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  1. About enchant

    I was wondering about ancient enchant scroll weapon and heavenly scroll weapon which is the max enchant I can go with those scrolls and what's the difference between
  2. appearance armor

    thanks mate for the info
  3. appearance armor

    then whats the difference with the blessed modify armor scroll what is does mate
  4. appearance armor

    If i remove my white knight suit appearance from the armor do i get it back like a stone again or is it dissapear ? or if i replaced it with other appearance stone then happens the same?
  5. wtb armor

    bought ty!
  6. wtb armor

    wtb eternal heavy set +10 mail price ingame name Nandia
  7. wts

    sold ty
  8. wts

    Changed to 10bil or trade with +10 set heavy + adena Reply here or pm in forum
  9. wts

    wts r99 heavy set +8 (gaiters blessed, gloves +9) Full element 11 b
  10. Wtb

    Wtb r99 heavy parts helm, gaiters, gauntlets +6 chronos server mail me at "Skyron or pm here

    How much for tauti 1h?
  12. Kekropus

    Ye I saw I reached already 80 you were right. Thank you though
  13. Kekropus

    So I passed lvl 61 with rb and I can't take the quest for paulinas a grade I guess there isn't a way to d lvl?