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  1. Event Extensions

    ++ extend for one more week pls
  2. where is eddie?

    didn't see his hero/global shout for almost one week now... did he left lotus? did he quit game? anybody know?just curious since he was number one ranking in server and dissapeard
  3. detail about aden talisman item promotion pls
  4. DEAR GM

    hi I been playing game of lineage1 and 2 for almost 20 years now and always been royal customer and player for such a long period of time one time I was big alliance leader of more than 200 people in siege always top party maker and cp leader and help leveling and gearing so many good players I love this game of lineage this is really well made game community is very important aspect of the game and it's good to see so many people still playing this game for such a long period of time I still have end gear in chrono(live)server and high level toon with bunch of other box toon and etc so I can always go back to play live but after I take long break from live server I want to try this classic server for no reason one day I just log in and start to play from level 1 in giran server I don't know anyone here I only see some fs clan tag who is came from chrono also just start to play this giran server classic is really hardcore ,hard to level and hard to make money even I try all the basic stuff like fishing,spoiling,crafting ,buying and selling stuff I think you guys can adjust a little setting to fix some main problem of game at the moment then it will be much better game now anyway im still low level toon in this server with bad gear but somehow still love to played in this classice server bring me a lot of good memories watched first siege and so many people in gludio siege lotus vs Skynet+fs competing each other and it was really exciting to watch the siege lotus side were too many and outnumber them so not really balanced siege but still it was good siege I want to watch more pvp and stuff but only pvp I can see is on forum maybe it's because im too low level and can't go to pvp hunting spot yet last Tuesday or Monday I see a lot of people move around in aden town and lotus and Skynet pvping again I was asking them what's going on and they said one of clan in lotus side left alliance and join the Skynet so they start to pvping so maybe that will help balance the siege and might bring more fun to game more pvp coming I guess everybody were so exciting and hard to wait to see next siege then update is next day so I was hoping to get some exp/drop boost server setting event and keep checking forum but nothing happen till last hour and you guys put this pendant event I mean I understand but you guys can make money in different way if money was the issue you guys can always put sp/drop rate rune/pot or whatever to put or put subscription to make up but people in classic didn't like the idea of this p2w items in classic I know so many people quit now and so many people waiting for you guys next move then they will decide what to do next this is my suggestion ,not sure if you guys can do this or not but you guys can call all staff meeting whoever is decision maker in this ncwest or even you can make conference call with ceo in korea as well if needed I don't know who's idea was this pendant stuff but just tell big boss you guys made a mistake (big mistake)and a lot of people and community is mad and left game only way to bring back players is reset the game feb 26 before server down remove the pendant event apologize to the community and promise this will never happen in the future in classic server whoever bought ncoin after server reset ,u guys can compensate them with either give them more ncoin or somethingelse do some kind of event like 50% exp/drop rate event for one month no teleport fee for month as well so people can do quest for third class a lot of people complaing about level cap issue so you guys can adjust setting like 50% increase exp rate under 60 level,and keep same rate over 70+ I recommend change server setting for drop rate(adena and item )for 50 %permanantly and decrese teleport fee to 50 to 70% no matter what ,you need to talk to community ignoring and getting situation worse people can make a mistake just talk to us we will talk to u and try to understand and help you guys also we can work this out
  5. population is the same

    if u even standing in town …...there's no world chat at all for long period of time... I mean I thought I got disconnect and type dot in general chat then it works.... makes me sad... so many people quit for sure but a lot of people still waiting and hoping if any change for next update if nothing happen, and gm keep ignore community then more people will quit for sure
  6. I was hoping whole week that u guys will put exp /drop boost on this maintenance but you guys put this shocking pendant stuff... it is shocking and heartbreaking announcement for whole classic community.... I mean it is so hard to believe this...... did u switched post classic and live server by mistake? I mean if u switched post with them,it will make more sense and nothing will happen on both side just say it was mistake and switch the post pls...thx
  7. compare to classic server this is live server getting tommorow A special server settings event will begin for two weeks and ends on March 13 at 7:00 a.m. Server Time XP/SP +200% on Weekdays (Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59) Server Time XP/SP +300% and Drop Rate Increase + 50% on Weekends (Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59) Server Time No XP Loss Upon Death and go check players respond
  8. +1 on this ,can't even afford teleport to other town...and adena drop is way too low....it's totally fail on system we need at least +50% adena drop rate and exp bonus even u have vit 4,u still struggle with exp and teleport fee.... I suggest this,1,cancel this update 2,free teleport for a month for everybody 3,50% exp and drop bonus for a month 4.keep the level cap for a month as well 5.do working better job on adena selling chat and website in town ,pls do something about them and ban more bot /farmers 6.do something on prophet sb.....like death whisper and haste...so many prophet without those sb b/c market price is 9 mil to 14 mil and not many ppl can afford them,prophet aleady have hard to join any party because se have almost same buff + emp so when prophet asking to join party ,their responds like we aleady have all the buff we need.....and they aleady know most prophet don't have dw and haste buff....so how they survive?ppl only using prophet for box toon....they can't solo.... it's totally failed and unbalanced class now 7,item u guys give this hero stuff is nothing really good anyway...why need to register and put restriction on date etc... just give to every single accout who have 20+ toon ,no matter what ,where they live... 8. vip 4 bonus gift u guys giving should be something better ….soe scroll and healing pot and 0% resurrection scroll is kind of useless....specially for high level toon people spend money and totally get trash reward now, how about something like better outfit appearance stone like dark knight or you guys can change every two weeks or some kind of exp /drop rate boost cake for party so they can be welcome in any party or free ride stuff or something better …. or how about something cute pets.... 9.people want more event ,not same repeat pay to win event make something event that people can get something good item like special jewels or sb and appearance stone etc