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  1. He is trying to tell you END GAME GEAR is almost non existant in AH/sell shops, stop thinking about your level of play and try to take a look at the overal pricture... itemization is rly bad atm on both NAIA and CHRONOS and we all know it, +10 cloaks which you mentioned many times are Entry level item... it is like for starters not even mid tier item .. +7/+10 you can find and buy, he is trying to tell you +15+18 cloaks you basically cant find, because rates of enchanting are LOW, promo is expensive, LUC was nerfed, LUC proc is several times worse than it was before. ATM in order to buy
  2. @SibuLeoDoG Hello mate, i believe you need to optimize your toon and macros even more. The game is basically unplayable without prestige pack - if you want to get drops and farm adena you need prestige pack, if you add a Destiny pack also it boosts your xp and drops even more, so - you need Prestige and Destiny. 2nd - Juji already cleared out here on the forum, you can use mouse/keyboard macros AS LONG AS THESE MACROS do the same as the ingame macro, so if i was on your place, i would use - Ingame macro to take targets and mouse/keyboard macro to spam skills for othell this hel
  3. All day yesterday people were getting lagged and DC, what was the stability? There were 5 Mass DC's and 1 strange freeze but it was the last, when NAIA was Light status for like 10 hours...
  4. Many players yesterday had such issues, Naia went from heavy to light in first mass DC and later there was no connection to server, while other players had no problem and were online and playing!
  5. The reality nowadays is, that this game needs to be fully reviewed by a fresh team of adequate DEVS, who can impact all levels of gameplay in a positive way.
  6. First it happened earlier today to Chronos, now Naia
  7. Too much philosophy you take it pretty seriously, it is a game - put einhasad store, eu/ru pricing, put promos as in other servers where you can actually see many players getting high end items from the boxes, you can see itemization is much better in other servers that here, solution is in front of you, dont tell me about ingame new AH system, banking system when all you need is to let ppl have gear, in other servers people running around in top tier items for x20 times cheaper than here and have fun/enjoy the game. If you spend the better part of your day in l2 online its your choice, i
  8. I would suggest to put Einhasad coin shop and add promos like in other official servers, so these items can be much cheaper than 1 tril or 2 tril so you will have no problems with your trades like in any other normal server in which people are selling/buying items.
  9. I see no lag as yul, game works well + i have 1 mentee an othell and the hits/skills are blazing fast there also. All cp, all clan do not lag anymore as i see, seems they have resolved the lag issue, which is pretty good
  10. Many times in the past we had issues with passive skills and augments. Seems that was resolved since the last big update we had. No clarification is what you will get, i remember people were askling for a test on Dragon Weapons and the bonus these weapons have on Dragons, well we were told all works as it should but lately, when some people rly tested on their own we understood that the bonus works only IF YOU ARE USING NORMAL ATTACKS, skills do not benefit from the bonus so GG, another option/bonus more or less obsolete, since many classes are not auto attackers anymore.
  11. System that puts load on servers and makes people increase some useless numbers and statistics on the servers, it can be bypassed by a much better and improved system that can realy benefit everyone. I agree it is outdated and serves a fantasy purpous to increase numbers, since we can log 3 per PC and some people play with 4-5-6 pc's. Ona naia there was some guy logging 37 boxes in Oren and maybe another guy wuth 41 boxes around Aden, box clans and useless toons, Login events are obsolete, all of them need to be reworked and push active players to play and participate in events and a
  12. Ask ncsoft to put gear and prices like in other servers + all the services people wait for years now, XP comes naturally with playing the game. People cant progress, let people gear up and have fun, after that you will see improvement for all. What levels do you need, take a look at the entire playerbase not about your level and your time. If we compare to other Official servers we have a problem here, which needs solving and believe me, it is nothing to do with XP and leveling.
  13. @Juji , @Hime please let us, the players know what is the future of our servers, are we going to get what every other official server already has, when can we have the option to play and progress normally? Why only P2W all the time, DEVs understand what is going on really? At the end of the day we want to play and have fun, why not let us do that, why only P2W and random casino all the time. Can we have a break from that, where is the Libra and Einhasad Store? Is it so hard to understand it? Can you atleast for once take a good look at the situation on our servers and take a de
  14. @Hime good day, red libra with main class change + einhasad store as all other official servers have, this is what we need, i rly hope you and your team understand it. Prices and economy on Naia for example are pretty ridiculous, we cant find gear to buy, why you guys do not want to help us out. We player here for 15 years + @Juji please, Info on red libra and einhasad store, why all servers are packed with gear and people progress in a linear way and here you do not let us do it? tell to the DEVs to make lvl 1 toon and go to 115-117 + buy gear or make gear using l2store on t
  15. All other servers got Best Red Libra event ever, ppl changing main class, boosting their characters and having fun + they all got the EINHACAD SHOP so they can all progress and develop their toons, all people, who do not play their main class FOR YEARS changed in other servers AND WHAT DO WE GET ? ?? Random Loot Box promo with 0.0009% chance to get something decent .. 75 boxes for 50usd... I have 2 questions - When do we get NEW LIBRA and WHEN DO WE GET EINHASAD shop with all the goodies and low prices other servers have ??? Pls let the community know about it, because many players
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