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  1. I think you're right about having a number of games, but I do know Juji is the producer for L2 and that's his "focus". I know he deals with live AND classic and can only provide requests to devs to resolve issues. The problem is a lack of transparency that our concerns are getting through. There is also a lack of timely released information etc - Patch notes and event details should never be released hours after they go live. That's just bleep poor management or a lack of timely information. It's hard to point the finger directly at Juji when we know that his hands are tied on a lot
  2. PKing is fine and totally apart of the game. But its absolutely broken in its current state and clearly being abused. -Magnus is overpowered on critical hits -PKers can instantly teleport away anytime -PK summoners can stay mounted and simply send pet No one is upset about being PK'd, you just can't fight back fairly. Also the type of people pking are either higher levels bored or toxic folks who are taking advantage of a broken system to frustrate the playerbase. The second magnus is nerfed and instant TP is disabled for PKers, the number of PKers will plummet d
  3. The point of the original game was being a PK was a huge risk vs reward. The risk being you lost gear, couldn't teleport, couldn't go to town, couldn't scroll back to town, couldn't do a lot of things. The reward .. you got to kill whoever you wanted whenever you wanted. To say that someone simply being 76+ with a mount, as an elf summoner (the overwhelming majority of pkers server wide) can drop anyone is not how the game ever was, or meant to be. A naked 76 elf summoner shouldn't two shot a fully geared lv79+ character. Let alone be able to teleport away instantly in combat or
  4. If this was PVP in game they'd both just teleport away before you could remove their posts.
  5. I feel like they find out what's coming Tuesday, then scramble to get a fun little graphic up and translate everything. I mean what else are you doing all day over there? Clearly not in-game watching ponies ravage everyone trying to xp.
  6. I usually never agree with Tool, but this time I do! Not only do people have the right to complain on the forums, NCsoft staff actively direct players to do so. Enough feedback on specific issues will apparently reach the devs. The current PK system is broken and everyone recognizes it... the fix is pretty simple: -Lower magnus critical damage some (3-4k crits is ridiculous) -Disable pets when mounted completely -No teleport in combat (or at all for pkers) You wanna pk? That's fine, but you should have to risk being run down and killed. That's how its alway
  7. Spot on, I recognize PKing is part of the game, but at the moment its simply too easy for PKers to PK. The entire point of being a PK is risk vs reward. The reward being you get to kill anyone you want etc, the risk being you can't go to town, teleport, shop, you're supposed to be an outcast. Additionally the system enables really one type of pker - 74+ pony. There's a reason every major pker is a pony atm. Magnus does insane dmg, can attack from mounts, and you can instantly teleport away. For all the folks saying "stop crying QQ" - players are directed by NCsoft staff to post on fo
  8. Seriously @Juji @Hime how can you put up a product for sale, this is real money being spent, and not give any details on it prior to purchase? Even McDonald's gives you a description before you make a purchase.
  9. From the EULA: "NCSOFT HAS THE RIGHT, BUT NO OBLIGATION, TO MONITOR OPERATION OF ANY SERVICE, CONTENT OR GAME AT ANY TIME AND IN ANY MATTER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MONITORING COMMUNICATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACES, STORAGE DEVICES, RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY OR CPU PROCESSES RELATED TO HARDWARE YOU USE WITH THE GAME." Aka NCSOFT can monitor communications, interfaces, storage devices, RAM and CPU processes that are used to interact with the game. They can't for example scan a web browser with a bot software homepage opened. They can't scan CPU processes or RAM associated with L
  10. OP understood the math, like many thought he believes Juji's original statement of "150% boost" was inaccurate, as the reality is its a 50% boost. Like me, hes arguing for an actual 150% boost, which would (as we ALL understand) equate to a total of 250%. I agree the +15/+16 A/B grade weapons and +10 armor sets was stupid. Who's idea was that anyhow I wonder?
  11. He claimed to be taking all our feedback and have a solution available soon. I think the easy, sure fire, no fail fix would be to change the server (which we both agree) to 250% (150% boost of base rate) + 100% drop rate + no xp loss on death. I think ... he's trying to have the developers alter fioti in order to award experience twice daily, which I think is a mistake. Either way we should hear something by Tomorrow, changes I would think would go in during normal maintenance versus unscheduled.
