do not think that by joining Max you will be joining the right side. (not that DH is better or worse than them). It is no use fighting one tyranny with another. btw the choice is yours my friend. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or doing trash talk. Just trying to show you how MAX are trash!. They went to Chronos not to have fun, or anything of the sort. (Not that you care about
  4. I think the DH guys hit your head so hard it made you crazy forum fighter @OmenOfSteel
  5. Are you retarded or do you pretend to be? in general this guy made no difference.. NONE ... if his intention in the chronos was to take Dragon from ms (ms continues to win).. Gainak? (ms continues to win).. some ms castle in chronos (ms still have it) or better take aden from DH or Rune from ms in dimensional? FAIL AGAIN.. so ye bud... all those clows from max doesnt make ANY diference.. but in pvp he has an insane dmg, (full gems lvl 6 and dragon bow stage2), and even as draeck spoke, even with all this, ms continued to win by 8 or 10 CRP ... You are so stupid. like a retard
  6. now imagine sieges without Peppinio and Happy to hold up NOVA's pants OH!, it already happened, and MS farmed NOVA at 700+ crp LMAO... you had 4 aoe dragon weapon, 1 stage 3 and 1 stage 2 LOLOLOLOL ms has only 1 and its single target... what a shame. now go back to your buyer's cave and keep looking for your +15 useless shield. Let's see what RENOCARPET will look like without your beloved bow. bye bye happybot :]
  7. you put video every day talking that supposedly you kill all ms,but then why the warstats every time gets more positive for ms? I will post one ss to every post you make in the forum. updating the warstats... that propaganda:] keep doing it:] and look that there are only 7 people in your clan, imagine if there was a lot more? lol what a joke then thats 1st ss :]
  8. Yes .. if you really are the real Martel... currently only evey, karigan and a few others are true old Nova. The rest are clowns...
  9. business are business... to Ms and Nova
  10. LOL a lot nova members buy stuff from truffle... last circlet event kingzscoob just buy a radiant circlet of grace from truffle hahahaha and i will not even mention the others ... not counting the cloak events, jewelry greaters and etc ... poor clown
  11. HAHAHA this trash coming from freya ... like LLLLLNOOBLLLLL, VNCARPET, DOGS CPS and so many others dumb people in renocarpet clan ... dont expect much intelligence from him
  12. i like your videos btw... but i hate your so looooooong intro
  13. GF, at least you guys had balls to come back more times after the first loss .... usually you dont do that and when PR-inces77 is on party, you guys always give PR and give up... btw gf. I hope you always appear and fight against dw even when you dont have one.. cause every day ms has fought against LLLLCARPETLLLL + VNCARPET even when truffle or rown is not around...
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