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  1. Are you using a VPN? I have to verify each time if my VPN is on. If I disconnect the VPN, no problem.
  2. I haven't tested it further, but it looks like dwarves are also being denied their permanent recipes. I made an item yesterday and the recipe disappeared from my recipe book. I'm going to have to start hoarding recipes. Aside from auto spoil and dubious extra pickup, dwarves now appear to be useless other than being a bit stronger and loveable.
  3. I am finding the transformation process very confusing. The transformation screen is not very informative,, and the patch notes are too sketchy. and what has happened to the Help menu? I can't find it in game anymore except when an NPC brings up a screen. Specifically, I got my 10 transformation fragments and was finally able to get a standard/high grade spellbook, but I could not figure out how to secure the transformation I wanted which was a high-grade pirate with attack speed/casting speed stats. None of the buttons seemed to work. And when I did finally seem to imprint a transfo
  4. Don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about. I've been playing this game 13 years and gameplay has become more and more restrictive. Nevertheless, I was enjoying the new Classic up until this latest upgrade. Everything I loved about L2 is now gone. Some new features are appreciated, but every time I play, I am made aware of something I enjoyed that's changed and it breaks my heart. Yes, I can wear or use alternative armor or weapons, or save up to pay outrageous prices for runes or whatever, but skills have been more narrowly defined and don't always support alternatives
  5. Problem with Moon armor sets. We no longer have an option for choosing light armor over robes because they are tied to the class transition you plan to choose, although my elves have light armor mastery as well as robes. It says that the Moon set robes will increase casting speed, but the robes do not show that perk, and in fact the NG Devotion set gives my elves 60+ higher points for casting speed than the D Moon set. There also does not seem to be an option for a weapon with casting speed increase in the shops [if one wanted to use light armor] according to their descriptions.
  6. OMG! I just started a new character in classic [I have others pre-update] and in my opinion you've destroyed the purpose of having Classic in the first place. At least for me, classic meant getting back the starting villages I so missed and I was enjoying the early quests and the challenge of the graduation quests. I just went from 2-14 killing a few ketir outside the village! And yes, the quest ran a little short of 15, but 3 strokes in abandoned mine got me to 15. Then it was obvious the tarantula quest would take me right into D territory. What is this RUSH to get to the endgame! An
  7. I like low pop; easier for mobs. But then I like solo. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind combining Gludio and Aden to bring my characters together. I started on a couple servers as created due to opening Classic rush.
  8. Besides Leopold in Gludin, Sarin? merchant outside wasteland has a Monster Eye/basilik quest which also works in other areas with Eyes [Dion areas]. You can sometimes find others in your map screen under World info--Quests.
  9. OK, Now that I am looking around more, I am finding some ordinary quests that even complement the fast track quest. e.g. Leopold's Housekeeping quest for Abandoned Camp in Gludin. Just to show I can give kudos--I do like the new transport system; it is cool. I have a balanced opinion about the auto-attack feature; if the field is crowded with other players, we tend to get in each other's way. But turned off I can select mobs away from others. It also doesn't work too well for spoilers since auto-pickup doesn't apply to spoil collection. But it's good to play manually now and then; the au
  10. Thanks. There is a "Collector" outside the door that has talimans. But they are too pricey for me ATM--45k. Need to gather some moola. LOL. What's new?
  11. Yes, I tried in Giran and paid but no delivery altho it said it was delivered. I suspect that I have to wait until lvl 40 when I get the skill mentioned. Thanks.
  12. I know this isn't C1 but I was enjoying the "old" New game pre-update. The push to level has always annoyed me. I like doing various quests at each level.
  13. OK, good to know it's coming. No need to be snide--since we were given the summoned animals, it was logical to think there should be some shot around. I'm not concerned about survival--doing OK, just wanted shot for my ponies to reduce hits and MP use.
  14. Classic was supposed to be similar to the old game. If all we are given are quick grind quests to level up fast, what's the point? I want to play the old game not a lower level "live" game.
