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  1. Reseting dual class

    Ability points don't reset on class change but you know that you can do the reset with 500kk SP. That might be a hard if you are lvl 85 now but that is the way it is. Get's easy on lvl 100+ About the basics stats: Are you sure about that? Afaik, basic stats normally should refer to the race of your character, not to the class. Revelation skills: no idea. but you can change them at NPC Monk of Chaos in Reliquary of the Giants for 100kk adena.
  2. HELP !!!

    hmm, not really sure. As far as i know there was once a post about this on the old forum but i can't find it atm. Maybe you check again --> old forum archive Also (correct me if i am wrong) this is some political affair. Countries with sanctions against them from the USA might be affected. You can google that if your country is in trouble with the USA and has partly economical restrictions which could also interfere when connecting to Gameserver in the US.
  3. HELP !!!

    reinstall the game. check your internet connection - high ping is bad (and Wifi is not a good choice - better use a cable) delete the "SYSTEM"-folder in your game-folder and let the Updater repair it on game launch check if you have any Network-Analyse-tools on your PC and uninstall them if so check if you are in a country that got some weired stuff problems with USA - your IP might be on a ban-list (you can try using a VPN and see if it gets better) oh and from time to time there are just DCs. Accept it.
  4. lottery ticket seller

    The lottery system was taken off the game some years ago, after some ppl found out how to "hack" it. That NPC in goddard is the last leftover but he doesn't have any function theses days. Just let him be - he wants to live on.
  5. Hi all, so this goes out to the older players - i guess. I remember that there was once a system introduced, that provided some kind of power build up among several different classes/players within a party during battles. I don't know how it was called or how it exactly worked. All i remember was from a introduction video from one of the past game updates. I can't really tell in what time or chapter of L2 that appeared. Must have been between 2009 and 2013. During that time i was away from the game and just checked from time to time what was new, from Trailers and Patchnotes etc. Now some days ago i was talking with some old friends from old L2 times (2006/2008) and this topic came up. But none of us could really remember the name of that. Does anyone have a clue what that could have been? Anyone has a video or could explain that. I know that the system is gone long ago, and i am not talking of "forces" (i guess). Best regards, Skolex