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  1. What should I focus on?

    ok guys, i'm trying to invest in critical dmg skill and i believe its not so bad ... but what is hard to do is give critical skill (to be honest, this is a bad chance of critical skill) Any tips you can give me on what to improve without spending horrors? currently 120 str 88 dex 58 cha (dyes +10 dex +10 cha +5 str) skills +10 set blessed +10 noble circlet authority bow blood +12 (p.skill critical dmg +10 +7 p.atack +5) bless valaks antharas earth wyrn baium soul bless zaken shirt +7 lidia belt 5 jewels +3 7s longing abundance 1 venir 12 agathion paulina +8 artifacts lvl 3 and book buff lvl 2
  2. How to lose 8% XP in 4 minutes!!

    again... gj \o/
  3. How to gankNOTgank

    hahahahaha GJ \o
  4. @Juji Hey, do you have any feedback from the development team regarding this inventory problem? In my opinion the problem is in the items that increase the inventory limite, the belt for exemple... Remove the bonuses of the items that increase the inventory, make the inventory increase by passive skill (valid for main and dual), because that way there is no way to change it and then you can remove this rough bug
  5. Skill Visual Upgrade

    Ah Bro, they can't even fix the inventory limit to change classes, imagine making a top look
  6. What should I focus on?

    Hello, how are you? I would like to know what is the main focus that increases archer damage, p.atack, p.critical.dmg or skill.power? I ask this because I want to know what ability point and dual class certificates I should choose ... I currently have master rage (skill power) and death
  7. Race Change - help

    I have the right question for this topic: D I'm the elf and my main is Iss If I switch to Orc, can I use chaos to turn dominator?
  8. WTB Elmore Cloak

    WTB Elmore +10
  9. SS BUG

    There is no excuse to say "test like this", "test there" ... the bug is real and it affects everyone my suggestion for SS bugs during full time (backup time) is to remove the SS from the backup list backup at midday and backup at midnight only