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  1. Do you have target to 'taunt' enabled in the options? Instead of target to monster?
  2. I'm unable to exchange my dark armor part to bloody.
  3. Me and some others already discussed it and it can be done all with ingame functions and a macro. However, the one thing that could not be legit is the amount of toons logged in from 1 pc. Since you need quite a lot of toons spread over the world to find the chests. For the rest, what he did there, is all legit and can be done with 1 setting enabled in the options menu and 1 single macro.
  4. Thank you for your interest in this topic. However your addition to this conversation has no relevance as you haven't read anything to start with. Feel free to add something constructive as my character is not 105. Also revving up your elemental attack will get you nowhere if you die instantly. No idea what Castilla has to do with this issue. I get the feeling you A) Don't play L2 anymore or B) You've never played l2.
  5. I do agree there is room for upgrades, however, the costs and ways to finance it is a other issue. So I don't see why they would upgrade mobs while there is no upgrade in income? Sure, I'd be happy to gain the extra items that's needed to increase my defense. Getting a B. anthy, getting ur r110 armor from 8 to +10. (just 2 simple examples) But where do you get the resources from? It's not dropping from the sky. Those things doesn't come cheap. There are 'more' ways to gain money, but I'm in the middle kind of player that doesn't have 'top' gear. Opening my wallet a bit isn't a issue ei
  6. True, as I already mentioned, the herb isn't going to save us. The monster damage is so absurdly high that you'll die regardless.
  7. So, I've had multiple hours to test the changes and they are, I can't even insert a normal word here, how bad it is. Currently we have valentine event going on and you can get the love potion + 3x buff from the cookies. However, even with these upgrades I farm ~13% less than I used to do. Imagine when all these boosts are gone? It will be even worse. Honestly, I can live with those changes. HOWEVER; this was based on IOS, those mobs aren't changed. Now the real problem comes in. The boost on mobs in normal hunting zones. I used to farm in Sel Mahum for months without any probl
  8. It's not NCSoft either. It's a hop before the NCSoft services.
  9. I was fine for 3 weeks, until the server got rebooted for maintenance last Wednesday. Random DC's, 10s delay, going on for hours. 1 toon dc's other 2 stay ingame and it cycles through them. Yesterday 1 by 1 my CP members dc's while I was fine. 4/7 dc'd. All this while having internet.
  10. Yes I did. I've started in 2009 and I kinda based my reply on Sly's info, not yours With the 7d vit rune I've never managed to get any char to 105 w/o doing coal mines daily. (Obviously disregarding the xp event.)
  11. You leave out the specifics, been farming a week and gained 20% on 106. I think it's fine, the 20% I gained could be even quicker with proper gear/class. Problem is people expect to gain great amounts of XP while being in a 7 man party on zones that are designed for solo farming (or duo).
  12. The DC's are even worse than before. Congratz on the server upgrade. It's more like a downgrade.
  13. I just don't get it how they migrate to the new server hardware so quick. I mean, the deliverance got postponed and then poof, we run on new hardware. If the hard disks are also in for a replacement, how they do it so quick? Are we running on new hardware with degraded disks?
  14. Very nice event. Can't afford 5b to upgrade it tho.
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