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  1. Added a feature where players can remove the bestowed Soul Crystal ability through a blacksmith and extract the Soul Crystal again. Screenshot PatchNotes @Juji @Hime @Conguero None of the blacksmith is offering that option. Or do we miss something here?
  2. why @mixa? Did i miss something?
  3. New in the game in need of answers ?

    You need a Recipe:_Blessed_Spiritshot_R . But i am not sure if this is truly only for dwarves.
  4. As Farm jewels Broochs

    No sorry but you are wrong. Last jewel sale was around half a year ago and also during the last other events there was at least a chance to get some jewel boxes by random. Nevertheless, the selling ppl that you see are probably the ones that invested insane amounts of money during the last event to make a specific high grade jewel. And as the typ of jewel is random, they sell the ones that are not needed. Don't believe that those ppl bought 100 or 200 boxes. Get used to the fact that there are ppl that actually buy thousands of boxes. To finally answer your question: You cannot farm jewel boxes. They are L2Store-exclusive items.
  5. Forums posting is up but...

    For heaven's sake don't do that! 100% chance that there will be naked chars standing around within minutes.
  6. Farm Guide

    There is almost no way to farm Adena. Use the L2Store. Buy things that other ppl need and sell them for Adena. Otherwise collect the small drops that you get from instances and sell them to NPCs or AuctionHouse.
  7. 95% sure that @necromancin is on classic server and came to the wrong forum. LvL 10-30 is something you jump within 15 minutes - not matter if there are bots or not.
  8. More clients per pc

    3 PCs??? Three? are you online with 9 chars at the same time? You know L2 is meant to be a Clan-Friends-Party-based game? Or do you hate other ppl that much?
  9. Update Fafurion with new server

    Nice idea, but to be honest, L2 is walking towards the cemetery. Don't expect an other baby from the old lady. Plus, the game as it is designed by now, makes it almost impossible to do a full restart. Clan-Leveling is insanely hardcore now and it would take years before the first lvl 10 or 11 clans would appear on a new server.
  10. Hatchling mission can not be done.

    check Auction House for cokes. (or just buy a hatchling from the Auction house). item drop is low af here.
  11. Go with feoh (Storm Screamer). For Tyrr you need much more money to get at least close to the power of a feoh. And i cannot see a good reason for a Titan in XP-Partys. Too low defense to replace a good Tank. Too low damage to replace a good feoh. For solo farming it might be ok, but even there are better choices.
  12. monster collections rewards

    @sanzo, the items you see there are the possible drops from theses monsters when you kill them. You can say, that this is kind of a lexicon about monsters. You will not get any items from this menu. Only XP/SP and FactionPoint.
  13. Main class change

    @mrdmg32 If you really want this to happen, you should show NC the potential income of such a service. It will not be that easy to set this up, as many ppl here think. Right is that there is a Database with entries about the character and its main class. Of course that could be changed easy. But you forget about all the restrictions that have to be kept in mind. This is like quests that are only available for some classes or the fact that Dual and Main cannot be the same. Gonna be a long list of "if-elseif-else"-conditions to build. But as i said, show NC that it is worth it. Start a poll or something and let ppl vote if they want it and HOW MUCH THEY WOULD PAY! And make sure you do some big marketing for that poll in forums and in game-chat. Present options like [NO] [yes, 400 Ncoin] [yes, 1200 Ncoin] [yes, 2400 Ncoin] [yes, 4000 Ncoin] [yes, 8000 Ncoin] . (do not put a [yes, free]-Option cause that will not happen anyway and just destroy the poll). Maybe even include the EU-Servers' and RU-Servers' forums. If you really go that way, you have my vote. Guess i go with 4000.
  14. Return Golden Compass Event

    Ahm, for those guys that are asking to bring that Golden Compass Event back ... just a question: Have you ever really been to that instance? It might be that me and quite a huge number of other players that missed some tricks about the instance, but as i remember, the difficultly of that instance was not like a K99, CC or Bay. Actually you needed to bring some real power gear to manage that instance. And for myself, i would not state that i am low-geared. Still it was hardcore.
  15. gifting with low lvl champs

    hmm, never seen that before but if that is the case, then it is probably in terms of preventing some RMT-action or exploiting some almost-free-l2store-promos. But that is just a guess.