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  1. Personally i am fond of trading everything you can buy from l2store (as a means to accumulate hero coins to 1 account - elcyum these days cost a lot)
  2. Update: wts Dark Cutter R99, 2 SA for 20b, send in-game mail
  3. WTS dark cutter 3 SA etc etc send in-game mail, ty
  4. Excluding our CPs mutual enmity my friend: Personally I am a moving stunning/silencing/pulling machine and i have medium gear. Are you 100% sure that those attack success rates are so low for you ? Only angel touch stops my debuffs (and ofc cele/dignity)
  5. I want see screenshots of "world record" p.deff numbers.
  6. +1 Personally i have more time to play during summer, so yes I can take full advantage of any boost settings.
  7. nice long battle, i went a mere boy and after this I emerged as a fully developed man LOL GF to all, was fun!
  8. WTS Valakas Caster Fragment Serious offers , only adena accepted. Send in-game mail to iDisaro
  9. Your gear is adequate for farming 1 spot on elven if your party consists of at least 2 good feohs to stun mobs. Try over-enchanting raise shield to +12 on time
  10. Disaro

    CP recruiting DD

    CP GMT+2 active hours 21:30-01:00 is recruiting one DD: yul/eviscerator/othel 104+ Send In-game mail to iDisaro with your gear
  11. @Priester Everyone chooses a side for his own reason, you call me/us max pet(s), I call you stubborn player that lost his hero and left his clan because of this, no offence whatsoever. The thing is that we can argue all day about max vs lb but that's not the point. It is of utmost importance for the whole server that those players who scam people using a software bug of L2 to be punished at last. But until now developers turn their backs on this subject. Back in topic, a picture is worth a thousand words...
  12. HeatoN , his iss kAtz and PwnageMang in the same party with 4pokerStar (snowmaiden and the scammer boxes) just look at the heal they receive from Hallate As VN says LB clan of liers, scammers etc
  13. You are losing the point of my post, all I talk about is tanks losing survivability in PvE and now you made a argument whether a tank should go dps or deffencive AP Raise shield+Grand Fortess mechanic works great as @Irlumir said as long as the no-brainer DDs let me get agro of a group of mobs, but it wont work everytime, they die almost instantly if a 2nd or 3rd mob attacks them, then my block mechanics wont work (still dont know why - and no i dont use shield skills while on raise shield buff), eventually the whole party dies and they blame me for their bad gameplay (also ISSes nowdays
  14. @Populus so what AP do you suggest, i have knight skills, but maybe i am doing something wrong so i want to double check it (i am 101 lvl)
  15. Some will say to me that i am colorblind, but i assure you i am not, anyway I find it difficult to check the time remaining of Raise Shield and Cubic Fire Bless buff when both active, they are both reddish and also change color for red to white (english is not my native language, I cant explain it better-sorry) So i would like to see the cubic buff to have other color (like purple, not blue, else it will conflict my eyesight with Focus shield buff)
  16. @Gilgamesh I really dont want to play the role of a tyrr @Znipo the only instance i use macro is kama @Irlumir the raise shield mechanic works indeed, but there is a problem I discovered, nowdays most ppl play the role of DD+tank (eviscerators+some +12 "weaponed" no-brainer tyrrs), that rush to the fight before giving me the chance to get agro, then for some reason the raise shield mechanic wont work for me after I use mass agro skiil so i die die die
  17. Same things happen to me, I really hope that developers fix those issues in a server maintenance restart, it's really bad experience for me and for all tanks that we have discuss the matter, like developers did on Korean servers...
  18. Tanks got utterly destroyed in the new update, I can understand removing party rescue and other "OP" protection skills to balance the gameplay but changing Focus Shield from toggle to active and adding shield block cooldown is killing us, we cant do our job properly. The higher stats are a joke as well as the new two handed stance, we are tanks, not a damage dealer class. There is no point in my opinion to play as a tank now. Other players noticed it and stopped using tanks to Altar parties etc....
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