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  1. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    LMAO are you in the dark kid??? People were 75++ month ago, bot or not... The cap was never 70... We were told it was but its not.. Bahaha, wake up man,.
  2. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    Gtfo with all that lol
  3. Yeah lvl 20 orc monks can farm in Cruma tower with lvl 3+9 fire... with buffs OFC.. LMAO...
  4. What the actual shit, This is the worse mistake you could make so early on a game.. After this event is over 1-2k people will quit. Check the server status after this dumb update..
  5. Where are the GMs?? No response?
  6. What XP boost you talking about? lol FAIL... And isn't the Rose herbs here until the 13th of March? Fail....