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  1. 42 ! Husaria PvP against DH

    What does a 1 sided server to the top clan? Makes them lazy, because there is no pvp, 2 parties port and not a single person took care of Omen Omen did well here, a small win for Husaria! Most important is, both clans had some fun on a dead server Have fun all
  2. The Game Of My Life

    Great edit
  3. Bring warriors back to PVP

    I am afraid, but @mixa is right! Game is so broken now, most of it, because of the retarded P2W items!

    Hello, I have crafter twice already Blessed item from a Craft Shop, so I am 100% sure it is possible, about double crafts I AM NOT 100% sure, but I believe once it happened!
  5. Yul returned

    Hello mate! I will make it easy for you, you xp to 99 and game is pretty much over if you do not spend money, you simply hit a wall. Weapon, armor, jewels and many more are pretty much P2W only if you want to, as you said "Progress decently"! You need to pay for everything, absolutely everything! Cost for descent pve/pve is high! Some people invest 1000$ and have fun, some invest 12 000$, some 40 000$, it is all about your mindset! Cheers
  6. Kelbim Dagger/s -VS- R99 +12 Dark Dagger/s 3SA

    @Dagger thank you mate! I hope I can soon make a practical test, with dark dagger 3 sa, kelbim dual dagger and kelbim dagger!
  7. Payment Process Upgrade Complete

    I agree prices should be lowered, if not = less and less players, at the end even a huge merge of servers will not save the game 4000 NCoin - 30$ // 8000 NCoin - 50$ // 20 000 NCoin - 100$
  8. Dimensional siege

    guys, I am having my coffee atm and I rly enjoy your argument continue please
  9. It is not stupid, it is a basic human reflex, human nature as I said. People tend to go the "easy way", the "low resistance way", that's why when they "PAY" they want to "WIN".I am not saying this is good, hey, its probably always worse to do that, because it puts you in a Comfort zone, where if you stay for a long period of time you become lazy as fuk! Still, as I said many will choose that, over being killed and reading the trash talk in global chat! In my opinion, what you are saying is true about the players, who get some gear and look for a casual play, they look for the strong clan, where they can stay behind the overgeared players and trashtalk after the pvp is over! The main thing is they do not understand, they are simple meat shield, but hey ... they have some fun in all that chaos The real problem comes from all these people who paid for pvp gear and go in pve clan, this is truly a waste of money, I think they just do not like the fact of being killed, which is a part of l2 rez is 100% nowadays! Too many Carebears Still, if we had naia 3000+++ ppl online, there would have been many who would have chosen the Resistance way for sure!
  10. It is logical to PR when you see a party, which you know you cant defeat, because of different reasons! You pick the fights where you can win or think you can win But FoTo is right also, population is so weak, all players, who invest In their gear real money want to play on the winner's side, in our case it is DragonHunters clan and I can not blame them for doing that! To be honest if I have payed for tons of gear and I am LF const pt, logically I will be looking for a party in the Winner's Circle it is human nature this one Expensive gear + Low population + no action from managers to reverse the formula = 1 sided dead server as always gf $_$;;
  11. Hello brother, pvp does not mean a fair 7vs7 or 14vs14, equal numbers etc etc .. I do not take sides - Husaria or DragonHunters, but the main problem in Naia server is that there are not enough players!!! If we had 3k population, for sure more well geared players would have joined Husaria clan and it would be much more interesting, but by pushing all these really expensive items in the L2Store, people simply decide to quit. Simply start calculating HOW MANY expensive crap you need so you can pvp!!!! Its HILARIOUS So, at this very moment and state of the game in our Naia server, I am sure Husaria are getting a fair share of pvp vs DragonHunters! If we get a merge betweet Naia and Freya it will get even better Can you imagine if we we get - Lower Prices in NCstore, Better L2Store promo management, Easier way to obtain gear, Merge betweet Naia/Freya, PVP software control etc etc ... Be a bit more positive
  12. stuck in a ditch in the middle of nowhere

    use Scroll of Escape or just use /unstuck
  13. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Good evening, Good to see this post, I answered to all the questions and shared my suggestions today morning while having my coffee! Many of you already know, I am getting fired up sometimes, because I really love the game. With that said, I really hope we are on the path of Lineage's bright future. I will repeat my self again and again, but this is something truly important to many fellow players and I am sure they will agree with me!!! We have no Mid to High Tier pve/pve, in my opinion this is the main problem. L2Store prices are too high, many players choose not to spend and simply leave the game. Many of the old players are coming back here and they are not used to the L2Store. I am sure you have all kinds of statistics and numbers about the profit you make etc etc.. but this is not enough. Prices should be lower in order for "Normal Players" to be competitive both in pve and pvp. I believe some promos should be significantly cheaper probably 50% or even 75%, depends on the promo. depends on the promo Pack. This may sound a bit too much, but think logically, we need a strong, active community here, a healthy environment, where people can gear up and have fun while playing. Big spenders will always get top gear, you all know that, I am sure some of them will keep spending the same as now or even more, because of the Casino factor, the lottery factor! A lot of players enjoy playing the casino in L2! There are many other changes required, some small some big, but if you desire you can fix the game, because today 05.04.2018, most of the people do not like what they play!
  14. Hey mate, 1st we are talking for 103 to 104 lvl, 2nd I believe you even did not read the promo info on the website, 3rd I consider the success rate, that's why I say it should be around 30 bil, it might be 34 .. who knows, at the end it is Korean random here If there is someone, who has more info and can correct me, please do
  15. Another thing about XP guys!!! Lets say you are willing to pay for Fishing and you plan to participate 3 times by using the big pack in the L2Store. If you are thinking about xping that way, it probably means you have invested money in your gear previously, so lets assume you have some basic equipment!!! If you go the smart way and you are looking to get more for your money, it is much better to invest all in PVE gear imo ... pve weapon and pve set, if you have other basic stuff, only thing is to find people and go xp. This is a good way to up your character if you enjoy doing PVE by hand. If you do not want to pay to anyone about anything, hey do not do it it is up to you and your own fun here Cheers!