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  1. Juji replied to ogre's topic in General Classic Discussion Logins to all servers are temporarily disabled as we are trying to troubleshoot the crash and disconnections/latency issues.
  2. Surely some script kiddies trying to DDoS NCsoft... again...
  3. For the sake of forum space, i'll just say, "you're right!"
  4. I just replied to Hime.. if it's coincidence or not, i was able to log in WAY faster, i saw my queue dropping from 500 to 5. anf with VIP 0.
  5. The effect is notices immediately My queue went from 500 to 5 in minutes Thank you!
  6. Buying a seed bracelet so you can use Agathion
  7. If your level is 85-95, the new quests Available at NPC Penny in Aden.
  8. http://www.lineage2.com/media/content-images/patch-notes/Lineage II - Salavation First Chapter Patch Notes.pdf
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