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  1. JUST LOL for your engineers

    @xcore, I just tried to install it the game on an old laptop, it worked out fine
  2. JUST LOL for your engineers

    I have installed the game on a fresh PC few days ago and had no problem, seems you are a bit .. confused
  3. Quick question..

    All depends on your current gear, how dedicated you are and your future plans. Much more information is needed in order to help you out with a proper setup.
  4. bloody vs Dark

    Short answer, because it seems you can not provide more info on your situation. If you have all core items and you know how to XP efficiently, bloody armor and weapon will give you more XP per hour. Yes
  5. New Artifacts (?)

    yes I think the option was put by mistake, now its gone
  6. MAX vs DH

    The moment Korean DEVs decided to let a player get overpowered by having much better gear, PVP became unattractive for many. If items/boosts/consumables are sold for real money = problem for those, who are not willing to pay for some reason. P2W system is a huge downside in any game, WHERE YOU PVP, frustration can be felt after any fight between parties or clans .. YOU BUY YOU WIN, I DO NOT BUY I LOSE = worst game mechanic ever invented for a true gamer. Probably most important difference between 1st PVP video MAX VS DH for Baium and 2nd with 'dvp is that - in dvp's game version there was a limit, limit to gear/dps/defences/movement etc etc .. Nowadays if we look realistically we have no limits, pay more get more, learn to use all and game becomes limitless. You can see he is hitting for like average 2-6k per critical hit, which means he needs to crit another character ( depends on the class/gear and if full HP/CP etc etc ) 2/3/5/6 times before he kills. 15.08.2019, top DD can hit so hard, because of all the crap in game, DPS exceeds your CP/HP bar several times YUL can drop full clan with 1 AOE … Healer is not even close to saving his party if no Celestial or Party UD from the tank... crazy stuff
  7. This is the atk speed lag you all talk about. I hope soon it will be fixed, many are affected, most melee classes!
  8. @Juji, many people complain about lowering the /targetnext speed after the hotfix. In the patch notes was explained that targeting speed will be much faster and it really was the 1st day after the update, after the hotfix it went back to the previous speed, before the update in Wednesday. Also it seems that people, who did not apply the hotfix still have the faster /targetnext Please take a good look at that, something is very fishy ..
  9. I totally agree, why is this trend to push all players to Solo Macro in order to be efficient. SoS nerfed, Elven nerfed, monsters blue/green, need to use tons of boosts to match the amount of solo FULL AFK macro xp with 0 boosts. Please bring back the party play, game is getting truly boring. Give us a good rotation of free events. Tamahochi game, put BSSR/SSR and continue Macro, very expensive Tamagochi.
  10. you should have 1 harmony only, so when you awaken your iss you have lvl 1 Fantasia harmony ( all harmonies lvl 1 combined ), when your iss gets to 103 it seems you can learn the Fantasia Harmony lvl 2 ( all Harmonies lvl 2 combined ), something like that.
  11. how to make adena?

    The problem now is even if you invest in gear in order to make good adena you need to farm something! This Wednesday we get the new update, where even the field Raid Bosses will be removed, many more farm zones will be nerfed, I hear spoil will be greatly nerfed … if you ask - Why? You will get the simple answer - because of bots, which is not true. Macro system now is legit, insanely efficient and many people use it to farm, so no need of bots really. All good quests with normal profit got nerfed, there is a way for a quest reward to be changed and still viable for a player and not for a bot, but the easy way is just to be removed .. For the normal player, with average gear the only farm that will be possible is - macro 24/7, adena drop, some mats, crafting parts and you will need Prestige Pack aka Subscribtion for the 300% adena drop and 100% drop/spoil. There will be some new additions to the game, but these will be available for 1-2% of the players. I hope I explained it well.
  12. Macros

    You see there is a dead character on the right side tank is switching targets and using /attack in his macro so he runs between both chars. Check the comment on your youtube video, there is a brief explanation there. If you want to run such macro you need a lot of gear
  13. Main - Dual exchange service

    I agree, a lot should be done in order to revive our 2 servers and get them to a decent state. The problem it seems is - no1 wants to listen to the community, the people who are passionate about the game. I am also not sure if Juji really can do the changes we ask for macro 24/7 + slot machine + troll and toxic global chat is the last we need .. When classic servers were announced, everyone thought it was a huge error, everyone said - no1 will go play there .. well you can see there was a huge demand for classic game and ncsoft even had to open more servers. Again it was said during the presentation by Juji - No P2W will be introduced "DURING THE LAUNCH OF THE NEW CLASSIC SERVERS", many people did not understand what that meant .. it meant no p2w at the start guys, later Visa fight again .. since then many fellow players left because of the l2 store again! Probably if we get a new server without any Store/Casino/Loot Boxes/Random Mechanics on every corner, PURE HARDCORE grind by hand - no macro looping, really bot free and 100% subscription based, it will be popular and many will play it. We all know NCsoft can do that if it is their desire.
  14. Because all server is using Doom Cryer for - Criers Harmony and Hierphant for Knights Harmony + POM … maybe 90% of parties/players are doing that combo. Now when they revamp the iss buffs, other classes will be more viable + next updates they will revamp their debuffs also, BUT ALSO SELF ISS BUFFS WILL BE ADDED to all classes for Soul Stone or Spirit Ore My opinion is that this is a good way to make other iss classes playable. Also later DOMINATOR will get a clan buff, smtg like Clan POM, good update for the class indeed.
  15. @ReaperGG, it is summer time now and many are on vacation also at evenings there are a good amount of players online. Problem is all stay 24/7 on macro, and no1 is interested in making a party. Macro is too good, instances and some random parties can not get even close to the efficiency of the afk XP ... many people changed this red libra from support to some DD class in order to stay on macro too.