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  1. servers are in maintenance mode including Lineage2.com
  2. Bring back looping macro

    This is classic? keep lying to yourself, this is nowhere near classic with all the crap they did to us ( adena drops, P2W items, no level cap and more), soft botting? that made me laugh, there are bots EVERYWHERE!!!
  3. Bring back looping macro

    seriously? more people will leave? they already killed the game and grinding is just too much, and fyi I do have 3 monitors 2 PC and 6 clients running, looping macro will make our lives easier thru the grinding fest, unless you are using Adrenaline.?
  4. Let's face it, NCsoft is not removing bots and grinding is getting bored, so bring back looping macro back, so sick of using alt-tab to invite buffer, BD, SWS, and then switching back to main.
  5. DDos attack hitting them hard