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  1. 20h farming to alligator and i didnt take any Event Aden 16th Chest..... I dont know if have drop.
  2. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    Gz to NCSOFT You destroy for well The Game!! Now even the no powerfull Visa players cant do nothing to fix one Main char to can enjoy the game! 1st You destroy the SPOIL 2nd All Mobs are more powerfull from one player with mid gear and now even the Solo Areas need a Party 3rd You destroy The old crafters becuse now the game Give the exalted armor and weapon 4rth The Drops from mobs with Parts from Armors and weapons R99 not exist any more. And LAST UPDATE NO ADENA NO DROPS Without VITALITY. All This Reason's at the past they Help Very much Simple people to do something for free for him self. At Now you want to kick from the game All WEAK WALLET People and keeping THE MASTER OF VISA!!! GZ Again!!!
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    Sorry But Only Standard database maintenance ? Well nothing to Fix issue's ? Drop adenas from Mob's Disable sound's ? Any new info about Client limit ? Pfff I'm afraid i will not buy for longer prestise pack again it's unuseles if the mobs doent drop adena's
  4. Ninja Adena Nerf

    Becuse MY Upload internet speed is Smaller by 1Mbps.
  5. Ninja Adena Nerf

    Here it Is a small video i know the view is no so good but as can you see some mobs drops adena and some others 0 adena count https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqHxK8dubsI i think from 02:10 start some mobs doent Drop adena.
  6. Ninja Adena Nerf

    5 level with main and 3 with dual but its the same do drop of adena at all mobs.
  7. Ninja Adena Nerf

    True i kill many Mobs With 0 Adena drop. That i say in a Post. And i use Prestise Pack 300% Drop rate adena and from mobs 0 adena
  8. @Hime @Juji I think we got some Problem with Adena Drop. I dont speak about Event ended. I speak for Normal Drop a lot of Mobs doent drop any adena. Please check it if you got time free.
  9. 3 bugs found

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHE65Zxe6nY 1: All Sound's Are disable from menu but if you login from start you see sounds are disable but sount exist.2: Iss Dominator if you do buffs with Vanguard of baylor and you use to lock the buffs on skill bar all Clan buffs replaced with the normal buffs.3: Also the same huppent with buff resistans if you got active resistans from healer and from buffer then huppent non stop use them. TICKET ID #23447310
  10. Poll page: Here You Can Vote About Client's http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5d945bc9e4b00d4af40b8406
  11. @Juji About The 3 Cliend's Better Do A VOTE 3-4 OR 5 Client Per PC I Choose 4 Client Per PC
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 25, 2019

    Dear @Juji Pleace check if you can fix the disconect's. It's not easy to play if we get DC anytime. I Login from Greece and i took disconect 4 times in a row.
  13. Hello....AnyBody Here to Info the Costumer's when the game is up ?
  14. New Way BOT ADENA Sellers

    And now new method to Try selling Bot Adena from page's They Are In Towns (Aden) And the start Spams Private Message's... moderation edit: removed OP's image since it contained an url
  15. TAUTI soul bottle

    Hello everyone Can you Tell me How someone Can take the Soul Bottle of Tauti. I know you must do the Quest from Fergason to kill 200 mobs to can entry on epic tauti but with the update how can you take the bottle?The Quest for Bottle doent not exist on fergason.