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  1. Not only crazy expensive, but it does not work on Dual class .. so if you have main/dual both DD GRATZ 4 skills x +30 .. I hope we get the free feature on the Fafurion update otherwise many players will be pissed = more ppl quit
  2. abandoned class in lineage ... healers

    @Auburn, I do not complain at all, try to read and understand what people say. Seems you had your dose of toxic salty water ..
  3. Instead of focusing on glow effects, cosmetic apps and +125 enchants, some devs should focus on balancing the game out and introducing items to make that happen in the future! Make Lineage2 viable for all players, more fun, more players, more income = Win Win for all IMHO!
  4. I have Problem?

    This is a real thing, it started ~3 months ago. Since I play with my wife, who is sitting next to me, I can see exactly what is going on her monitor and the problem is not a 3-4-5 min delay as you say, but the client lagging/freezing! Sometimes on my monitor it is totally lagged, but I press on the keyboard and can see the output is normal on her monitor, I waited several times and played like that. It takes about 2-4 min until game starts running normally on my machine again, I experienced that 3-4 times. Many times some of my party members had the same problem, we are all on TS, so we sort that out fast, but yes! This freezing/lagging is annoying, because it just happens randomly with no connection to your internet speed or latency … What I have noticed is this problem occurs on Wednesdays after the maintenance, you play like 30-60 min, then you get freeze/lag, after that it is fine. Sometimes I noticed it on a Monday or Tuesday. Another thing is, when someone from party gets lagged, other members stop getting quest items for the same period the lag persists. For example - a party of 7 in AF for AF800 quest - 1 guy gets lagged for 2 min and 2 other players simply do not get quest items for that period, the guy's clients starts working properly and those 2 guys start getting quest items again. Really annoying.
  5. abandoned class in lineage ... healers

    If you read and understand what they say/ask for, it is all about SA's designed specially for Healer class, so it seems you are the ignorant one. In that order let me give you some more information. On the FAFURION update we get new better augments ( some are same with double effect to what we have now) and later we will have some kind of SA diversity, but nothing even remotely close to a Healer tailored SA!
  6. Evolved Agathion Stage 5

    I used 9 bottles to get to Stage 5, but yes, I was rly lucky. Most of the ppl I know used between 20-30, so as always chance is rly low
  7. Bring Back XP Boost

    Many players told me, here in our servers everything is much more expensive if we compare to other official l2 providers lets say? Is that true? By how much? Also, it seems we get much less XP boost - by our 15 dollar monthly sub ( we have no boost ) + only 200% XP/SP sometimes ( only during the weekends), other zones get full month of 200% boost? How true is that also? It is not very cool, having to pay double price, + no sub XP boost + not having double xp bonus for full month but only 8 days or so ?
  8. I still can not believe, enchants weapon/armor, pantheon 8 and Gran Kain Medecine were prizes for this promo How much better would it have been, if prizes were at least consumables, needed for players to prepare for Fafurion items enhancements at least that lol
  9. Help, I'm trapped.

    Hello, type in chat /unstuck you will get teleported to town in 5 min Cheers
  10. Hy New Server

    As already @Draecke said, new servers are going to fail, because of many reasons, most of them due to the lack of any adequate way of obtaining gear and having real fun, as it was in the old days of this game!!! Still, I believe opening new servers - 1 EU and 1 US might be a good thing for all of us. For some time people will have fun there, after that they will be merged again to Chronos and Naia
  11. Bring Back XP Boost

    On Naia there are players, who already reached 110 lvl, but I agree with you, there should be a server xp boost for all of us now. 1 month of 200% XP/SP would be perfect
  12. Many people wait those, so am I. I hope we get cheaper prices, more value in promo packs, better chance of obtaining good gear, new content will be impossible if ppl are not geared/prepared for it. Please give us 30 days of double server XP settings, as before. Server's average lvl should be 105-106 ++ if we get new zones for 110 lvl. More Free events pls, let the LIVE SERVERS, LIVE
  13. Guys ... what do you wait for in FAFURION update? ??? 1. Zones that need incredible gear to xp/farm ?????? 2. New items that need Insane amount of adena/mats to upgrade ?? 3. New dragon that - 99% of the server will never ever enter ???? 4. More Paying so you can PvP mobs ? Pls tell me and add smtg if you think I forgot to mention
  14. Ruler's ring of authority skill question.

    I believe it procs once per minute, also it procs with almost 100% chance! Pls if I am wrong, be free to correct me! Thanks
  15. Fafurion update NC Japan

    Here we go again .. I really hope we get all the key features!!!