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  1. You wait all day for the blessed Patch Notes and he never showed up. At what time will they publish it?
  2. And where is the PATCH NOTES? or wait until 10 minutes before the maintenance of the game to publish it and that nobody can complain or say anything?
  3. hi today is 14 what time do you release the full patch notes?
  5. Hello, it's the same with me and I still do not have an answer to my problem. They just told me try to log in later. 3 weeks and I still have the same problem. and in the forum I die ignored
  6. Hopefully it will be solved soon, it's been 3 weeks without being able to connect and I miss playing a lot. I have been selling an article if time passes and the article is not sold the mail of the return of the article, will it still be there or will I lose my article?
  7. Your rune was bought? or were they the ones that gave you away in the game? People from various parts of the world have the same problem, so I do not think it's just a problem in a region
  8. Since March 8 I can not enter the game, send several checks and I have not helped with the answers. Today, March 22, I still have the same problem, I can not enter the game until the selection of characters and I get a disconnection message. The only. that the GMS told me it is trying to log in later. 2 weeks trying to log in at different times. Format the PC and erase and reinstall the game 2 times and I have the same problem. I lost runes of exp, runas of sp, and I continue with the same problem
  9. What is the point of buying ncoint if I can not even enter the game?
  10. A question. if I had an item for sale and after a week they sent me the item and I do not withdraw the mail that goes with that item? goes to my inventory or do I lose it? is that I had a weapon for sale and as I can not enter the game 2 weeks ago and nobody can solve the problem I have the doubt if I lose the item or not.
  11. I still have the same problem. I go to the server selection, I click on the server and nothing happens and the disconnection sign appears.
  12. well after almost 3 weeks with this problem and without giving me a solution, I think the best thing is to leave the lineage aside and dedicate myself to something more productive, regards
  13. I recommend that you have a dual wizard. because you can use Robe and magician's weapon. You can use a staff of two hands or a caster or also a magic sword. the passives you can choose to upload your M atack stats. But if you put on dual sumoner you will have to use light set although the sumoner can use robe, the light is recommended for the sumoner. I have the Main wizard dual healer.The magician serves well for pve and pvp
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