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  1. Hi everybody, I´m stuck and cannot find information about Abundance Talismans (War, Tactics, Morale, Physique), how can I get them. I´ve found a publication on L2 webpage related to an event that took place on 2015 but nothing new. Is there a place where to read about it? Thanks a lot
  2. New player, adena making

    How to make adena in a PTW Server?... you will need a decent Credit Card, OR... just try to not think about adena, just play, creat an ISS a healer, you will multiply by 3 your drop chances, make Olys, sale drop... About credit cards, and Ncoins, if dollars are an issue for you, you can buy 400nsoins u$s5 and buy Gems R, Cristal R, Giants Energy stones and sale them, that will help you up to lev 95, form there... you will need more and more, so do not waste your time/money, have a beer with that money invite a friend and just play without thinking about adena.
  3. Status Calculator

    Hi everybody, Is there a "status" calculator available online? an app where to enter your stat, gear, etc to use it as a tool where to design your character? CU