  12. It also depends where you're hunting, do you not need BD/SWS/WC buffs? Are you joining the group every buff round and dropping after? Do you need heals inside party? Additionally you get no loot. The best way to boost a toon is through RBs, hands down. This server setting is not worth it at all, even 9000 xp is crap, especially considering the rigamarole you have to go through to even attempt to make it efficient. Now if a low level character earned experience with 0% penalty, it would be worth it. Would you have a LOT of characters getting to level 50-60 quickly? Yes. But the progre
  13. It's been mentioned to Juji, you get greatly reduced xp but you get some xp. You get zero drops though. To me its a useless server setting.
  14. If you pk someone, then rez their character and they take it, its a program not a macro. NCsoft isn't permitted to scan processes running on your computer, or rather they're not supposed to. This is why they can't detect the bot. You as a player can punish botters though, I know for a fact some folks on Giran delv'd an entire macro party from 76 down to lv40ish using 1000's of rez scrolls.
  15. I responded to your other post but, you DO get xp no matter the level difference, but a penalty still exists. Aka for your screenshots its 12%... I agree its misleading when they said no penalty... it was also misleading when Juji originally said 150% server boost, he meant 50%, but was misconstrued as a lot of folks don't realize the server is always 100% now.
  16. I'm lv79, it takes 22.9kkk xp to level to 80. At this point its going to be ultra slow, yes I macro but prob 16 hours a day and I watch it. We make about 5kk in adena and another 15kk in mats/drops. Only one of our characters uses SSC. Now if you're lower level, the 100% best way to level is through RBs. If you're looking to make adena and level, the 100% best way is to grind with no SS. That's how the game is atm, deal with it... I made a small macro party to run while I played my main party ..watching both... 1-19 elven ruins 20-24 abandoned camp 24 -
  17. Anywhere you can kill monsters without SS that drop adena.
  18. He means a penalty exists, the description of the event alludes that the penalty was REMOVED. Instead you of getting 0 xp when a 15 level disparity exists, you get some experience but at a greatly reduced rate. The XP level penalty still exists, but instead of getting 0 exp for 15 levels or more, you get treated like a 14 level difference.. For reference.. 1 Level difference = 98% of xp is gained 8 Level difference = 81% of xp is gained 14 level difference = 19% of xp is gained. refer to below link for the full "table" (https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/63
  19. You do know it costs money to run this game right? If it wasn't for the P2W, you wouldn't be playing L2 at all. On behalf of the players who actually help keep this franchise alive to all those who play for free.. you're welcome.
  20. Thank you @Juji for reading our feedback and responding, as you can tell this thread has a lot of visibility on it (over 12k views). The easiest solution would be to just introduce some server settings. The top rewards while very nice, were VERY overpowered for what our server needs right now. There are less then a few dozen +15 weapons on the server as is and we certainly don't need more artificially introduced. The easy fix would be a series of server settings, I haven't run into a single person on this server who didn't love the 100% drop rate, no xp loss on death event. Everyone
  21. At this point @Hime @Juji you should just honor the 150% setting. The event was intended to give a LOT of xp anyways, its the 15th anniversary. Let's make it memorable even with all this turmoil.
  22. CORRECT. Right now people are claiming they are seeing a 50% boost, it would seem that the "event" is 150% XP rate, not a 150% BOOST. So instead of the standard 1 * mob xp Or what we assumed was (1 + 1.5) * mob xp We are getting (1 + 0.5) * mob xp
  23. You aren't getting it, 1 == 100%. That's what the ONE STANDS FOR. Are you that dense? A 1X server means you get the standard 100% of the xp the mob gives. If you mob gives 10,000 xp, on a 1X server you get 10,000 xp. On a 0.5x server it would be 5,000 XP. On a 2.5x server it would be 25,000 1 * <mob amount> = what mob normally gives. You don't times numbers by 100%, that's not how basic math works, 100% = 1 = 100%, do you understand? 250% = 2.5, 150% = 1.5, 50% = 0.5, 10% = 0.1. Do you get it now? SO this server is normally 1x OR ONE OR 100%. If there is a ONE
  24. So you understand, this is why you exp gets lowered from the full normal 100% per kill when grouped with people who are higher level, or in a party and not solo, although group bonuses help compensate for the loss. When you kill a monster within your level solo you get 100% of the xp the monster can GIVE you normally. If there is a 150% boost, you would get 2.5 or 250% of what the monster would give you normally since you're earning an additional 1.5 of the base rate .. which is 1.
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