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  1. They're back!

    Strong group! Naia pvp is alive and well atm! gf to all pvp participants
  2. Siege Max vs DH

    I watched it, good video edit, great job! My advice is to lower a bit the graphics, game does not run smooth at some fights! About the comments - mate, if you think that is possible only by using program, I can see why you did bad on siege Seems your clan is doing well only in fights, where you have that - llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll with the dragon weapon, in other fights, your clan members are not doing well. I hope soon we get that new security thing that Neutron posted about, so ppl stop at least for sometime talking about programs, in cases where obviously no program was used gl//hf
  3. Looking for some Help

    leave from here, leave the game, we do not need such members in our "sux" community I hope no1 helps you, but not many ppl read the forum, so you will find some1 to leech your way out of this
  4. Lineage II - July Preview

    There was feedback even from the first promo, players wasted 200-300 scrolls and got nothing! Some promos are not designed to be hard, as your GM's say, while answering a ticket - by using a template, but almost impossible, which is not fun at all. Refund scrolls,make it easy to enchant, close the pvp/pve gap on the field, you have two servers left at this very day! Fighting enemy clans and monsters by using Credit Card is not fun at all, you can see it sickens more and more players every day Manage Chronos and Naia well, or suffer the disaster! Good luck!
  5. new event

    It is a free/l2store event, which is good, I like it!
  6. Scammer

    Well, he already scammed few people! He pm'ed me also yesterday
  7. WTB +12 Bloody bow 3 SA

    Hey mate, thank you! I am enjoying my new bow, while listening to Dark Side of The Moon by Floyd Cheers
  8. WTB +12 Bloody bow 3 SA

    gg guys, I bought what I needed ^_^L GL//HF
  9. WTB +12 Bloody bow 3 SA

    Good day guys, WTB +12 Bloody bow 3 SA pm or mail in-game "Argus ty
  10. Othells, dual dagger or single dagger and why ?

    I got 2 kelbims now, dual dagger and a friend will give me his one handed, will post a test result next weekend. Guys, tested 100 stabs with same buffs both with 1 handed kelbim and dual kelbim, to be honest.. It is the same, only different animation, gl//hf
  11. Lineage totally lost its luster.

    I agree, game is really broken, it is impossible to balance it in few days or weeks! Balance changes will take probably 4-6 months or even more ( depends on the rate people xp and gear up, in Chronos will be fast, for Freya and Naia without a merge will be painfully slow ). They need to change the prices of l2store items, introduce "Most" of these items as obtainable ingame by farming/playing. At start introduce more defensive items and less related to dps. Lower the XP needed to get to 105, more free events etc etc.. There are ways to improve the game, but reaching real balance is impossible, we all know that! L2 was never famous of being well balanced
  12. We all know, L2Store is here to stay, NCsoft will not remove it, but slashing the prices will help out the majority of players to pve/pvp properly again! 16k ncoin pack should be 8k or less, 8k ncoin pack should be 4k or less and so on. I am sure they can balance things out, only IF they want to!
  13. Heine fishing

    Not sure if you can use the XP boost from the - Fish Blessing after they remove the promo, research that! Go read the promo info!

    yes they changed both - /targetnext and autotarget, so if you have it on monsters only you should not target the panther again there is some trick
  15. 42 ! Husaria PvP against DH

    What does a 1 sided server to the top clan? Makes them lazy, because there is no pvp, 2 parties port and not a single person took care of Omen Omen did well here, a small win for Husaria! Most important is, both clans had some fun on a dead server Have fun all