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  1. What 100%

    all i will say is Monkey Bait started this... Think about it.
  2. It's a sad day when the game you've loved to play since prelude comes to an end... I think I speak for 1000's of players when i say STOP! Just give us XP events. Don't bring in P2W. XP events were enough. As I sit here discussing which game to play next with everyone on discord, staying with Lineage 2 wasn't even brought up. Instead we decided to over enchant our weapons and say goodbye. Huge mistake on your part NC. I'll definitely miss playing but, not enough to come back. IT WAS FUN EVERYONE! TAKE CARE!
  3. I +10ed my War Axe tonight...

    TruelyFreeL2 that was TI server bro hahahaha not Gludio