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  1. Did this once, support says they can't do anything.
  2. Why is Wall of Argo's not a part of the The Halloween Festival Event?
  3. That would be Roaring Skylancer, the one on top of the hill at Narsell Lake. Always fun to run all the way up there without my teleport. iSnowBoard Naia
  4. It seems we've used a 7 day link. Here's a permanent one: https://discord.gg/V4YD2yhSGr Maybe a MOD can either edit my main post or use this link to join our discord! Seems I can't edit my own post... The discord is not only for Aden but also for Classic and Live.
  5. Recruitment channels and trade channels are now up!
  6. I would like to add, in the future we will also bring Trade chats to the Aden group, once the server is open.
  7. Hello everyone, We from the Lineage 2 Community discord (This is no official discord), see that there's a big interest in the new Aden servers. Since we have a big community already on our discord we've also added the Aden discussion chat. Here you can chat with others who are interested in the Aden servers. And, obviously, wait till someone screams that the server is up Join us through: https://discord.gg/xsVzDeRD Regards, SnowBoard
  8. Male Dark Elf obviously. iSnowBoard / Naia
  9. Character: iSnowBoard - Server: Naia
  10. Do you have target to 'taunt' enabled in the options? Instead of target to monster?
  11. I'm unable to exchange my dark armor part to bloody.
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