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  2. FREYA fortune event

    500 not bad Bought 40 x Freya Fortune Stick, 64 mil per stick = 2.6b just for fun. Got 80 new roses/scrolls, 40 enchants! Changed 4 enchants to 4 sticks! Got 3 sticks +11 and already sold the prizes + consumable from the boxes, basically I got my investment back + I got some good consumables. I did not lose adena - HAPPY
  3. @MrMoto, doesn't matter of the pvp balancing, even if they try to do something, lllllllllllllllllll will come to your PVE clan and hit you for 300k+, then camp the castle for the entire siege.. NCsoft must hire many more devs with true pvp knowledge in order to make changes, NCsoft must lower prices in L2Store - like 75% off on some items, NCsoft must remove the casino/enchantment aspect of the game so many many players have the chance to become competitive in pve/pvp .. but as you know no1 cares for so many years Just look check what will happen with Chronos/Naia after today's maintenance or even next - from almost 4000 online during the evening, check today evening ~ probably 2100 and this is already with many boxes iss/heal/shops/alts.... ATM server is full of boxes,because of the Oriana event ( Which was a good event for a free one ) Balancing will take many months, then new idiotic items will be introduced - bracelet of gods, ring of the dragon, 10 slot brooch, dye of the ancient, artifact of the lost king etc etc... AND no balance again because of all the P2W crap you see why you meet the same old faces online, because new players don't want to deal with that crap PS: also I do not want to start with ALL THE CONSUMABLES you need to PVP, not 100% but 367% P2W, some of you know what am I talking about
  4. Good, fixing those issues is great news Now close the gap between players in pve/pvp by introducing some good way of obtaining gear! Keep up the good work with bugs/issues!
  5. About time...

    loot boxes enhance the experience … my lord .. Open a POLL and ask the community, the people, who are playing this game, IF THE BOXES ENHANCE THE PLAY EXPERIENCE loot box = robbery
  6. Hello, did you install other client for others server? Did you mess up with the logs in windows in order to play in other servers?
  7. What are you trying to say???
  8. Fafurion update NC Japan

    You have very good char, im 100% sure you could do the instance if you had changed a bit your tactic Also I agree there was no fun in doing that instance! Doing it once for 60 Marks was okey, but doing it 2nd time. .. the same instance twice per day in order to get 120 marks .. rly stupid way to farm it
  9. Fafurion update NC Japan

    @Yidao, good day. About the Lucien Bracelet, even low to mid tier players like me could get +10, it was easy for Foeh/Yul. ATM I have +7 and I missed almost 7 days of the event. Last day I had 340 Marks .. 10 more and I would have finished with +8.. The Herb, which we got on the 2nd week of the event (Thanks to Juji ) was a great boost. The problem with the instance was for all non-AOE classes ..Next cycle of the Merkios Altar event, many AOE classes will finish the bracelet, interesting if there will be a rework so all classes can have a chance there... About gear and Fafurion update, On Naia there are players, who will be able to explore the content, but still for the rest 99% of the players 110 areas will be mission impossible! If we do not get some great discounts or much better chance with the enchantable OP items, few more updates and ppl will just quit for real .. we do not get new players, I do not want to think 1 or 2 years from now, if servers will be up at all Even now it is close to impossible to explore the content we have, if we do not use P2W system.
  10. Support - Open a Ticket, explain your situation, let them check and hope for the best!
  11. Fafurion update NC Japan

    I was watching the Siege, will try to find the videos, but if I see for 2 hours, 14 vs 14 on Aden … it is a Desert! Not morning time, but prime time there, seems Japanese servers are rlyyy dead
  12. Fafurion update NC Japan

    Interesting, last time I checked the servers in JAPAN it was pathetic. 100 ppl online, on siege at ADEN castle 14-vs-14 … What Fafurion update are we even talking about ??? The situation is the same now, or they got some merge???
  13. system requirements

    Yes, it seems no1 cared about the game optimization, since the game engine is rly rly old. Some of the bugs and crashed were getting fixed during the years, but I can tell you that. Lineage 2 will run okey on any modern gaming PC, even if it is a low budget one. If you are going to build a PC for L2 and you are in a tight budget, ask the community! I believe there are many Geeks here, who will help you out, IF they know your budget! hf
  14. 5 hours, there will be Ninja updates/fixes/