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  1. Moonlight sentinel

    ghost sentinel
  2. Best Yul?

    ghost sentinel
  3. @Hime I hope very soon, we are going to get more information about the future update, which should be soon
  4. Is it too late to start? Newbie

    Hello, all depends on the way you want to play and the $ you are willing to spend.. If you know some well equipped active players on the live servers, talk to them, they can guide you on the situation of the game now.
  5. Okay let me be clear, 1st of all I agree ALL PLAYERS SHOULD HAVE A DECENT FREE WAY TO GET lets set MID GEAR so every one can have fun! 2nd the number of useless chars IS CAUSING INSTABILITY + queue, which is the most annoying thing ever, having to wait 200 ppl in order for you to login and play. Do you understand that, there are ppl who are at home, after work and also want to play, but your boxed 20 toons is messing up with their play... because you put them on macro loop to stay afk day and night in low level zones. How is this JUST for all live players, comment on that. 3rd, how are you certain servers will be unstable and not performing better, you work at ncsoft or what ? 4rth, many as you say Normal players still play, why not make party with others and progress together but you prefer to stay afk 24/7 or do solo intances, why not join a decent smaller clan and develop it together, why not join teamspeak and share/discuss info about the game so you become more knowledgeable so you can improve your play … because you want to play solo and not deal with all that.. well you will have a tough time being solo here without using the L2STORE for sure, sad but that is the fact. This is a social game, where playing with other people gives you an advantage over those, who just want to solo macro or try to farm some instances, where farm is very low. So better stop being salty and mad about it, think about other players, who are also affected by the server problems, not only yours.
  6. every evening a queue, every evening lag .. 3 clients is good enough it will fix the queue for sure, 3 clients was good for all for many years if servers are stable they will probably increase the multybox again if you are so addicted to boxing a full party, you should probably buy another pc
  7. Drop rate? What does this mean?

    Yes, if 1 person has the drop rune in a full pt I will repeat myself, drop rate will be crap. 1 person having a drop rune in a full party means = 0 efficiency sadly this is the reality of Lineage 2 nowadays.
  8. I need help for launcher

    Change your monitor resolution, if it doesn't help, probably your lap top is too ancient, you will need to buy a new one.
  9. Drop rate? What does this mean?

    +100% increase drop rate means your drop rate chance is double. If there is a chance for a monster to drop enchant weapon 5% with the rune the chance will be 10%, so you do not get 2 enchants at the end, but just your chance of getting 1 enchant will be 10%. If you are in party and you want to increase the drop chance of items while you are farming/xping, the best is for all members to have the rune, if only 1 person in the group has it, drop chance will be crap
  10. Dragon Rind Leather Shirt +5 is top and it is crazy expensive, 15k NCoin will not be enough, it is much much more difficult to get.
  11. Moonlight sentinel

    all is possible, it depends on how much you are willing to spend with your visa/mastercard
  12. Recommendations

    Players can evaluate each other and give recommends, target a player, open the command tab and find the thumbs up command /evaluate, when you press it you will recommend the target you have so if he is 00/44 as you now he will get 1/44, if you have many recommends your nick name will turn blue
  13. many people change nick names, just open a ticket which follows as close as possible the instructions and wait for the GM to respond back
  14. best aore?

    depends on what you need the healer for, in your case as I understand you are lower lvl, you can pick pretty much any class, Cardinal is cool my advice is cardinal