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  1. Very bad decisions. 1. Belt + Free Letters event (5k + Words open max reward = 1 cloth piece) YEAH SAY THAT"S ALL LUCK isn't it? 2. Right after Orianna event with shit rewards worse than last Orianna? + New boxes (i believe chances might be better to get something as it's paid box not free letters) Juji, Hime please you ask for feed back yet compare oriannas only... Limit 10 clients ... Oh forget it why am i even trying...

    Hi, As of today morning there are XX people that are experiencing same issue. After DC would give errors that cannot connect to update server and now cannot log in please try again later...
  3. +1. With that adena boost it really feels like you can farm pretty well without worrying about shots (together with all additions like shots tickets etc). We need this staying for a longer period of time/constantly. It also feels like those events rewards focus only on specific items (drop a lot of stable ewa, advanced stable ewa) but don't give all the range of rewards you can get. Also where are the Improved EAA's everyone was looking for? As there are many new players it would be also great to have again cloth pieces dropping from those rolls of dice. A newbie wouldn't need white assassin's scroll or feather (in case feathers gonna get deleted). The PVE buff is great but given the current dc issues some people are facing it's very annoying to get close to lvl 3 and then get dc. Can you shorten the period of buff to like 3-4 hours instead of 8?
  4. haha she clearly said "For the launch" not for 2 months after and "try to keep it that way" but if you don't try hard enough you knoww....