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  1. @Juji @Hime So there are 498 players in queue now for Naia. Don't really want to complain about that but most ppl that already addressed the issue of permanent full server, were talking about how hard it is to login "with 3 clients". How about you just set the client-limit to 1 per Computer, enable ppl to actually play during those wild times and revive the real-persons-interactions again? For all that will go crazy now: Find a party with real players. There will be enough players to party with cause then nobody can make his own private box-party. If you can't find any real-person-support-class-player, then just go and play your support-box and be the one to make a change. So what if some log in with three PCs? Those with three PCs are now in with 7+ Chars and will have only 3 on a 1-client-limit. Still good to fight the queue. Noone cares about your "3rd box-ISS that needs to do the exalted quests with auto-play right now". Noone. Use the auction house to sell your stuff or just sit with your main if you really really really need a private shop in Aden. If you need your AFK-Auto-Party cause you have no time to play by yourself, then just DON'T PLAY! Others want to play actively. Now, let the strom begin
  2. About the items

    If you are playing on Live Servers (Naia/Chronos) then there is no more Limit between LvL and Grade. You can use R110 Items even on LvL1 without any penalty now. Once you start a new Character, you should get a full set of R-Grade Items. You can use them up to LvL100 if you take care a little. That doesn't mean that it can't be used after 100 but by LvL100 you should aim for R99-Gear. Afaik you will get full R99-Set from completing the Exalted-Quest.
  3. No, they will not make more or faster money with "Dual to Main"-Service. Switching Dual to Main is actually a huge thing cause you have to keep track of many dependencies and restrictions like Olly, Quests, Skills or Race/Class-interference. If you would have ever seen the gameserver code, you would understand better. The Weapon service that @Mystikal supposed, would be much much much easier. If they could not change the weapon directly, they would just create a new one of the desired type and add the same SA again. Old weapon gets deleted.
  4. Newbie here

    Yeah @Dawe is right. The Grade-System goes from low to high: D, C, B, A, S, S80, R, R95, R99, R110. All below R-Grade was mostly taken out of the game. Also there is no more Grade penalty so you could wear R110 Equipment even on lvl 1 and get the full boost. That quest on lvl 40 gives you everything you need till 100. That is where the game starts now (maybe even a little later ... at 103/105). So just keep all the items that you got from the quests now. It is the best you can get for free at those lvls.
  5. I will never understand why some ppl are so obsessed with this Dual-to-Main thing. There is just one part of the game that can only be done by the main class: Olympiad. All other can be done with Dual. And i can tell you one thing for sure: you will never be hero. The only way to become hero is to drop 100k $ on that game to keep up with those how lost the link to reality long long time ago. By the way, this is the final month of Olympiad as it was like we all know it. Next month the World-Wide-Oly will start and if there was a small change till now that one of you would become hero, it is gone now for sure.
  6. Ban RMT spamming bots

    Just right-click on the name and select "block adena seller". If enough ppl do that in short time, the spammer will get an auto-chat-ban for some hours or longer.
  7. Reduction in EXP after upgrade?

    well i guess you compare the XP gain to what we had 2 weeks ago. In that case then welcome to the normal rate 2 weeks ago there was the XP 300% Event (running for 2 weeks). Ofc lvl 95 was reachable in 1,5 hours. Maybe just move to another Hunting area but dont expect something like the 300% event anytime soon again.
  8. Or maybe just restart with a new Charakter. Getting a Dual class requires you to be lvl 95 now and good luck getting there if you have no Weapon. Starting a new Charakter is now easy as never before. You can go from 1 to 85 in less then 60 min and you will get full free R-Grade gear that you can keep forever. Just follow the quest line from the NPC in Gludio right next to where you start. Once you are 85 and had your final Class change, visit this NPC again to start the Aden quest line. This will get you to lvl 100 in 1 (or maybe 2 days) with even more free gear.
  9. Few questions

