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  1. isee many comments... do you think our opinion matters to them? they are only interested in our wallet i quitted playing this server 2 weeks ago and i am happy i made that decision
  2. https://4r4m.com/l2e-dk-weapon-update-ru/ currently and only the sword is available, the rest will come in future updates? Comparison 251 P. Atk - A Grade -Sirra's Blade 271 P. Atk - A Grade - Zaken's Blood Sword 279 P. Atk - A Grade - Frost Lord's Sword 431 P. Atk - A Grade - DK's Flame Sword
  3. ok, i guess i will have to wait for the event, i would not want to delete my GH(useless in this version) and lose everything i inv€$t€d in that character
  4. + im GH but in this version of the game that class s**ks
  5. which is better +7.5% P. Skill Critical Damage +7.5% P. Skill Critical Damage or +7.5% P. Skill Critical Damage +15 % P. Skill Power
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