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  1. Well no, this isn't a bug, this is l2. Killing multiple mobs at the same time will give you 1 item every time, even in the "live servers. It mostlikey is because of the age of the engine, it's unable to register the multiple deaths.
  2. You need Vip, each tear let's you have more shouts. And I don't think there is lvl limit, I've shouted with lv1 vip characters.
  3. You get the phishing warning whe someone whispers you, not because of world chat (&) The Adena spamers are banned and deleted maybe that's the reason why you don't see them anymore.
  4. False, L2wiki started as a private website, but now its 100% Innova owned and updated. The rates are being pulled straight from game files via script and so on. They have a small "l2wiki" team too.
  5. All the posts and not a single person asked. Why? You want to play L2 on a 6' screen? Even if you bot, they won't ban your IP so what's the benefit?
  6. Firstly hello, Second, yes I know you are sick and tired of this kinds of posts and I'm sorry. I'm thinking to play tanky char. And what I can't decide is DA or SWS. I would go for DA, but my concern is group activities. I'm mostly solo player so will I find parties for AI, DV etc.? And will I be able to solo with SWS? From what I've heard it's a pain lvling solo SWS. I have pp box to go with it, so buffs are covered.
  7. That's the whole point of OL, what is there to fix?
  8. @Lawman what do you mean w/o taxes? That's why the auction house was introduced to be an Adena sink. Now you want it to make your life easier at no cost? That's not what the devs are thinking about. It will be interesting if they put it in the game, tax 1k for item registration and % of sale price... Then sell you 6k worth of Thread via the mighty AH.
  9. Yes? Isn't that how reselling works? And auction house will destroy the market in a way you won't understand, sadly.
  10. On work days, early mornings there is small to no q. It's normal to have queues in weekends. And on a side note - you need to log once to get vip, how you have q every day and you can't get vip?
  11. Yes it will, I give you an quick example with me: at this moment I have 1 pc, 2 laptops and 2 VMs running 3 clients each. Just be a use its too profitable with this boxes every 20min. Now come this 12h period I won't even waste my time, other than main 3 accs +1 (max 2) fishing at a time. So doing quick maffs from me you get 10 free slots. And you are out of your monkey mind if you think I'm alone.
  12. Moronic dudes, it's middle of the night in US, Noone will fix shit now. Also easy fix is 1) Make p2p and see how 2/3 of the population goes Peru. 2) Make it like EU/RU 1 free, for every acc after you need vip
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