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  1. I think we should get some rotation of old promos (shirts,circlets etc etc) , only after that we should get a new promo, we all know new P2W items will be introduced. By having few old promos many players including me have a chance to close the gap in pvp/pve. Many players are asking for Red Libra again, which we probably will get December. Also do not forget about some good free events, where we players can have some fun/farm consumables/adena is always welcome
  2. Bank slip l2 store

    I was buying some boost for the double XP weekends and had problem with getting the NCOIN at the right time! So my advice is if you rly need Ncoin for some reason … just buy em 12 hours in advance I do not use PayPal, simple visa l2 warrior card
  3. Clan Penalty Live Server

    maybe first ask in global chat, read/search the forum, ask a simple question here .. No, no hime and juji should be involved in a personal answer matter to Mr. Mario
  4. Seems you had to open from start - 2 US timezone servers + 2 EU timezone servers, with the idea of merging them at somepoint if population was low Since servers here are free, you get tons of free ppl + those who pay for their boost You would not have problem with queues and angry teenagers But it is already in the past now, I just theorize and drink my coffee
  5. @Juji, @Hime, Good day! I know you have tons of work now and you are pretty busy with solving our classic servers, but there are a lot of player on LIVE, who report they get less XP in some areas like Sea of Spores, Elven Village.. Few days ago I had a similar experience in Sea of Spores, me and some of the party members noticed we suddenly start getting less xp with same boosts/buffs/server xp setting! For example buffed with used xp boosts, same people in pt, same levels (no1 did lvl up while xping) I was getting minimum 5.5b to max 7-8b, at some point min xp was dropped to 4.1-4.2b and max to 6.3-6.6 ( I do not count the several mobs which give huge xp, not sure about those ). This morning I hear more ppl complain about it, some of them I personally know! Please, find time and do some tests! Thanks!
  6. I have never had a player who was macro healing/buffing in pt while doing instance, missing buffs or not getting heal - never! Having a shop and selling items is fun, also you do not pay TAX for what you sold! Other thing is people can mail you their offers, so you have a much better chance of making a fast good deal by communicating with other players. About the electricity bills, because of 1 PC working 24/7, if it is a problem to pay it, seems something else is wrong, just my opinion!
  7. Old L2 did not have idiotic quests where you need to kill 10 000 mobs ( you don't quest item from each mob, so you need to kill much more than 10 000) Daily Faction quests, where you need to kill thousands of mobs again .. Also XP/Quest zones, specially designed for macro looping Macro loop is here to support your play and make it easy with quests, while you keep an eye on your chars. ATM because of the way macro works and ppl are allowed to have 3 clients per pc, some abuse it with their wynn macro bot pt's on good solo spots - rly annoying The problem here is - in order for you to play with active good players, they need tons of gear so you can enjoy all the content - this costs a lot of real money For normal fun play, on good zones/spots you need live party So welcome to the New L2
  8. I see no difference in XP at all, guys before you come and spam/flood the forum can you collect some evidence of what you are going to post with same boosts I get same xp in Elven and SoS, I see no difference
  9. La Vie En Rose's Brilliant Brooch Chest

    real price ~4b.
  10. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    Guys you do tests with DIFFERENT STATS on your chars, you should explain everything in detail. I did a test kelbim vs kelbim dual daggers = it was easy, since the difference was little to none!!! But STR vs DEX.. this is huge, so explain how your char stats change, what target do you hit, what skills ( enchant of skill ), how many hits, what buffs, what dual/subclass skills, what is your gear, where from you got these numbers ~10.8% and 24.06% - show the calculation, etc etc
  11. Can Someone LOGIN????

    Hey @facubl, every Wednesday it is maintenance day here, average time is 2hours, so you will be able to log in more or less 1 hour
  12. We need new Leveling Guide !

    Get to 81 lvl, go and do quests in Dragon Valey, port from Giran, you will see NPC at portspot, there you take quests. Get to 85 and awaken your character, quest you take from Talking Island - you can simply google that. At 85 you change class and learn all new skills. If you play solo you will have problem xping after that. You either need to find others and make pt, or xp an ISS and buff yourself. After 85 you can open the map and LF the proper zones for your lvl, or just google for information/ask players in game. You can find a small clan, many fellow players will gladly help you with more information. If you really want to boost your play and efficiency - look for information on Macro Xping, do your own research about it. There is a lot of info about it. Last but not least, depends on what you expect from the game - when you get to 99, you can boost your char pretty significantly by using the L2Store and getting proper gear (100-200$ - 12-24b adena ) as hobby is not that much, you can get set+weapon+basic epics! Do now get into enchanting events/promos without the knowledge!
  13. We need red libra again!

    Yesterday there were 11 parties LF TANK for helios/altar/af, so it seems you are a bit confused here! Since most of the players are pathetic for you (because of gear ), I have nothing more to say! There are many players, who are rly good, but do not have enough funds to spend on gear. I hope soon enough I will be able to get stacked as F*** so I can help some of them. A stacked group can always carry and help 1-2 guys in any instance with no significant loss on efficiency, so if you are one of these mega chars, go ahead help some1 next time Me and my mates normally do Helios in 2-5 min, since the update I failed Helios only 1 time, with randoms, when healer was getting 1 shot.
  14. Guys, Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 read pls, LIVE SERVER