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  1. Main class change

    @mrdmg32 If you really want this to happen, you should show NC the potential income of such a service. It will not be that easy to set this up, as many ppl here think. Right is that there is a Database with entries about the character and its main class. Of course that could be changed easy. But you forget about all the restrictions that have to be kept in mind. This is like quests that are only available for some classes or the fact that Dual and Main cannot be the same. Gonna be a long list of "if-elseif-else"-conditions to build. But as i said, show NC that it is worth it. Start a poll or something and let ppl vote if they want it and HOW MUCH THEY WOULD PAY! And make sure you do some big marketing for that poll in forums and in game-chat. Present options like [NO] [yes, 400 Ncoin] [yes, 1200 Ncoin] [yes, 2400 Ncoin] [yes, 4000 Ncoin] [yes, 8000 Ncoin] . (do not put a [yes, free]-Option cause that will not happen anyway and just destroy the poll). Maybe even include the EU-Servers' and RU-Servers' forums. If you really go that way, you have my vote. Guess i go with 4000.
  2. Return Golden Compass Event

    Ahm, for those guys that are asking to bring that Golden Compass Event back ... just a question: Have you ever really been to that instance? It might be that me and quite a huge number of other players that missed some tricks about the instance, but as i remember, the difficultly of that instance was not like a K99, CC or Bay. Actually you needed to bring some real power gear to manage that instance. And for myself, i would not state that i am low-geared. Still it was hardcore.
  3. gifting with low lvl champs

    hmm, never seen that before but if that is the case, then it is probably in terms of preventing some RMT-action or exploiting some almost-free-l2store-promos. But that is just a guess.
  4. Crafting gear

    you don't necessarily need to lvl a dwarf by yourself. you should check Aden marketplace. At least on Naia, there are always sitting some dwarfs around with craft-shops up (yellow sign). It is like a private buy/sell-shop but where you can make items The dwarf just needs to have your desired item in his list. And of course, you must bring the required materials incl. the recipes. Some also will charge you a little fee for the crafting - sometimes it is free. Oh and if they say, that they have super high LUC-stats that is just irrelevant for you. If you are crafting this way, only your own LUC-stat will count for the calculation of success rate. good luck and have fun
  5. Main class change

    @mixa is 100% right. besides the fact, that it will not happen, here is something you all should think about. The only thing that you cannot do with your changeable dual class, is participate in olly. Everything else is open for you. If Olly is the reason why you want to change, then you are probably not among the monthly top-10. Otherwise you would understand that it does not matter what class you play if you really want to become hero. It is about your credit card limit. It is about the clan you are in, that does not feed you points. And maybe it is about your skill. So if you spend tens of thousands of dollars on your gear and have the right friends and show some good knowledge about your class and your enemies, then you will be hero one day not matter what class you are. If those things don't apply to you, you wont be hero on your new main class either. Simple thing. (ps: for some classes, better sell your house to be hero.)
  6. could you please stop asking about this??? It is not a bug anymore. It has been around now for too long. It is a NCWest-special-feature now. Only made for us. So be thankful. Ok your SSR don't work - but your enemy's SSR can also deny service. Change your point of view. Think outside the box. Upgrade yourself and compensate the situation by purchasing more NCoin. Ask not what NC can do for you - Ask how you can blow more money into the game and support NC to create more "Special-Features" for us. Btw. why do you even need SSR? Are you farming XP by killing monsters outside of Town? That is not what you are supposed to do. Get back in town and farm the L2Store and go fishing for XP (with paid baits ofc). ....... Ok, Seriously now. Fix that stuff!
  7. Re roll

    Main class cannot be rerolled. You can only use chaos essence to switch between ISS-Classes then. Only Dual class can be reseted via Dual-Class-NPC in Talking island (cost 100kk adena)
  8. dyes

    --> all to max +INT Good would be: 3 x Lv. 5 Giant INT Dye (INT+5) or Lv. 5 Ancient INT Dye (INT+5 Water Resistance +25) Great would be: 3 x Lv. 5 Legendary INT Dye (INT +5 WIT+1 Water Resistance +25). Hardcore would be: 3 x Lv. 5 Legendary INT Dye (Charisma) (INT +5 CHA +5) (this will be super expensive! 99.9% chance that you will not need that) [!] REMEBER: You need 10 identical units of a dye to make 1 symbol. So that is 30 dyes in total for all 3 Symbols. Take them to symbol maker in town (e.g. Dion in Grocer Shop). Will cost a little extra fee to draw the symbol.

    If you are on LIVE-servers and below lvl 95 you can stop playing right now. If you struggle with the speed of getting XP at these low lvls, be told that it will never be easier then now. Getting XP% at lvl 99+ will be much much much hard. And i dont even speak of 105+ in your case.
  10. No @Draecke. Sorry to say so but @KingNothing is actually right. Hime's post said: XP/SP +200% on Weekdays (Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59) Server Time So mathematically PLUS 200% means BASE_XP + 2 times the BASE_XP. --> 16bil + (2 * 16bil) = 48bil Your statement would be right, if it was just 200% XP without the + sign or if the post said +100%. 100% XP = normal XP +100% XP = double XP 200% XP = also double XP +200% XP = tripple XP But anyway. Double XP is already nice enough. so ty Julii&Hime.
  11. omg you did it! you really listened to the players! these are the greatest news in the last 3 years! hope is back to L2! THANK YOU!

    If you are on Server Naia or Chronos and below lvl 85--> do the quest line (yellow question mark on screen). If you are on Classic Server --> kill mobs i guess. and use your credit card
  13. corroded gems and armor

    You said, that you are playing on Chronos Server. So you are playing the LIVE-Version of L2. Just forget this quest and go on. It is a side-quest that has nothing to do with the path to awakening. Just follow the quests you get from the yellow question mark that appears on your screen once you reach the next lvl. Level 45 is not important at all. Everything that happens under lvl 85 and under R-Grade (items) is irrelevant (except your class changes and later Nobless-Status). Get to 85 as fast as possible = do the quest-line and forget the side-quests. After that get to 95/96 by following Penny's Quest (NPC in Aden). At 99 you reach the lowest lvl of current game content. Then start your dual class and do Exalted Quests aka. get Main and Dual Class to 100 and have some fun with 15 good long quests. After that get your credit card ready.[*] Good luck [*] sorry, but i had to say that. things get tough at +100.
  14. Recipe book?

    Bring up your Action window [Alt + C] and look for the symbol with a hammer on it (or something like that). Or open your Skill window [Alt + K] and look for an active skill called something with "common (?) craft". Can't login atm but i guess you will find it now.
  15. My Friend's Account is LOCKED

    99% sure that your friend has a program on his PC that is classified as "Bot-Software". It doesn't have to be a Bot. There are many programs that IT workers use, which are critical to the Anit-Bot-System. Any Network-Sniffer or Key-logger e.g. Some ppl even report that programs like Visual Studio are flagged.