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  1. Nowadays, all classes can be insane with insane gear, problem is the way they can farm and how efficient it is. Next update tyrrs are getting a good boost, again if you lack the gear most likely you are not going to see any difference. If you see a stacked tyrr farming you will be amazed how good it looks .. now the class is measured by the efficiency of its farm, that is why all changed to you - easy to setup, easy to macro with
  2. In other REGIONS the INSANE change to the Vitality system/Energy system was changed, I hope we are going to get a fix also @Hime. @Juji knows very well about it, since many players asked about it in discord. cross your fingers lads and gals Lets keep the game somehow "player friendly" during these tough times for Lineage2 !!!
  3. So on Twitter I see maintenance duration - 2h 30min, is it so @Hime
  4. What does it mean = timed zones will be optimized, slower monster respawn? ????

    About removing the Queen Ant Ring = when you remove dmg, you need to test again. Simple calculation, the 20% on weapon but also -15% from the ring = +5% critical dmg at the end. What you said you get much less adena 19 mil less per hour. In Storm isle you need to run to mobs, take target, start to hit, distance between mobs can be different, if you pull all mobs to you more or less should be more efficient, but yet again so many variables, terrain, lag, atk speed lag, go and do simple flat tests.

    Let me be clear, running a test about how much adena you get per hour with or without the augment will not show the real result since you have many factors and variables. Best is to have same buffs and do test on test dummies ingame, I did some lately with different items, soon I will go and have 3-4 more tests on yul // augments, skill enchants, skill critical rate from dyes ( DEX ) and 1 for DMG. When you have many variables your test will fail, when you increase DMG, DOES NOT MEAN you increase kill speed in some zones, or kill efficiency. 20% critical dmg is a good boost but in some zones you will not see a flat 20% benefit in hunting, most likely will be 1 - 5%. Next time 1st go and check weapon dmg and than make 2nd test with new augment = only way to see the benefit. @Juji, please if you have time make a fast test about 20% critical dmg augment, since it will take you few min and 0 adena loss thank you in advance

    what is the weapon, what is the class and what buffs do you use for that 1 hour of farm, just curious
  8. Lacks of Tanks

    game is all about the dmg/efficiency and kill speed of the DD's now
  9. Advice to improve my damage.

    this for sure. If you want to improve your dmg you need a lot it is true, if you want more dmg so you can farm you need Elmore Cloak +15 with 2 decent or top augments. ATM many ppl WTB such cloak so price is crazy. Dual class skills to full DMG. Try to get cheap Taurus agathion, Self BR will help you, if you can improve it will be rly good. Dim Bracelet +5 dex will be good enough atm you will upgrade. Augment on weapon as you said, you need to get 15% p.skill critical dmg on your 99 bow. Olympiad Ring will give you some decent boost on dmg also, read about it. Arrows for P.atk 5% might be good also. Do you use Prestige pack? Gives you 20% Skill Cooldown reduction, which is a good overall boost + helps with farming. Focus on xping and getting your main to 110 so you get the ability points and learn Berserker's Combat Master +10% dmg, this boost dmg a lot. Choose a zone where you can XP efficiently. most important is to be active and not to slack gl//hf
  10. Ninja Nerf???

    I see no nerf.. I can also see clearly the boost we get from the event + my boost from drop runes, it is rly good
  11. Big delay ,lag

    Huge lag, disconnects, unplayable atm!
  12. @Juji Example = Yul Archer using 2 skills on /autocast Skills are : Minds Eye and Counter Instinct Before the update yesterday, even if you have them both on autocast, they would not overlap. So you cast Counter Instinct and only after the buff has 3 seconds or less, the auto cast option on Minds Eye will trigger. That way they do not overlap and not cancel each other.
  13. Hime, 1-99 lvl ? or 1-100++ .. who rly needs 1-99 for 4 weeks ?? Is this a typo ?

    @Quenia, in Korea, as far as I know this service is up and running now. So be patient my old friend I hope the end result of such service will be satisfying, I know many people are waiting for it. If anyone has more information about the topic please, share it with us here. I am sure Juji will do his best in order for us to get these services here, seems he is busy now with the new update patch build, so again … patience