  15. I understand there is a delay in allowing pets in the game, but summoners have beasts who can't do a whole lot without shot. I found a seller in Aden, but it said 75 adena for ONE shot not 100, just one. I paid for one just to see if that could be true and she took my money but did not deliver. That item apparently not available yet.
  16. The adventurer's quest gave a nice iron bracelet for 15 days, but where do we buy a talisman for the 1-slot? I have tried as many NPC merchants as possible, but don't see a seller. Bracelet not worth much without it.
  17. So I am working my dwarves, but aside from dwarf craft--which involves numbing amounts of material/adena, they seem to be just another brand of warrior or rogue. My bounty hunter has no spoil--is looting supposed to replace it? And that's available to several races, right? And she is confined to rogue--dagger skills only. Spoil lost all meaning below level 85 and I was looking forward to 85+, but it now looks like drops are just as rare and she won't be supplying much in the way of materials to my maestro. Hmm..I may stay permanently in Classic.
  18. The investigators quest is the one used by subs, BUT unless you have extra XP booster packs, you can't do all the investigator assignments in sequence at one go--there's no NPC to raise your level like in Taiti's earlier quests--the quest does mobs in sequence, 50 each, but by the 3rd mob they are RED because you are still at level 40. I had to go to other hunting zones to raise my level and then go back to the investigator quest periodically to rise to the next mob. I did not see any notes in the quest to inform one of this fact.
  19. As far as I can tell, the mentor program is dead although one can still be a mentor/mentee. On Chronos I have a Mentor with 3 Mentees. All the mentees have awakened since the update and all are still showing on the list. No one got an email on awakening, or a certificate for a diploma--this may be defunct now as we get R equipment through other means. The Mentor did get mentee marks as the 3 levelled. Do mentees get marks? [Can't remember.] None did.
  20. OOPS. My error..I was confusing 2d transfer for 3rd. In the transfer screen when I clicked on the 3rd class button, the transfer button activated and I was able to transfer and get the next set of quests. Sorry... this update has transformed so much, it will take a few days to get with the program.
  21. I did all the Windy Hill quests, met with Raymond and Kain, and Tauti said I was ready to transfer class. Clicked on the transfer button and got the screen with class descriptions, but the activation button on that screen is a dud. Nothing appeared to happen, although my personal status screen shows that I have received my third class. Tauti is not recognizing that I am over 76 and have transferred class I'm not able to access the 76+ quests. I have several characters at this level, so I am stymied. Angel Cat is also a dud; nothing happens when I click on her. These issues are true for
  22. I made a macro to use /escape [5 minute] for getting back to town. And you don't have to run all the way to a new town, just get inside the territory borderline and /escape. Or die if delevelling isn't a problem--great for spoilers. I will buy shots, healing potions and some soe for emergencies, but I only buy enough for one play session; or I don't buy anything and just work green mobs. I AM LOVING CLASSIC. And from the fact that we now have 3 servers at HEAVY requiring a 4th server, and the two modern games have been runniing LIGHT since classic started, I hope NC West realizes how m
  23. ARE YOU KIDDING? I am having SO MUCH FUN with my dwarves again I almost can't be bothered creating another class--I did but have been focused on my spoilers. The dwaves were made useless in the modern game, but having the Classic mode back in play is TERRIFIC. I am spoiling like mad, making basic level one gear--not making tons of adena, but certainly enough to buy shots a session at a time. And it's great seeing a real marketplace again, even with the scammers and cheaters. I love being in the old starting villages again, and being able to work the old hunting grounds. I spend half my t
  24. OK, I had the Angel Cat Energy buff on another character. I used it for the 30min and then it was gone as expected. The point I've been trying to clarify, is that it is also GONE FROM INVENTORY and can't be used again. It's really not a big deal to me, but if there is a BUG here, I just wanted NC Soft to be aware of it and fix it.
  25. Yes, I did use it and it was gone after 30 min. It is no longer in my inventory. Are you saying it only appears on weekends for a 30 min use? I will need to read the description more carefully, but I understood it was a 30 day item, not a 30 min per week item. But thanks for the clarification.
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