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  1. Better look for another server
  2. Idk, but i personally learned to just ignore them, i always find farm even with these bots on, maybe its because i played this game for so long, anyway, like i said, if u see lineage2 like a way to chill because the nostalgia of the good old days hit you than its fine, if you play it competitively, to be hero, to be super relevant in pvp and things like this, than you better quit or invest insane amounts of $$$$. I suggest you to take a more easy approach on the game, lvl up a crafter, a spoiler, buffers, go craft wome shitty C grade armors, go do some rb's, things like this, things like this
  3. Hello everyone! Clan Catalyst, lvl 3, Orchid Clan Hall, 6% xp buff We are looking for active players that are lvl 30+ to join our group. If you want a chill gaming experience with no big strings attached feel free to PM Fonnz or Ikran in game, or Fonnz on Forum for more information. ty for your time. good luck and have fun!
  4. You are right, but you need to face the fact the its 2019 and lineage2 for ncsoft is a cow to milk not a cow they want to invest to, they get super profit with minimum costs, the game is stable, the community is decent, the cash flows in with the shop, it's been like this sience they made it free to play, when it was subscription based it was heavenly, the model of the game now is just for profit, no one cares about players opinion cause they saw that ppl come and go and they are fine with that.
  5. I don't wanna be rude or something but if you are know this game and played it you need to accept the fact that bots are part of NCsoft and.lineage2, sience the beginning the bots were all over the game, they are like mosquitos in the summer, its beautiful outside, warm nights, bla bla bla, but a damn mosquito is running your sleep, you let it go and move on, thats life, thats lineage2, if you like this game and really wanna play it, bots are your smallest problem, you learn to ignore them, you learn to deal with them, its bot about the bots, its about how you play the game and if you cant get
  6. Hy, if you played lineage2 before you know the politics, same old, if you are a new player its pretty simple, the game is a farm based game, you can do it solo ( its pretty hard) or in a group (clan, constant party), i recomand you find a clan that suits your needs, the most needed classes are support classes, like buffers, blade dancer, sword singers, warcryer, shilien elder, elven elder, etc.
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