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  1. enchant rate for cloaks

    BTW I was told a Bulgarian guy on Naia was enchanting Aden Cloak and went to +16 like 20 times, once cloak was +17 and after that it went to +8... probably he went to the hospital, hope he is doing well now
  2. How to prepare a Dwarf Dagger Pve

    By dwarf dagger what do you mean? Othell Fortune Seeker? If you are interested only in PVE and you want to have fun you will need really good gear so you can solo most of the monsters. Othell is not very welcome in parties ( except when you have top tier equipment ), BUT FAFURION + PRELUDE OF WAR updates changed the game to SOLO MACRO, you can XP efficiently and get levels fast now. So it all depends now on how much money do you want to spend on your toon. Since spoil is almost useless nowadays, maybe you should switch to another othell class. Most important in the game PVE wise now is having tons of DPS. By your post I understand you play solo atm, so you need to have ISS, probably Hiero so you can have POM. Some people can help you out with equipment if you share your plans and budget, its useless to tell you what items you need now, the list will be long and probably cost you anywhere from 300bil ++ so share more info.
  3. cloak enchant rippoff

    We had the cloak event several times already, before enchanting and spending a lot of adena or ncoin the best is to ask players who already did that. Enchanting the cloak is a total random, sometimes its best just to buy +10/+15 cloak from the market. If you read a bit more on how LUC works, you will find out there is a strong cap at 62 LUC. Correct me if im wrong about the LUC stat, but that's what I remember from all tests I have checked.
  4. enchant rate for cloaks

    Guys why don't you first research how the cloak event really works and than if you want enchant, ask some of the players who already did that.. Cloak enchant rate is always bad, once I went from 1 to 10 with no fail after that I went from 10 to 0 its not fun, it is a random and random is never good
  5. Etina solo - impossible?

    Do not give up on the game, there is a lot of content now to choose from, just find something you enjoy and go for it. Othell is a very fun class to play, optimize your gear for pve and go farm/xp, dagger is very efficient now with the new macro. You can go to 106/107 easy on some of the new zones. You have decent pve gear + pvp set, few upgrades will boost your dmg significantly, I also heard from some friends in future updates Othell is getting even stronger. My dual class is Adventurer 105 and I plan to make it 110 soon Dagger is always fun
  6. Maximizing DEX stat for Archer

    Ok, imo better start with the basic stuff, do you rly want to play as human with humans stats and maybe pick the top DMG class, im telling you that as a human/Sagittarius! There is a difference when you are dark elf and ghost sentinel, dmg will be better, survivability will be less, but we play a version of the game where in pvp 1 shot is common. Items are not cheap now, so if you are on a budget, choose wisely, try to get the best item for best price, if you are not efficient with archer you will not be able to farm fast, while using aoe, I am sure about items you will learn all on your own. Cheers
  7. YUL Macro

    We have a new macro system now after the last update ( Fafurion + Prelude of war ), so better mess around with it, learn how it works and find your own efficient way of macroing. Efficient macro depends on your class/race/items/consumables/augments/subscription/spot/buffs/support chars .. so better do the work and learn how to do it properly on your own.
  8. Help needed. Starting as an archer (Dark Elf)

    It all depends on what you rly plan to do in this game, If your goal is to have some fun you have to pay for decent gear, if your goal is to pvp do Olympiad etc etc, it costs tons of money on gear, non tradable items, consumables, finding a clan, const party etc etc. So better read more on forum and play for sometime, get to know the game before you do smtg … stupid
  9. Bullseye Enchant Path

    if you do not care about pvp, better go HEX TBH I tested that and most of the time even with HEX chance on mobs is good enough, sometimes even 100% rate or so If you care and do PVP from time to time, Bullseye is a skill which can win you a fight
  10. Etina solo - impossible?

    easy for support classes worst will be for othell, check how much dmg you get from boss and can you do smtg to survive, but imo if you use freya ice rose that costs ~ 7-8m now and some other consumables to survive, leave this instance for later, if you still want to do it ofc, atm better stay on macro on a spot where you can be efficient! yes I consider +15 elmore cloak as mid tier item, you also need to waste tons of adena on augments which depends on your class, for example archer - 7.5 p.skill critical dmg, 2nd 15% p. skill power. If you rly want a top item you need the +18 cloak with same augments, which costs like 220/250bil ++, not viable for 99% of the player base
  11. Etina solo - impossible?

