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  1. So you deleted Quest Mania daily from classic... because you want new way to get regular xp scrolls from ncstore to pay NCoins Why you are doing this. Im dissapointed so much from NCSOFT
  2. Hello @Hime @Juji@Aurinya Please after pendant event end 27march. You can add event for limited time,so there ppl who are crying for low droprate of tablets can buy tablets for NCoins,for example 1 Magic tablet = 2.000 Ncoins thank you so much.... I think its good idea,and you will get many money. + Players who still dont have,or not enough tablet for all skills they will appreciate it
  3. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    @Juji ok lets try you Juji maybe you can help us please? Aurelia ignore us
  4. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    @Aurinya Hello please maybe you can answer me,can you add Magic tablets for ncoin? we dont have items for 3rd class skills

    Forum is dead.... no answer from ncsoft EVERY 1 WEEK SAME CONNECTION PROBLEMS

    wtf is this garbage
  8. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    @Hime Please any plan in future to add Magic Tablet to NCStore for Ncoin? Thank you.we all aprreciate answer
  9. Hello I used on my weapon High Grade life stone and other expensive stuff to get something nice on my BOP But I got Permanent skill " Temporarily increases your head size " so I waste too much adena only to get my head bigger and look like PINNOCHIO??? Is this really JOKE OF NCSOFT?
  10. @Hime Any plans in future to add ??? thank you
  11. Yes Im happy I will have +1 STR on my peril instead of my big head)))
  12. @Hime We need Drop/Spoil rune 50%/100% too please.
  13. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    @Hime So you add Magic tablets to NCStore too pls? All players need tablet for 3rd class skills,Why instead of agathions dont add tablets.I think NCSoft can have profit from this.Players will appreciate it
  14. Bring back XP/SP/drop boost

    They already added 100% rune for 7 day + 100% scrolls.... so in final its 200%, maybe 250%... it can be stacked with 50% rune with vip 4 ,fish,fruit. its almost 300% boost!!! ENJOYYY
  15. @HimeDoes Rune 50% 30 days and rune 100% 7 day stack???? If yes it will be great!!! I also can use and buy many High grade scrolls 100% to have permanent 200% boost.... THIS UPDATE IS GREAT, We are all so happy and appreciate for 100% 7 day rune. But I hope in next update you add 50%/100% droprate/spoil rune too....It still missing,
  16. I Hope this is only bug and they remove it,I will not pay even 1 adena for remove it. @Juji Can I get back my life stone? or this is seriously and not bug ???????????????
  17. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    @Degus Its 2 week since update arrived. Level cap was setted 70. So in 2 weeks they are 76 + ??? This is called botting/adrenaline. Time to add Magic Tablet to NCstore. I dont even know why is on bots good 3rd class skills probably more efficiently botting
  18. Dragon pendants event details

    1) they delete only pendants from the store. but keep enchanted/upgraded pendants on players. 2 ) free pendants for VIP players stay ofc. All pendant stays.Only you cannot buy anymore from NCStore nothing from event and uprgrade / enchant ,when this all end. on 27march
  19. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    @mixa As I told before,they did not drop any tablet,because they dont have money for enough VIP level for droprate bonus 50% ,and ofc no patience:)) or their bot/adrenaline cant farm efficiently . JUST PLEASE ADD MAGIC TABLETS TO NCSTORE. this will fix all their problems.
  20. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    Stop cry here....you mad because of low chance for tablets drop?? maybe stop botting. You did not drop any tablet because you did not pay too much for VIP4 bonus!!!!
  21. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    Yes they just cry because droprate is low.What did they expect? This is classic server so droprate is low for all items. And magical tablet is rare item,so need to be very low chance.
  22. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    Server is free to play. but difference is you PAID For your fast progress and level up from NCstore service ( vip 3/4 / xp scrolls / rune 50% ) so people who used NCstore to level up need wait till all players without or low vip (1/2)VIP catch 70+ and After that increase droprate of magic tablet ( 95% of server is under 70lvl) dont make this big advantage with tablets between 76+ and under 70. lv players. I SAY IT ALREADY @Hime @Juji Dont add location 79+ forgotten island for those high lvl players,they level up so fast because of their wallet., ALSO PLEASE DONT INCREASE DROPRATE OF MAGICAL TABLET,WAIT TO BALANCE SERVER. Or if it possible add magical tablet only on next update.or best to delete them.... Who need that magical tablet??? 4% of server who are 76+??? Balance server please!
  23. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    Why you even ask for Forgotten Island location (79-82lvl) to add in classic!!! This location BELOW TO CHRONOS/NAIA not on classic Its 2 weeks when update has been setted. Level cap was setted 70 . Do you think in 2 weeks there are players for 79-82 lv location and even they can drop tablets????? 95% Of server is under 70 lvl.... Let decrease chance to drop magical tablets please. Let all players level up to 74+ and after this increase drop for magical tablet. Or delete magic tablet please and add them in new update. @Hime @Juji Please dont add forgotten island loc. (79-82) also Magic tablet drop dont increase rate of drop. i. as I told before 95% of server is under 70,lets balance server and wait for all to lvl up,after this increase chance to drop tablets