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  1. Hello guys, looking for more detailed information from experienced high lvl, well equipped players! Please be kind and give an explanation, weapon, armor, epics, jewels, dye, skill echants, etc etc .. Maybe some of you can make a general video guide and upload to youtube, tbh I could not find any recent viable information about Othells. Cheers!
  2. Where is spoil of othell fortune seeker?

    Spoil/Sweep are implemented into the new skills the Fortune Seeker gets - Reverse Plunder and Wild Plunder! You xp/farm at the same time by using them.
  3. Embryo Baits, please Explain them!!

    Great information Thank you!
  4. NCsoft create the problem, they make all these ridiculous upgrades to weapons and armours so hard to obtain... Enchanting .. if you want to go higher buy from NCstore, problem and solver - L2Store, if you need to level up your char ... embryo baits .. problem and solver. Back in the days game was all about interaction between players and helping each other out. It was much better to get all core items. so you can participate into a good party, all was needed for you is to play and be active. Nowadays it is not like that as you can all see. Now the interaction is - I have a problem, no fakin way to solve it but the retarded L2store so I can either get stuff from there or sell that stuff for adena, because I cant also generate adena in any other way. SO I CAN GET some gear greedy bastards ruined the game while I was not active .. insane idiots! Sry for insulting but they are idiots .. and they are insane!
  5. Embryo Baits, please Explain them!!

    When I was playing probably you even had to idea of the game, but while I had to take care of real life for 6 years, take care of family,daughter,flat,house,cars and job I lost a lot of ingame time. You should be helping yourself,since you came here not answering my questions, but instead telling me what to do with my own money, seems you are not well educated or you simply can't read. So the conclusion for you is - learn to read, learn to understand what ppl have written, don't flood forum threads when you clearly have nothing to say! Simple as that
  6. Good Day guys and gals Please can you explain these Embryo Baits and the Fancy rod. How many are needed to get 100-104 ? Maybe you have used them to xp your char and you can give more detailed information! I see, if one is fishing, he gets some reward boxes also! So explain how much money you can get back from them. Looking forward for all Embryo Bait - Tips and Tricks!
  7. I think in 2018 we will see that service live NCSOFT will add it so they can get more cash .. don't forget for them atm it is only about the money and the L2Store, what a pitty destroying a good game by transforming it to a 100% Pay2BeConfusedYouHaveFun // Pay2ThinkYouWin
  8. Hey mate, what people say here is true, but you still can have some fun in the game by playing othell ! I did not play for 6 years and now the game is different and kinda amusing, problem is that you cant make adena - so you have to use the L2Store and participate in the events with multiple acc's to generate some money! Pay2Win as ppl told you. So about your question, Othells are pretty much the same with few different skills you can check here - https://l2wiki.com/Othell_Adventurer I see most of the people play Ghost Hunter because of the higher dps. In order for you to get invited in party you will need the minimum of R99 set//Kelbim weapon. You can get some cheap stuff to boost your dps - Baium/AQ .. you can check the shops in Aden and AH so you get an idea of the prices. You will see there are new Cloaks in game PVE/PVP // I can advice you not to go for one even if you rly want it, adena you need for enchanting one can serve you much better! Also don't forget now all people use ingame Built macros for XP so you can get to 100 lvl fast! I think at this moment all Othell classes are fun, just choose what you want to play and don't listen to others that much! GL//HF mate!
  9. Othells, dual dagger or single dagger and why? Give some more information! Back when I was playing and max lvl was 85 game was different!
  10. I have a 6-7 years old soul separator with augment - Refresh lv 2 for 2 min ....I just tested it it gives ~ 25% - 30% cd reduction to physical skills .. with othell you just spam skills like there is no cd when you are properly buffed ^_^: also back in the days this augment was stronger, I remember it was ~ 50% cd reduction to physical skills, it was insane in oly!
  11. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    CONGUERO, I am pretty sure you have a really good idea of the overall player satisfaction at this very moment in the LINEAGE 2 COMMUNITY .. BUT ... tell me please do you play the game ? What class are you? Do you pvp? HOW DO YOU MAKE adena??? DO YOU USE THE L2STORE? Have you enchanted any Event CLOAKS? What about your Olympiad Achievements? Have you done any Player TO Player trades in the last month or so? Tell us your experience, come on, make my day!
  12. Ancient Kingdom cloak thiefery

    Just do not pay/participate in this event .. simple as that! Chance is low as F... I tried enchanting .. also some of my pals invested like 30-50 b adena! For such amount of adena you can make much better upgrades to your hero!
  13. TOP DPS PVP skill rotation?

    I'm interested in other live ppl's opinions, sometime you can learn a lot by listening to others
  14. TOP DPS PVP skill rotation?

    Good Day guys! One questions, what is the best DPS PVP skill rotation for the archer, what skills in what order should be spammed and why? Looking forward for your opinion!
  15. I was playing Luna/Teon servers when Lineage2 was a great game, no it is all about the dollar mate! As you said, game was VIBRANT! There were ppl playing spoiler/crafter classes! All races/profs were so much more defined! The feeling of a Huge Magical World, where you could dive and play for 10-20-30 hours with friends, while having a skype conference call was amazing.. Players could enjoy the game in all levels, from lvl 1 to 85, every zone was full of people! Crafting, spoiling, farming, trading, raiding, pvp, pve WAS MUCH BETTER than now! I stil remember the pvp's in Kruma, mass pvps in TOI .. game was just better! Now greed has taken over and game experience is bad imo. Seems DEV's have no idea they ruin the game or they are just told/forced to come with all these idiotic PayToWin events. Game has been like that for a very long time! If you pay a lot - you are good // If you pay less - you suck // If you do not pay - you suck rly hard! In the past many top players were spending real money, BUT there were hardcore players who invested their time and were able to compete and even be better! The gap between players have never been that huge like nowadays! RIP L2 ... welcome - VISACARD fighters Lineage DEV team, you should be ashamed! There were other ways of you getting your dollar, not those idiotic OP items and - for a game ( Macrotransactions .. to be competitive you don't need 100-300-500-800 dollars here.. the price is in tens of thousands ... 10-15-20k +++++++ for PIXELS ) ... but I do not want to continue, lets see other ppl's opinions !