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  1. Funny thing....... i'm now 110 and 15% on dual (gained 18%) but lost 106% on my main
  2. @Juji Will you be a sweetheart and go to FI/monster track and give us GM buffs when server comes back up <3 ?
  3. @Hime Honestly, the least you can do is to extend the server settings by at least a week since we've had so much lag/latency issues in the past long while now
  4. Flash sale?

    @Juji @Hime I agree with this. While it's very nice that you put 15 of each pot in the comp. pack, it's not enough for the hardcore players that got affected most by the latency. At least put a flashsale for this weekend with the big vit pack. That way we can get the most out of the xp boost event.
  5. @Juji @Hime I know you guys are working hard at fixing this, but you need to crank up the wheels and let those hamsters work even harder. This lag is getting worse and worse and is making it impossible to play. Movement lag, skill lag, atk lag, mobs jumping around cus of lag and even chat lag. I have prestige pack and destiny pack running and i know a lot of other people have the same and are furious that they can't play. Several have already quit and i'm sure more will follow. So plz work harder at getting this fixed and give us a descent compensation for lost time on packs and lost adena for boost/vitpots/roses etc.
  6. Kaliel's Bracelet upgrade

    @Draecke Ty so much for the help
  7. I was told that you need a special stone to upgrade the bracelet to next lvl. But some more info on that would be appreciated @Juji @Hime For instance, which mob(s) on Primevil Isle drops them, and at what droprate? Also do you use combine or take it to a certain NPC? More info about this would be nice as nothing is specified in patch notes or on L2Wiki
  8. the devs really thought that one through huh....
  9. @Juji so you're telling me that basically i'm ..... when it comes to get my +10 limited back up to +12 (or higher) Any change that heavenly scrolls will be changed to go +12 for mage weapons too?
  10. @Hime @Juji I was waiting for Red libra for a while and got so happy when you finally gave it to us. And then i log in only to find out that my Limited Krishna weapon can't be exchanged ?? WTF... It's bad enough to have a mage weapon that can't be enchanted to +12 with heavenly scrolls (only goes to +7), but now i can't even change it anymore?? Plz fix that.......
  11. Any eta on Red Libra? Many people want to change weapons and dual classes
  12. Just to clarify this. Does it mean no restriction at all or will there still be a limit (to whatever your pc allows) ? Any info about making alliances able to have more than 3 clans ? And will it become easier to lvl up a clan since you cut the size in half? Extremely hard to get a clan from lvl 6 to 15 with only half the people
  13. Keep the Xp event running until the fafurion update plz D
  14. Unfortunately the spoiler and maestro are very weak in both pvp and pve now, unless you have OP gear. i only use my dorfs for crafting/enchanting. A feoh class is a good choice for you, it's strong and really fun to play The best way to get adena without spending 1000's of $ is to join a nice clan that are willing to help you with basic gear and to do dailys with or grind together. If you're willing to spend 15$ a month then i suggest you subscribe to the prestige pack. That gives you an Eva's rune, 100% drop rate rune and a cube you can get rewards from once a day. All are 30 day items. Good luck and have fun
  15. Finally an event we don't have to pay for Thanks for listening to the community