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  1. Daggers

    Othells have enough dmg with proper gear to secure a kill on any class, a huge factor here is $$$ and how much you are willing to spend ofc .. since all in this game is automatic and depends on superhuman speed macros, you will not find a lot of fun vs a yul or feoh, who knows how to counter you as an othell. Many skills and othell strong points are nullified because of the way ppl play and the way ncsoft designs pvp. Again, if you know what to do and have gear, othell is insane, go look for some high lvl daggers on YouTube!
  2. yes it is a part of the game but it becomes a circus now, with current cooldown reductions items/skills/runes etc etc some ppl just stay in Polymorph all the time that skill should have a fixed CD like 60 sec for example, not perma poly lol ..
  3. Othell - Doubts after level 105

    Good day, I hope my answers can help you out. First of all, othell is not a very good farmer,because of the way you kill mobs, you are a single target DD, that means you are not efficient in farm,since you hit 1 monster and you lose time getting to the next one, even using shadow chase. Top farmers now are Yuls. Since you are othell, you can supplement your farm by using dual class Yul, you can share same gear, only different weapon. 1 - Adena farm is now possible in timed zones - Stronghold is purely adena farm zone( 350-370m per hour with decent gear), Primeval Isle you farm scrolls for several items and in future will be revamped for several new scrolls( Farm here depends on your drop rate and amount of scrolls you can get ), Storm Isle is both good for XP and Adena ( Solo yul played by hand not macro moving on a good spot can make 300m- 400m per hour with decent gear). Other way to generate adena is to buy ncoin, get items from l2store ( get tradables ) and sell them to other players ( don't get scammed by stupid trades pls, be cautious ). You can get a good chunk of adenas from free events also, last one I got 3 insanity talismans from 16th anniversary boxes so it was like a free 60bil boost on my toons. 2 - People discuss what is better, at the end solo or dual dagger, almost the same, you need a lot more items in order for you to do sustain dmg and not rely on dps skills. Get what you like. 3 - Well, for farm you depend on your gear, +8/10 bloody will do a proper job, but again I need to say - your dmg/farm depends on so many factors, you need to do your own research and communicate to other players for more info. 4 - ATM you need to invest in all, Exalted lvl 3 brooch jewels can help you, better get radiant authority circlet +5 and enchant your dragon shirt to +5. Bigest PVE boost you get now is from the ELMORE CLOAK, +15 Elmore with 2 decent augments will give you tons of dmg. 5 - othell sections on forum will give you details on PVE AP tree. My advice is, take your time, do your research, watch some videos on YouTube from both servers naia/chronos. take it step by step or you are going to overpay for a lot of stuff. gl//hf

    This game has become so much more than having a good weapon mate, do your research and I hope you do not go down the rabbit hole as many of us, play for fun, do not be zealous!
  5. Shilien Soul Crystal Price

    price cut by 2 ? try more like by 8-10 for this, if not even more watch some videos where ppl have anywhere from 200-300 to 1500 of these crystals
  6. Yes, we are required to play the - impossible mode of this game for several years now for sure, what we get is exactly 1 step forward - 3 steps backwards. I can make a list of problems, which need ASAP fix/change and after fixing them - game will be much much better … many of us know what needs to be done !!!! I am open for discussion so we can really make a huge positive change for all players, low/mid/top tier! For my own interest last months I started to play on 2 more classes, wanted to see how players progress both on dd's and supports paying and not paying, almost all is messed up, itemization, promos, prices. success rate on enchants, random playstyle changes, random changes to %success rates ( even if they tell us there is no change), lag, disconnects, adena drop. XP zones without any logic, party play, time for server activities, time for oly, server economy, item production by players, consumables prices.. list goes on and on and on ... I so much love the game, it makes me have a headache thinking about all these problems - AND THE FACT THEY CAN BE FIXED, BUT NOTHING IS BEING DONE
  7. Fafurion Temple Changes

