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  1. Don’t think it’s my connection just did a speed test. 530mpbs download and 706 upload
  2. Anyone else getting a ton of lag? I’m on TI server and I can’t even play. Even went and plugged in an Ethernet cord and still 3 second delay on movements at least...
  3. Quit this game 8 years ago for 10 years, watch me quit again. Most of us are the same. It was nice connecting with old friends over a mutual game that we all loved. Now it’s gone down the shitter and we are looking for something else.
  4. Go read the comments for the maintenance on the live server. Almost like we live in a different world.
  5. I wonder if I can call my credit card and get my 50$ back that I just spent the other day as fraud. Since clearly they have lied to our faces about what is in the store.
  6. Went to flower garden.... more bots than npc’s lmfao
  7. Thanks for the reply! Well I don’t mind the bots just yet. So far it doesn’t seem toooooooo terrible. As long as I don’t have to buy stuff from the NC store like OP charms or things that will greatly offset pvp is fine with me. Lineage 2 for me is all about the pvp/pk at higher levels. The live server gave me aids, never went back.
  8. All right, then. Keep your secrets.
  9. Hey guys, returning player here from C3-Kamael. How is L2 classic in comparison to the old L2? would a returning player like me enjoy it or is it all butchered up because it is essentially P2W now? or can i enjoy the game how i used to without needing to pull my wallet out that often. thank you for the replies in advance.
  10. is it really that big of an issue? so far at the lower levels you see a lot of bots but nothing that really puts a dent in your leveling.... and aside from that you get a random PM here and there for a buy adena website.... i guess if its as bad as it is in the lower level areas, (which its not). it's pretty easy to go a long your business and ignore them...
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