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  1. Does ring of insolence and dragon valley earring worth to buy anyone got them already?
  2. https://ibb.co/FH5LrD7 the event window says 30 days since acquisition , when i take it then it ll dissapear after 30 days too is it only for sometime? @Juji @Hime
  3. wtb cutter antharas/lindv or valakas fragment dm me
  4. i ve logged after 2 years and i have some items ''rune stone fragments'' can i exchange them now or the npc deleted?
  5. Hello to all and happy new year. I am a returning player after 2 years and i would like an opinion about gear. I currenty have +10 r99 set heavy tauti 1h +4 orfen ear +5 bles zaken ear +7 baium +3 ring of creat +3 frintez neck hellfire talisman ,venir lv7 brooch lvl 3s any advice what should i aim for first
  6. I was wondering about ancient enchant scroll weapon and heavenly scroll weapon which is the max enchant I can go with those scrolls and what's the difference between
  7. thanks mate for the info
  8. then whats the difference with the blessed modify armor scroll what is does mate
  9. If i remove my white knight suit appearance from the armor do i get it back like a stone again or is it dissapear ? or if i replaced it with other appearance stone then happens the same?
  10. Shogun

    wtb armor

    wtb eternal heavy set +10 mail price ingame name Nandia
  11. Shogun


    Changed to 10bil or trade with +10 set heavy + adena Reply here or pm in forum
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