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  1. i like to see all this visa card/sheep player going to their own death and asking for more rune to pay XD. few years ago most part of player were upset for the first MMO monthly payment...that was a drama, and now most players part are asking for more pay 2 win......150euros/months to a server full of bot....guys you are not even a half of true gamers but you are 150% of a TRUE sheep

    WTS Berserker blade+11, one of the best server sword, best offer fornow 230kk, if someone interested, mail "bakkus" in game, thx.
  3. WTB TOP C ( Berserker blade, fp set)

    hi got bers blade+5 to sell for 25kk
  4. plz nc soft remove this item, it will kill the game, put a monthly payment but that item....the worst thing i have seen in a video game, and i played hundred of games, you put the stronghest item, only rich people or top spender can have, plz do something to correct this terrible error....................you will delete all pleasure we can take in game only 5 month after you launched the server.........