    Well there are some daily instances (those with a * are mostly for DROP/Adena): Kartia 95 (Aden) Kama 99 (Aden) Crystal Cavers 97 (Parnassus) Baylor 97 (Parnassus) Balok 97 (Parnassus)* Tavern 99 (Underground Gainak) Gludio 99 (Gludio)* Dont expect much Adena or Drops from those. Best way to get Adena ist buy stuff from the L2Store with NCoins and sell it to other players for Adena. At the moment, also fishing has become a good source of income again. Go get a Rod, some baits and some shots, go fishing and hope for some "Powerful Fishes". Exchange 4 Powerful Fishes at the Fishing NPC for 3 Elcyum Powder, then sell Elcyum Powder in the Auction House for 3,2kk to 3,4kk. For getting XP, i would advice you to find a group or even a clan that does long term XP-Parties in Hellbound. It depends on your class ofc, but Healers, ISS and Tanks are often welcome to those parties.
  10. Is Destiny pack shared between account?

    oh ... well sorry. dont know about that.
  11. Diploma for R grade

    when did you start this Character? You should have gotten all R-Grade Items (Paulina Armor/Weapon/Rings R-Grade etc. ) at lvl 40 already while doing the Gludio-Quest line. Sounds to me like you started that Char long long time ago and now you came back to lvl it up again. In that case i can only advice you to start a new char and do the quest in Gludio (NPC Tarti i guess). It will take you 30-50 min to go from lvl 1 to 85 and you will get tons of free useful items that help you up to lvl 100. At lvl 85 keep going with the Gludio NPC and get the next quest line for lvl 85-100 with even more free items. Only other chance is to somehow reach lvl 95 without gear and collect some gear when starting a Dual Class. But ... yeah just dont do that. No Character name is worth this pain
  12. Is Destiny pack shared between account?

    if you are talking about two toons on the same account, then it is possible. Dim Merchant has an Option to "Send Dim Items". Just select die Target Character and place the items.
  13. Info and Problem for Live Servers

    1. Character creating is temporarily disabled. They try to fix the lag-problem. Just wait a little. Some days maybe and keep trying cause they fail to give any notice when they switch it on again. 2. Yes, you can use dual box. It is free and legal. Atm you can use up to 7. (ofc you will need 7 accounts for that.) 3. well yeah that is right. Level 1-85 takes 25 min now. lvl 85-95 another 30-40 min. lvl 95-100 maybe 3-4 hours (if you are in a good XP-Party). You will get all the gear that takes you to 100 for free now. Do the questline and you get even more (quest 85-100 starts in Gludio!). After 100, well there is the problem now. Most +100 will require high Equipment. You can collect and sell but get ready for a very, very long journey. Drops are low. Adena drops barely exist. Players Market has been strangely overpriced for the last 3-4 weeks. Best for you is to wait for a good new event and make money from Buy-low/Sell-high Business. Anyways, welcome to Naia (!)
  14. Recent prices at Aden

    Keyword: Inflation TL;DR ? --> just read the bold text. we have seen such an extreme rise already around 2(?) years ago. Back then it came from an uncontrolled flood of adena hitting the Servers. That Adena was just created without any counter value to it and came from Elcyum Powder that was sold to NPC Grocers. The source of that Elcyum powder was the huge amount of players that started fishing with the newly introduced Fancy Rods, that were much faster then the normal rods. A player that collected 4 Powerfull Fish could exchange those with the Fishing NPC and received 3 Elcyum Powders in return, which was then sold to the Grocer NPC at a price of 2kk. The success rates were pretty good so a player could make a pure profit of 800kk to 1b per week. But, as i said before, there was no real value against that and the NPC just "create" Adena when they buy items from players so there was a huge Inflation of Adena which drove up the market prices at similar rates like now. This was all stopped with the change of the Fish-to-Elcyum exchange rate from 4:3 to 12:3 and later with by lowering the NPC bid price down to 1kk per Elcyum Powder. Now, there is a new form of "Adena printing" that has no real work value against it. Everyday, some top players pull a minimum 10 b Adena from the Cursed Sword System. Compared to the Fishing-System, there is a difference in the distribution of the Adena, cause with the cursed swords, only some top players get their hands on the "new" Adena. Nevertheless, we all know that this small circle of entitled players sells a huge amount of Adena to external (illegal) Adena Sellers for real money, thus the Adena makes it way to the large player base, flooding the market and driving up prices.