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  1. Morning Sunshine Welcome aboard . Looking forward to Aden begins and hope to see you there.
  2. My Favorite class is Shillen Saint. There is just something special in playing a healer Nick: Pranxter Server: Chronos
  3. Hi all, First off, TY for making this pole. I just hope you actually read the posts and listen to your player base. I was so happy when i heard about Neutral Zone. But getting a spot there is next to impossible. Then there's the "adjustment" of the mobs. I was already killing in lower areas simply because my gear isn't good enough to stay alive in areas my own lvl. Now i have to buy even more pots to stay alive. Before i could manage with a rose. ( i have both prestige and destiny packs as well and use jewel packs too) So Between finding an xp spot, not getting dc'ed and no
  4. @Hime @Juji @LIME I don't understand how a "professional" team like you can keep messing up the timezones..... 7 AM Eastern is 1 PM GMT +1 , NOT +2
  5. I miss the old Pailaka quests, nothing like running around, completely lost in the zaken one trying to find all 4 bosses lol Also miss Varka/Ketra areas and their raidbosses. The questline where you had to pick a side and lvl it up for ketra badge (or varka) In general miss ALL the lower raidbosses, from lvl 20 and up. The old Hellbound where you could spend hours in the old village searching for a key to get into the tower thing (forgot the name) Making "shot toons" to lvl 40 for the mentee certs to get shots, But most of all, I miss all the friends that Quit over th
  6. @Juji @Hime As a small compensation for all the various errors recently, why don't you put 100% BASE xp/50% pt xp , no xp loss on death, free teleports and free augment removal. Also put big vitality pack in store. It's the least you can do for all the dc's and other failures
  7. @Juji @Hime Still no other purpose for the event coins? It seems really odd to have reward that give you 1600 coins when you can only spend 8 per day. I currently have 6k+ coins and nothing to use them on....
  8. Cancelled my prestige subscription as well
  9. I guess i shouldn't be surprised anymore that you don't seem to care all that much about the core players who spend money in your game. Again we've wasted prestige packs and destiny packs because of latency/severe lag and you removing the passes for timed zones an on top of that also reducing the mobs there. Basically making it wothless to spend time on. Give us compensation for the wasted packs and a free xp base event !!!
  10. Funny thing....... i'm now 110 and 15% on dual (gained 18%) but lost 106% on my main
  11. @Juji Will you be a sweetheart and go to FI/monster track and give us GM buffs when server comes back up <3 ?
  12. @Hime Honestly, the least you can do is to extend the server settings by at least a week since we've had so much lag/latency issues in the past long while now
  13. @Juji @Hime I agree with this. While it's very nice that you put 15 of each pot in the comp. pack, it's not enough for the hardcore players that got affected most by the latency. At least put a flashsale for this weekend with the big vit pack. That way we can get the most out of the xp boost event.
  14. @Juji @Hime I know you guys are working hard at fixing this, but you need to crank up the wheels and let those hamsters work even harder. This lag is getting worse and worse and is making it impossible to play. Movement lag, skill lag, atk lag, mobs jumping around cus of lag and even chat lag. I have prestige pack and destiny pack running and i know a lot of other people have the same and are furious that they can't play. Several have already quit and i'm sure more will follow. So plz work harder at getting this fixed and give us a descent compensation for lost time on packs and
  15. @Draecke Ty so much for the help
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