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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Very nice event. Can't afford 5b to upgrade it tho.
  2. Lady Knife Sucks

    Costed me 3 bil+. So better get ur wallet ready :-(
  3. Plz delete

    Plz delete
  4. I have the same problem. Made a ticket and they say I should BUY a namechange ticket at the 5th. LMAO.
  5. Not sure if troll or not. But be happy you still have your gear LOL.
  6. New player, adena making

    They all drop 'something' but mostly items that aren't even worth 1 million adena. You can get lucky and get a weapon enchant or so. However getting a drop out of 7 ppl is hard also. Just google what instances you'd run and what the drops are.
  7. Mark of valor ( quest exalted )

    Or just pm the clanleader of that castle, when we had a castle and our doors were down, we let ppl in to take it. Just by asking you'll get far ;-)
  8. New player, adena making

    Short answer, yes, do both. Long answer, buy Ncoins and sell the items you got from them. This game has no way of earning adena to afford top gear.
  9. Re-learn 3rd job skills

    You don't.
  10. Enagage/Married ???

    Private servers have that option, retail doesn't.
  11. Recording ingame

    The ingame function or nvidia shadowplay.
  12. Help me Guide for leveling 1-85 please..

  13. Faction nerfed?

    After this update, the rewards from the boxes seem to be reduced. Not the crystals you get, but the materials.
  14. Talisman question.

    As far as I know they aren't 'region' specific but monster specific as in monster types. So yes hellbound faction talisman works against the demons in giant's cave. Embryo mobs are the ones in AF. Also hijacking ur thread. I've never been able to find info about the fact if bonus damage also works for feoh's. I know it says p.atk but it's hella strange it wouldn't work for magic attacks?