    mobs are not 3-5 times stronger it is much worse
  8. Hello, my thoughts on the last patch .. I am happy we at last got some party content, but at the same time totally frustrated with the way monsters got boosted. Many players worked hard, geared up, leveled up, played in 3-4 ppl party in SOLO zones ( since updates are not even closely suitable to our server, but follow Korean servers, where it is simply a DIFFERENT GAME ), farmed, invested time, ncoin, adena just to reach the point when xp in Fafurion/DV will be fun … ppl reached that goal and what ?? We just got 8-10 times Harder mobs to kill in those zones and pretty low XP there. Other zones got the same changes, much much harders mobs … Once again people are pushed to go solo and stay fully afk, it was clear these zones do not need 10 times harder to kill mobs .. ONCE AGAIN A PATCH AND DECISIONS, NOT VIABLE for our server lvls. itemization, pricing, activity, TIME ZONES, overall player gear. Take a look at brooch jewels .. such an old system and still totally limited. Is there any way for us to make you communicate more with the community and understand once and for all what is going on really ? Useless promos and more P2W + 10 times harder mobs in party zones are not the answer. Don't want to discuss the melee lag that is present now for 1 year or so, but rly messing up the game for last 4 months .. MY ADVICE - in order for us to make things better generally, we need to start working together - COMMUNITY, JUJI,HIME, REAL FEEDBACK TO DEVS, take logical decisions about itemization, gameplay, pricing, enchant rates, etc etc. @Hime, since @Juji is now bombarded with problems because of the last patch, IS IT POSSIBLE IN THE VERY CLOSE FUTURE to setup a real discussion between us - active players and you guys. With every new patch and every new promo problems are created and never solved. We need to start from somewhere!!! We need to establish the game problems and you guys have to start working on fixes. This is not Korea, not Korean server, not Korean players … totally different itemization etc and yet we get changes not suited for our play at all. WHY keep doing that? Thank you, I hope we can get a real answer and not just a moderator deleting this post.
  9. Random Disconnect

    Random disconnects seem related to the country from where you play and your local provider. Most of the time I see mass DC, ppl from my friendlist are 90% greek.. and most of the time SAME PEOPLE GET DC always in the same time, polish ppl also same
  10. There are few zones, where you can get decent XP now, all depends on - your lvl, gear, macro setup, buff setup .. but I agree, without the boost we had, the xp bar just stopped moving
  11. Adena nerf even with prestige pack, pretty low .. zone empty, atm not viable to stay there. Even worse, Fafurion and DV staying empty since day 1 we got revamped zones. Many players, me included - played/farmed day and night, went all timed zones, worked on their chars, worked to help party members, stayed in SOLO zones with 3-4-5 ppl so all can get required levels … Not many CPs reached the goal of having all members strong enough to farm all zones with rly decent kill speed and enjoy the PARTY PLAY AGAIN … now you have made MOBS in Fafurion and DV pretty much 8-10 times tougher to kill .. so much is broken, update, mobs. itemization, consumables, prices, promos can you stop for a moment and take a good look at what is going on, truly you have no idea for the real situation... A huge part of this game is broken, now a huge part of the game became unplayable and broken at the same time, extremely frustrating!
  12. Check TWITTER , +2 Hours to the maintenance... lets hope it will be less
  13. Economy on Naia is so bad, not because of stronghold, stronghold in one hand is a good way for many to make adena and buy stuff from other players.... PROBLEM is less and less people want to play casino during promos AND ALMOST NO NEW FRESH ITEMS ARE GREATED! We have a steady rotation of 2-3 year old Items, which go from a quitting player to someone, who wants to upgrade his gear. EXAMPLE : Brooch jewels - no1 on naia is making new lvl 5/6, all are old, if you WTB basically you need SOMEONE TO MAKE QUIT SALE and because it is the only person selling RUBY 6 = 300b EXAMPLE : Legendary Cloaks - this promo I know of only 1 person who did +15 cloak, 1st and 2nd time we had the cloak promo I knew many ppl, who did +15+15+18 with much less recources, +15 was hard to make, now seems impossible - 9 ppl I know tried for +15 with many packs, 11-12-13 is nightmare, all ended up with +2+10+3+6+8 .. seems enchant rates are low. EXAMPLE : CRYSTALS OF DAWN - in our servers we can say these are non existent, while in other servers ppl can farm them. Problem with consumables, problem with rates, enchanting, melee lag, compounding ….. STRONGHOLD is not the problem …. whole economy in NAIA is broken NO1 PRODUCSES NEW WEAPONS/SETS/CLOAKS/CIRCLETS ETC ETC .. because of the casino everyone is just not participating or not gearing up atm.
  14. Nowadays, all classes can be insane with insane gear, problem is the way they can farm and how efficient it is. Next update tyrrs are getting a good boost, again if you lack the gear most likely you are not going to see any difference. If you see a stacked tyrr farming you will be amazed how good it looks .. now the class is measured by the efficiency of its farm, that is why all changed to you - easy to setup, easy to macro with
  15. In other REGIONS the INSANE change to the Vitality system/Energy system was changed, I hope we are going to get a fix also @Hime. @Juji knows very well about it, since many players asked about it in discord. cross your fingers lads and gals Lets keep the game somehow "player friendly" during these tough times for Lineage2 !!!