    I think only melee classes are having such a problem, especially othell. I don't want to offend you also, but by mid gear it is more like +15 elmore cloak, 5 slot boorch with 4 lvl jewels, 7 sign, abundance 4, evolved Taurus agathion, R110 Krishna bloody weapon 450 element, blessed antharas/valaks, lindvior, rulers ring of authority, Olympiad ring, dragon shirt, Noble or Radiant Circlet of Authority +5, level 105+++ etc etc For FAFURION + Prelude of war updates this is considered LOW TO MID GEAR if you have seen the progress in korea/eu/ru servers, in general people have better overall gear and lvl 5/6 brooch jewels, which is a crazy boost. If we had the chance of getting gear freely somehow and 3 times cheaper store like other zones do, you would have wiped this instance and probably never ever do it again, since it does not give a lot of xp as I heard from others. I am also 100% sure you can do this instance, few practice runs and will be fine!
  12. Event

    When the draw starts, you can sign on with your ticket and you will get a prize immediately! When the prizes are over you cant sign as I understand ( nothing to win ). Another Visa Promo, I already hear some ppl spending 300-500 tickets per day when the draw is open, good luck you are truly Visa warriors worthy of this noble tittle
  13. People will be on Zombie mode, because now the have a chance to stay on a spot and get some xp/adena/damaged spellbooks. People will be on Zombie mode, because most of the gear is obtainable only by using L2Store/Buying Ncoin - selling for adena and buying stuff. NOT FARMABLE by playing. People will be on Zombie mode, because it seems we get the least XP per mob than any other official Lineage2 Provider, we have most expensive XP price. People will be on Zombie mode, because there is 0 balance between classes, wynn/othell/tyrr most of the time useless in full pt farm. (last update tyrr was good to pull mobs) Any other reasons you may ask? Casino type gameplay, enchantment of items has terrible chance ( 1 player enchants Radiant Circlet 0 to +5 with 10 scrolls with 56 LUC, another player burns 360 enchants with 78 LUC and ends up with Circlet 0 … how is this fun or fair? When are the devs going to understand this is terrible way of "PLAYING" L2) Augmentations … another way to lose tons of adena and end up with useless result. Game version not tailored for our PROGRESS HERE ON ( Chronos/Naia ), Materials needed to upgrade +10/11 R99 sets to R110 simply impossible to get ( or will cost you insane amount of Ncoin in time ). Randomness awaits you behind every possible corner ( NOT FUN ) .. many many more reasons, I am having headache when I start to think about all! Last but most important - it seems we have x3/x5 times more expensive promo prices here than any other region, do not tell me USA/EU region has higher salaries, idiotic reason - do you know, who is playing this game? Not realistic to judge a promo price by the average salary , if you have researched, who is really playing this game, it will change your way of thinking and selling 150 brooch boxes, most of which are useless and not getting a single Red Cat Eye for 16 000 Ncoin. Players in other regions tell me for the price of 1 Greater jewel here, they get 3 on their servers which is insane honestly. No need to comment other promos. SAD story …
  14. State of game

    TBH I am discussing this for the last year and a half and I am really getting frustrated to see my friends not being able to compete because of the gear price and many players quitting because they cant cope with the ingame store promos.
  15. State of game

    State of game in 2 words - INSANELY EXPENSIVE.. casino type, loot boxes with low to impossible chance of good drop, endless money pit, NOT fun most of the time ( when enchanting, compounding, augmenting, burning adena/ncoin and getting nothing at the end ) and not free to play at all! All this is fixable even now in a way that players can enjoy L2 more and more, but seems no1 bothers to listen and DO.