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  1. Faction Level HELP

    thx a lot
  2. Faction Level HELP

    I mean if i have 0 fuction lelev in adventure guild (in Main) can i increase that with dual? (take all quests from 85++)
  3. Faction Level HELP

    You are so kind, thank you! I want to ask one more question, if i didnt quests with my main can i will do the quests (for adventure guild) and increase my faction lv with Dual ? Is that possible ?
  4. Faction Level HELP

    Thank you very much, i want to know what factions i need to increase for exalted quests ? if i have adventure Guild 1 is problem ?
  5. Faction Level HELP

    Hi, I have char lv 99 and I don't have many of faction quest so my faction Level is 1. How I will increase my faction Level? Thx a lot
  6. Mages for Farm

    Like quest mob, or leveling. for example summoners dont need healer for farm etc only iss
  7. Mages for Farm

    After 99lv mages needs healer in party for farm ? or they can do it in pt only with ISS like Summoners ? (i ask specific for feoh soultaker) Thx a lot.
  8. I need your advice

    I play for several years with some breaks, of course, with necro. The l2 since I started is quite different. My question is to start the official with the necro that I already know ? or choose wynn that has several advantages and is a more economical class and i can learn it. (necro knowledge is important ?) I would like your opinion though it is something completely personal. (advantage: class to be good in macros, class which I will enjoy in the game) thanks