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  1. @Tool_of_SocietyGood Morning, your answer really help me and i am grateful for that i understand perfectly what do you say about ES and what i need to do for lv up. (is really hard to stay on keyboard for do the resummon every time (when my mana ends), but its ok nothing perfect ) I want to add one more question about WC because i really like that, i understand about easy lv up to 1-40 with "starter gear" and solo playing, but after 40 what happend ? i mean can i keep with macro buffs and auto-hunting when i will be afk and sometimes go with partys or i wll have problem ? if i have, nee
  2. @Karesz Thank you very much ! If i choose WC for 1-40 its possible to lv up solo without dualbox ? like fighter.
  3. Good Evening guys, i have 2 questions. I am a solo player so i want a good combination of 2 classes for fast level up and farm...so my 1st question is: I have Summoner (EM) with PP box for buffs... is a good combination ? is ES is a good class for fast lv up and farming ? need to add other support class ? (i am lv 30) And my second question is: I am thinkng to do a WC for as a main class so i lv up with this....1-85....who is good dualbox for wc ? Wc have fast lv up ? Thank you a lot. if you want tell me which class of 2 is good for auto macro leveling.
  4. I mean if i have 0 fuction lelev in adventure guild (in Main) can i increase that with dual? (take all quests from 85++)
  5. You are so kind, thank you! I want to ask one more question, if i didnt quests with my main can i will do the quests (for adventure guild) and increase my faction lv with Dual ? Is that possible ?
  6. Thank you very much, i want to know what factions i need to increase for exalted quests ? if i have adventure Guild 1 is problem ?
  7. Hi, I have char lv 99 and I don't have many of faction quest so my faction Level is 1. How I will increase my faction Level? Thx a lot
  8. Like quest mob, or leveling. for example summoners dont need healer for farm etc only iss
  9. After 99lv mages needs healer in party for farm ? or they can do it in pt only with ISS like Summoners ? (i ask specific for feoh soultaker) Thx a lot.
  10. I play for several years with some breaks, of course, with necro. The l2 since I started is quite different. My question is to start the official with the necro that I already know ? or choose wynn that has several advantages and is a more economical class and i can learn it. (necro knowledge is important ?) I would like your opinion though it is something completely personal. (advantage: class to be good in macros, class which I will enjoy in the game) thanks
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